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average rating 9.5/10 - 106 reviews
PleasantCricket - 11/2/20

"I had a little trouble figuring out how to order readers - but finally figured it out. Great selection and prices."

SammyP404 - 10/29/20

"I bought the Amherst (Woody Allen) glasses. They look amazing. They look like something you would buy in Manhattan or London. They are stylish yet timeless. I got so many compliments already. It took 8 days from the time of ordering to get to me. I'm impressed with the level of service and quality of the glasses."

wipster - 10/29/20

"I liked your site, just wish I could have used my discount code for 20% off"

PleasantEagle - 10/24/20

"I love my Classic Specs so much I'm ordering a pair as a gift!"

EnchantingElephant - 10/22/20

"I'm excited about these glasses!"

SparklingMoth - 10/21/20

"Very reasonable pricing for great brands!"

Marvin - 10/17/20

"I've had 3 pairs plus sunglasses and I've been satisfied every time."

LuckyOtter - 10/16/20

"Just great affordable frames and quick processing."

GracefulCaterpillar - 10/13/20

"Great glasses at unbeatable prices!"

Barbara - 10/13/20

"Loved your glasses, I have a small face and found the size of your smaller frames are perfect for my face, thank you."

SmilingTurtle - 10/9/20

"Love how easy this was! Definitely will order again"

PleasantIguana - 10/8/20

"The online experience was easy. Hope the rest of the process goes well too."

Phillip - 10/4/20

"Just keep doing what you do! I have never had such a great experience with an eyeglass purchase."

PuzzledWhale - 10/3/20

"Great selection! Affordable price!"

EagerSwordfish - 10/2/20

"Site was easy to navigate. Price was right."

BlueCaterpillar - 10/1/20

"I liked that I could input the size of my current frames and it narrowed down the choices of appropriate frame sizes, and that the frames seem appropriate for high index lenses."

Jeremy - 10/1/20

"These guys were great. Great selection and value! My first order was too small for my head and the gang at Classic Specs allowed me to swap out the frames and I got the perfect glasses. Photos and descriptions exactly matched what I received. Customer service was extremely professional and I could not be happier!"

QuaintAlpaca - 9/30/20

"I bought meadow readers at a boutique in San Fran years ago and I always got compliments...this time I ordered a different color but you should bring back black!!!"

KindMacaw - 9/29/20

"Beautiful classic eyeglass! First pair I purchased were too big for me but I was able to exchange them completely hassle free!!
Great service and quality eyeglasses.
Thank you !

LightChinchilla - 9/29/20

"I have a small head and it is therefore usually hard to find glasses. I often go through Warby Parker, but they never have my style in extra-narrow! Not a problem here and it's cheaper. Happy customer here."

DPC - 9/28/20

"Great sunglasses and prescription, too! Just what I was looking for. I love these!"

Michael - 9/28/20

"Quality and Italian-made is great. I love the pair I got and they're quite unusual."

Lynn - 9/27/20

"I took a gamble buying glasses online, but they look and feel great. Also, their free return policy makes it a no brainer."

FriendlyWolf - 9/26/20

"I haven't found a better pair of glasses for less. I think that's a good place to start. Solid construction that seems like they will last. I got the Amherst frames in black. They are such a classic style. It took me a few days to get used to my reflection because the frames are a much thicker style than I'm used to wearing. Now that I have gotten used to the style I still check them out in the mirror because the awesome style! Truly classic specs at a great price. You can get Tart Arnels for 5-7x the price or enjoy these and afford as many other styles and colors you want for less.
Btw, they arrived in less time than I was quoted as well."

Tim - 9/26/20

"It went well"

DPH - 9/25/20

"Great looking glasses and sunglasses and reasonably priced. Service was also good. I like it!"

BL - 9/25/20

"I had my eye on these glasses for a bit and a little extra money came through, so I decided to go for it. It's not that big an expense and I think they will be high quality."

SuperKangaroo - 9/25/20

"Great quality and service- I'm a first time customer and will be back!"

CarefulAmphibian - 9/24/20

"Good stuff Good stuff Good stuff"

Mikey - 9/24/20

"I've never really bad experience here. If I ever have any kind of issue, the staff over the phones resolves it."

Kent61j - 9/24/20

"Prescription was spot on and frames look great"

WanderingGiraffe - 9/24/20

"Love the fit and color - pleases!"

LuckyDolphin - 9/24/20

"Very quick turnaround and delivery for my prescription. These are such quality glasses (much nicer than Warby Parker, and cheaper!). Let me know when you have the Ashland model back in stock; had them years ago, and absolutely loved them."

WJaeck - 9/24/20

"The selection process was very easy. Found the frames I wanted to order and was impressed with how quickly they came. The attention to detail was noticed all the way down to the packaging. Very nice experience and am very happy with the purchase. Will be ordering more soon"

Wayne - 9/23/20

"My glasses arrived very quickly and are great quality. The price was very affordable. I love that you can just upload a picture of your prescription. Give them a try. They delivered for me"

Jeff - 9/23/20

"I was trying to look for a cheap and easy way to get new prescription eyeglasses and Classic specs was all I was looking for. No frills, decent selection, and good value. It was easy to choose a frame that I liked because of the quality of the photo display and the quantitative measurements provided."

Mark - 9/22/20

"These eyeglasses are both stylish and affordable. The hinges are extra sturdy."

Michael - 9/22/20

"Everything was outstanding with my experience from the quality, ease, and timeliness of my order. Thank you!"

Duan - 9/18/20

"I can't tell you how long I waited for my Ashfords low bridge to come back in stock. Only thing that was unfortunate was I signed up for updates on when it will come back in stock and didn't receive that communique, I just happened to be browsing the site and found that they were back in stock. So I quickly snatched it up. Shipping was really fast considering it was coming from the east coast all the way to california. Glasses were a perfect fit for my wide face and now I wished I had my prescriptions made into this frame because they're so comfortable."

Luke - 9/17/20

"very easy purchase"

Sofia - 9/17/20

"Good website to order glasses & good price too"

Cole - 9/16/20

"Very affordable, fast shipping, quality product. I called customer support at one point because I came across an old reddit post that said the company had closed but was still accepting payments - but customer support informed me otherwise and that my package would be there soon. The package arrived within about a week after and the frames were better than I anticipated. I've already recommended the product/service to friends."

Jason - 9/14/20

"Keep up the amazingly awesome style and selection."

Jason - 9/11/20

"I was trying to look for a cheap and easy way to get new prescription eyeglasses and Classic specs was all I was looking for. No frills, decent selection, and good value as far as I could tell. It was easy to choose a frame that I liked because of the quality of the photo display and the quantitative measurements provided."

Sean - 9/11/20

"Buying glasses was quick and easy. I just plugged in my vision RX and I was done-unlike other glasses merchants that require eye doctor verification."

LarryZ - 9/10/20

"Fast and efficient"

Stephanie - 9/9/20

"It was such an easy process, with affordable products. I'm really happy with the quality of the glasses and the service."

Maeve - 9/8/20

"I've been looking for some eye glasses online. Classic Specs had exactly what I was looking for. They offered a coupon to purchase a second pair for 50% off so I did! You can't beat the prices."

Gladys - 9/4/20

"I'm really happy with my glasses. Good quality, great price and fast delivery."

Ann - 9/3/20

"I love my glasses. And the price was great.
I would like to have had more notification about delivery date, though. I heard nothing for 2 or 3 weeks, then I received an email telling me they were in my mailbox. I hadn't checked my mailbox that day! Prior notification would be appreciated."

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Melanie - 8/23/20

"Completely wowed."

Michael - 8/21/20

"on time as expected"

Colin - 8/14/20

"The combination of tasteful glasses and quick, quality service is WOW."

May - 8/14/20

"The product is quality, the price is exceptional, and the customer service is stellar!"

Pam - 8/6/20

"The website was easy to use. All pertinent information about the specs were on the website. Ordering was easy and shipping was free. Can't wait to get my sunglasses. Oh, and since I am a first time buyer $20.00 off my purchase!"

Chris - 8/6/20

"I have never even heard of this website until a friend of mine brought it up. I haven't even received the glasses yet and I am already in love with them. The process itself was very simple and easy. Overall 10/10 experience and I will definitely be purchasing from here again. :)"

Greg - 8/2/20

"Service was excellent, and frames and lenses are good quality, for the price."

Jennifer - 7/27/20

"I love my glasses and sunglasses. The glasses I think were a good deal for $90."

Paul - 7/16/20

"I like these glasses more than the ones that I got from my eye doctor's office. I like them so much I think I'm going to order a backup pair!"

alloochd - 8/23/20

"easy to use site, good information, very good options"

Josh - 9/5/20

"Glasses are very chill and reasonably priced. Let's see what the look like when I get them"

Wade - 9/3/20

"I just ordered some glasses from Classic Specs. I love the design of the glasses I ordered. I hope they look good on my face. It would be good if they had a virtual try-on feature like some of the other sites."

CM - 8/12/20

"Nice selection of frames and I appreciate being able to use PayPal."

Ryan - 8/28/20

"It was a very good experience. Chat service was prompt and provided excellent information."

Bob - 8/28/20

"Excellent, wide range of product styles and colors. Very good photos of available products. The online purchase process was simple and encountered no problems."

Thegrizzley92 - 8/27/20

"Easy to use interface, nice selection"

Nick - 8/27/20

"Great experience!"

Daohaus - 8/26/20

"I was waiting for a particular frame to come back in stock. Only disappointing thing was that I signed up for email notification when it was back in stock and I didn't get one. Only by luck, I checked the site and found that it was back in stock so I ordered immediately."

Jesse - 8/27/20

"The sunglasses fit perfectly and are light weight awesome for the price."

Jeff - 8/26/20

"They have great styles for less money. I'm very specific about my tastes too."

Jon - 8/25/20

"Very trendy goods, very happy with the experience."

Owen - 8/25/20

"Enjoyed shopping with you it was an easy transaction"

glassesgirl - 8/24/20

"This is usually where I buy my glasses. I've tried Warby Parker in the past, but I haven't been satisfied with their home try-ons. I've bought Classic specs glasses without trying them on first and always liked them."

YAZZZZ - 8/23/20

"It was fine"

Initial Impressions - 8/21/20

"The ordering process was simple and quick. I have not received my item so I can't review that yet. The prices were in the range I expect, but again no comment on value and I don't have the glasses in hand."

Zoe - 8/19/20

"I absolutely love classic specs! Their frames are so cute, sturdy, and stylish. I can't recommend them enough. I had one issue with one of my frames, the prescription was wrong, and the issue was resolved so quickly by customer service! Love love love"

Jay - 8/18/20

"Clean website. Good selection."

Lucas - 7/31/20

"I've tried to order from another company that is popular, it was difficult at best, did an internet search and found this site, very easy to order"

Chandler - 8/16/20

"Ease of online shopping but limited selection of sunglasses"

Wait and see - 8/6/20

"So far the experience is good, let's see how the glasses are for me once they arrive!"

Motti - 8/16/20

"Well designed site, with good pictures of the products. Excellent design and good value!"

Nick - 8/15/20

"I like Classic Specs because I like the styles of frames that they offer. They fit my face well and I like their affordability and the ease of ordering."

Stefani - 8/10/20

"The only glitch was the paypal submit button did not function, so I ended up using my visa."

Tay - 8/10/20

"I just bought the greatest pair of glasses from Classic Specs, you got to check them out! The quality is insane and the price is too good to pass up!"

John - 7/16/20

"They have a good selection of frames for very affordable prices and they come shipped to your door neatly packed. The eyeglasses I already bought were of great quality too."

Will - 4/18/20

"Have been looking for an affordable pair of sunglasses that will fit my smaller face. Saw CS on Instagram and decided to give them a try. Long story short, I am impressed. I bought three pairs, kept two and gifted the other. Great quality and value with these. My daily sunglasses are Persols but my CS will certainly be getting a lot of wear time. Give em a try!"

Pattie - 3/19/20

"March 2020 they are back in business, and I got my glasses relatively quickly. Would I prefer fancier flex hinges? Yes, but these are absolutely great for the price (<$60 delivered). Fit and lens are spot on. 10/10 would recommend."

Steven - 2/1/20

"as advertised :)"

Beth - 1/30/20

"Glasses were a perfect size! I love them!"

TJM - 1/28/20

"The Beaumont in Maple Crystal Tortoise is a classic and clean look.The quality of construction is excellent!
You won't be disappointed."

Erica - 1/22/20

"I received the order in a quick time frame, nicely packaged! Furthermore, I purchased these for my son and they look wonderful on him! Not to mention fit him perfectly!
Thank you Classic Specs!!"

Janice - 1/20/20

"Been buying glasses from CS for ~5 years now. Great product and service."

Jodi - 1/16/20

"I used classic specs twice and each time I was satisfied with the product. I am about to change my prescription again and I plan to order from this company once again"

Donald - 1/14/20

"Great glasses. Outstanding customer service. Best value by far."

Bill - 1/14/20

"I've been very pleased with the quality and service I've gotten through Classic Specs. I'm picky about my frame style, which is why I didn't buy from some of the other made-to-order sites, but I found a lot of frames with color options I love."

Megan - 1/14/20

"Stylish and high quality glasses, good prices!"

Luigi - 1/12/20

"Great selection and very good customer service when one of my orders was out of stock. I highly recommend Classic Specs for your ear wear needs."

C - 1/10/20

"I've been getting glasses from Classic Specs for years - the quality of the frames and lenses is fantastic and the prices are amazing for a complete Rx pair. Customer service has always been very friendly and helpful too. I do wish edge polishing on lenses was still offered (it was ~2 years ago but then when asked was told it's no longer an option). That's my only complaint! Otherwise 5 stars all around!"

Tyler - 1/9/20

"Best sunglasses for the price!"

Alan - 1/8/20

"Great Specs, Great Prices! Wish they had more styles, have purchased several and the prescription was always right on."

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Miguel - 1/8/20

"I love the glasses from this site. Always empress by their quality."

Charles - 1/8/20

"I ordered my first pair of daily glasses from Classic Specs and couldn't be more pleased. The prescription is spot on, the glasses are good looking and fit comfortably. Best of all, the price was excellent for the quality received. Highly recommended."

Chris - 1/7/20

"Great frames and prescription lenses at amazing prices. Quality compares to frames I have purchased for 2x to 3x more money. Love the styles too and the shipping turnaround time is fast."

Mark - 1/7/20

"I purchased non-Rx sunglasses. They are lightweight and look really sharp."

Dana - 12/31/19

"Pleased with my recent purchase. Good quality and trendy. Would recommend to others!"

Lisa - 12/31/19

"Very pleased with my purchase! Fast delivery and I really like my glasses. A good experience!"

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