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Progressive Glasses
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Our Digital Freeform lenses are the perfect blend of clarity and comfort.

Classic Specs progressive lenses provide a continuous shift from near to far sight that's easy on the eyes. No need to peer out of the side of your glasses to see afar. Get prescription glasses that correct for reading and distance blurriness all in one.

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive Rx Lenses

Progressive lenses have a distance correction in the top half and a reading correction in the bottom half of the same lens, with an intermediate region in between. Over the years, progressives have replaced bifocals and trifocals as the lens of choice for multifocal prescriptions, as they offer a seamless transition from distance to near vision. We feature free-form high-definition progressive lenses that are made with computer-controlled surfacing equipment for the highest precision. These lenses also feature an algorithmically-determined segment height to ensure you have the widest field of vision at each focal point in the lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer progressive or bi-focal lenses?

    We offer free-form HD progressive lenses, which are made with the latest precision computerized surfacing equipment for the greatest clarity and most accurate prescription. We use an algorithm to calculate the segment height, in order to ensure you have the perfect prescription at every point in your lenses.

    We do not offer bi-focal lenses at this time. Please email to join the contact list for this product.

  • My prescription includes prisms... can you fill it?

    Prism prescriptions are for sensitive eyes and help to reduce muscular strain. They're best filled in person. For prescriptions containing prisms, we recommend you purchase our frames without lenses (starting at just $80) and then bring them to your optometrist to have your prescription filled locally.

    Please email to join the contact list for this product.

  • What's the strongest prescription that you can fill for eyeglasses?

    The strongest prescription we can fill is -10.00 sphere, +6.00 sphere, or +/-4.00 cylinder. If you have a stronger prescription than these limits, you are welcome to purchase our frames without lenses and have your prescription filled locally by your optometrist. To do so, find your your favorite style and simply select "add to cart".

  • What are high index lenses, and do I need them?

    High index lenses are used with particularly strong prescriptions, and are made of a material with a higher refractive index (pl 1.67) than standard index lenses - essentially, they can accommodate a stronger prescription in a lighter, thinner lens. If you suffer from the 'coke-bottle' effect from thicker lenses, you might want to give high index lenses a try. We recommend high index lenses for prescriptions stronger than +/-4.00 sphere, or for prescriptions that have both a significant sphere value and astigmatic correction (or cylinder value).

    You will be able to select the package that best suits your needs in the checkout process after you enter your prescription.

  • What is my PD, and how do I get it?

    Your PD is the distance between your pupils in millimeters, and it allows us to align your prescription perfectly with your unique eyes. The last optician who made glasses for you will have your PD on file - and don't worry, it doesn't change over time or expire. You can also use our handy PD ruler, or by your eye doctor.

  • What kind of lenses and coatings do you use?

    Our lenses are made from polycarbonate, one of the most shatter-resistant materials on earth. We also offer and high-index (thinner) for high prescription. You will be able to select the lens package that best suits your needs in the checkout process after you enter your prescription.

    Classic Specs also offers Photochromic lenses that transition from clear to dark when exposed to UV light.

    Every single pair of our eyeglass lenses are then finished with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings, which are included in the purchase price of the glasses.

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