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How to Choose the Best Lenses for Your Prescription Glasses


Single Vision Rx Lenses

Single-vision prescription lenses are for people who need to correct one field of vision, either distance or near. Using the highest–quality CR–39 and polycarbonate lenses, we can fill prescriptions between -10.00 and +6.00 sphere, or up to +/-4.00 cylinder. Our CR–39 and polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, shatter-resistant, and feature anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and UVA/UVB protective coatings. Prescriptions milder than +/-2.00 sphere are made with CR–39 lenses – which have outstanding visual acuity – while all other prescriptions are made with polycarbonate lenses – which are thinner for stronger prescriptions.

Single-vision lenses correct for either your distance or your reading vision and maintain the same prescription throughout the entire lens.

Progressive Rx Lenses

To correct for presbyopia (a condition where the eye has trouble focusing on objects up close), we offer progressive lenses in place of bifocals or trifocals. Progressive lenses have a distance correction in the top half and a reading correction in the bottom half of the same lens, with an intermediate region in between. Over the years, progressives have replaced bifocals and trifocals as the lens of choice for multifocal prescriptions, as they offer a seamless transition from distance to near vision. We feature free–form high–definition progressive lenses that are made with computer–controlled surfacing equipment for the highest precision. These lenses also feature an algorithmically–determined segment height to ensure you have the widest field of vision at each focal point in the lens. Similar to our single–vision lenses, these lenses are highly shatter-proof and feature anti-scratch, anti-glare, and UVA/UVB protective coatings.

Progressive lenses correct for both your distance and your reading vision, and feature an intermediary correction in the transitional region.

High Index Rx Lenses

For stronger prescriptions (both single–vision and progressive), we recommend high–index polycarbonate lenses. As your prescription gets stronger, your lenses get thicker and heavier. High-index lenses are an ultra–thin and lightweight alternative to our standard index lenses and help to reduce the weight of the eyeglasses, while also preventing the “magnifying effect” typically caused by thicker lenses. Just as with our standard index lenses, these lenses are almost shatter–proof and include anti–reflective, anti–scratch, and UVA/UVB protective coatings. We recommend high–index lenses for all prescriptions of +/-4.00 sphere and stronger, as well as for prescriptions with a significant correction for astigmatism.

The ultra-thin high index lenses can be up to 60% thinner than comparably strong prescription lenses.

Reading Lenses

All of our eyeglasses are available with simple reading lenses. Reading lenses are single–vision lenses designed to assist with up–close vision but do not correct for astigmatism. With our premium Italian acetate frames and high–quality lenses, we offer a more fashionable and durable alternative to the disposable reading glasses found in drugstores throughout the country. Our reading glasses are made with the same CR–39 lenses featured in our mild–prescription glasses, and include all of the same UVA/UVB protective, anti-scratch, and anti-glare coatings.

All Classic Specs glasses are available in multiple strengths

Non-Corrective (Plano) Lenses

In addition to reading, single–vision, and progressive lenses, any pair of Classic Specs eyeglasses can be purchased with non–corrective lenses (also known as plano lenses). These lenses do not offer any field–of–vision correction but do protect against the harmful rays of the sun and are great if you are looking for fashion glasses. Plano lenses are made of optical–grade CR–39 and offer the same anti–scratch, anti–glare, and protective UVA/UVB coatings as our prescription lenses.

Plano glasses have optical-quality lenses with no prescription and are 99.9% UVA/UVB protective.


Non-Rx UVA/UVB Protective Sunglasses

All Classic Specs non-prescription sunglasses offer 99.9% UVA and UVB protection. While some non-prescription styles are polarized (see below), select styles feature CR-39 sun lenses in deep, vibrant hues. These lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating on the back sides.

UVA/UVB protective non-polarized sun lenses provide sun protection in fashion-forward colors and are offered in select non-prescription sunglass styles.

Non-Rx Polarized Sunglasses

As opposed to standard UVA/UVB protective sunglasses, which simply reduce the intensity of incoming light, polarized lenses comprise stacked layers of material that deflect the sun’s rays. These layers inside the lenses effectively eliminate the glare reflected from horizontal surfaces, such as the surfaces of oceans, lakes, or roads. This significantly improves comfort and clarity of vision, whether you are driving, fishing, skiing, or spending a sunny day at the beach. Polarized sunglasses are most beneficial during outdoor activities but also provide additional comfort to people with increased light sensitivity. All single-vision prescription sunglasses and a number of our non-prescription sunglass styles come with polarized lenses. Our lightweight, polarized lenses include anti-scratch coatings and are inherently 99.9% UVA/UVB protective.

Polarized sun lenses filter out harmful UV rays and are available in all single-vision prescription and select non-prescription sunglass styles.

Polarized Single-Vision Rx Sunglasses

All Classic Specs sunglass styles are available with polarized, single-vision prescription lenses. These eliminate glare and deflect harmful rays, while also correcting for either your distance or reading vision. Single-vision polarized sun lenses are made of lightweight polycarbonate and are 99.9% UVA/UVB protective. The strongest prescriptions recommended for Rx sunwear are -6.00 or +4.00 sphere.

Single-vision prescription sunglasses correct for either your distance or reading vision and maintain the same prescription throughout the entire lens.

Progressive Rx Sunglasses

In addition to progressive eyeglasses, we also offer progressive sunglass lenses to correct for presbyopia (trouble focusing on close objects). Progressive sunglasses have the same multifocal benefits as progressive eyeglasses: a seamless graduation from distance to near vision, with the help of an intermediate region. Progressive sunglass lenses are made of polycarbonate and feature 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. We do not offer polarized progressive sunglasses at this time.

Progressive polarized lenses filter out harmful rays and offer corrections for distance and reading prescriptions.