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Milton Glaser has received two lifetime achievement awards from the Cooper Hewitt Museum and the Fulbright Association, and he was awarded the National Medal of the Arts by President Obama. In 1976, Glaser designed the I <3 NY logo, an enduring symbol for New York City that has since become the most imitated logo in history.

The Classic Specs X Milton Glaser frames is Milton's first foray into product design and is a true expression of innovation in eyewear. The limited edition collection is a mediation on the concept of "seeing" and the idea that what one believes and "sees" becomes their true perception of the world.

Milton Glaser Hand Drawing Glasses


The innovative result of an exploration of shifting dimensions - 2D to 3D - the FOLDO transforms into three different and distinct expressions.

Milton Glaser Foldo folding logo
Foldo Product Image SHOP FOLDO
Milton Glaser Boldo magnified eyes logo


A circular shape with expressive shields on each side, the clean modern lines of the BOLDO are magnified by its sleek matte black finish.

Boldo Product Image SHOP BOLDO