Why Prescription Sunglasses are the Smart Choice

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Everyone looks good in a nice, styling pair of shades, right? But what if you wear eyeglasses? Unless you wear contact lenses, how can you enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wearing sunglasses?

Well, of course, you can always purchase prescription sunglasses. This is a popular option for the millions of eyeglass-wearers out there. However, in some cases, this can also be an expensive option.

Are prescription sunglasses worth the cost? Let’s take a closer look at this option’s pros and cons and see whether prescription sunglasses are the right choice.

So why can’t you just run to your nearest retail outlet and buy yourself a $5 pair of sunglasses? Sure, these might be adequate to keep the sun out of your eyes, but a good pair of sunglasses is about more than comfort.

Prescription sunglasses allow you to get quality lenses with high UV protection. You can also get scratch-resistant lenses, and you can even order polarized lenses. Polarization is great for cutting out glare. Neutralizing glare is important for comfortable viewing and is especially helpful when driving.

Wear bifocals or progressive lenses? No worries. Another great thing about prescription sunglasses is that they are available for these lenses. For example, read a book on the beach by keeping on the same glasses you used to drive to the beach with. This makes prescription sunglasses convenient and practical.

With prescription sunglasses, you’re also not stuck with whatever frames you might get with any pair of sunglasses. You can fit lenses for prescription sunglasses in any frame. This option gives you the chance to make a statement with your sunglasses!

One of the major pros of prescription sunglasses is that some insurance companies pay for some of the cost of these lenses. They are also more convenient than clip-ons!

You might wonder what the difference between prescription sunglasses and transition lenses is. Why not just add transitioning to your current eyeglasses? Well, a transition lens is great for being outdoors, but they only work when in direct contact with UV rays, so they won’t work, for instance, when driving (unless you’re behind the wheel of a convertible).

The Cons of Prescription Sunglasses
Well, enough of seeing prescription sunglasses through rose-colored glasses. What’s the downside?

For one, they can get expensive, especially if you choose something like designer frames. You’ll spend more on prescription sunglasses than a pair off the rack at a discount store.

And while prescription sunglasses are convenient in many ways, carrying two pairs of glasses is inconvenient. With clip-ons, for example, you can take them off while driving if you drive into a storm or drive as the sun sets. With prescription sunglasses, you’ll have to pull over and change to your regular eyeglasses.

As you can see, there are a lot of pluses to having prescription sunglasses. If you’re in the market for them, call Classic Specs at 1-800-896-2561.