Why Choose Eyeglasses Over Contacts

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Choosing between prescription glasses and contacts can be difficult for many, and each offers distinct pros and cons. The preference comes down to each individual, but reviewing some of these benefits and disadvantages can help you decide. For those who would prefer never to wear eyeglasses, contacts are the clear and obvious alternative outside of corrective surgery, which can be quite expensive. Contacts require more maintenance steps and take a lot more effort, while prescription glasses are much more convenient and portable. There are several other pros and cons to both of them.

Prescription glasses are easier to maintain
Glasses are generally less expensive than contacts over a long period of time. This is because contacts can be easily lost, and disposable contacts can add up to be costly over a long period. In many cases, a few pairs of high-quality prescription glasses with proper maintenance and care can last for years. Contacts require daily lens cleaning to avoid infections. Disposable contacts are usually recommended for those who cannot maintain their contacts properly, but as previously mentioned, they can be expensive. Glasses only need to be wiped with a lens cloth and cleaning solution regularly to ensure that there are no fingerprint smudges or anything that could disrupt vision while protecting them from falls or other circumstances that could cause them to break.

Glasses offer a fashion opportunity
Prescription glasses offer a fashion opportunity as an accessory that many people enjoy customizing based on their unique style and personality. Classic Specs and other online retailers offer dozens of different frame styles and lens colors that can be mixed and matched with a wide range of clothing and other accessories. Many of those who wear eyeglasses prefer to do so because of the potential for a fashion display, and plenty of people wear them even though they don’t have a prescription. The only fashion opportunity contacts offer is the ability to change their tint to different colors, which is often not as appealing.

Prescription glasses are better for eye health
People with sensitive or dry eyes often have irritation when wearing contacts or other eye issues. This problem is completely avoided with the use of prescription glasses. Anyone who has experienced sensitivity with contacts will usually switch over to eyeglasses. Glasses can also offer protection against debris, allergens, and dust in the environment, which can be better for people with sensitive eyes or eye allergies. Contacts also require frequent touching of the eye, which can easily lead to an infection if the hands are not washed, while there is no need to touch the eyes while wearing glasses.

The main benefit of wearing contacts is for those who prefer never to wear eyeglasses. However, there are several downsides, and although one is not necessarily better than the other, eyeglasses offer many benefits that many people find worthwhile. To purchase fashionable prescription glasses or learn more about them online, visit www.ClassicSpecs.com.