The Top 5 Tips for Shopping Men’s Glasses

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Shopping for men’s glasses online can be tricky. Did you know that 75 percent of people need prescription women’s or men’s glasses? That’s right, three out of four people need some corrective lenses or wear glasses. This statistic might seem alarming, but it is more common when considering contributing factors. One factor is age. As men age, this would require the need for men’s glasses. However, many people are born with poor vision that progressively gets worse as they age. A person’s environment plays a huge part in needing women’s or men’s glasses. A rise in technology has spiked the need to sit in front of screens for prolonged periods, causing people to stare for eight to ten hours a day, if not more. This working environment has greatly affected people’s vision and the need to wear women’s or men’s glasses.

Remember: Men’s Glasses are In
Needing to wear men’s glasses shouldn’t make you depressed. Men’s glasses have become a very trendy and quite popular accessory. Stars like Justin Timberlake, Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr. are often spotted wearing men’s glasses. Men’s glasses can transform any outfit and even highlight a man’s face. Just like any other item, men’s glasses can effectively be purchased online versus visiting your eye doctor for a pair of spectacles. It is important to consider buying men’s glasses online because it offers a broader shopping experience and convenience. You shouldn’t be discouraged from buying men’s glasses online. You may face some common issues when buying your men’s glasses. However, shopping online for men’s glasses can be beneficial because of less expense, time, and confusion.

The reality of purchasing men’s glasses is the hefty expense often associated with them. Depending on the pair of men’s glasses you select, you may be billed for hundreds of dollars. However, men’s glasses are often more affordable online because there is more of a marketplace. Quality designer men’s glasses and frames may exceed your budget. How does shopping online benefit you while you search for men’s glasses? Essentially any online retailer that sells men’s glasses online is a store. As a consumer, you are shopping for the best price on men’s glasses. This can be done by searching multiple outlets online that offer competitive prices for men’s glasses. The prices for men’s glasses online will be lower than your local eye doctor’s office because they don’t have nearly as much competition. The lack of competition allows your eye doctor to charge more for their inventory of men’s glasses.

You’ve Got All the Time You Need
Time is the one thing we can’t buy more of. Time is limited, and time is precious. We’re always crunched for time as they are pulled from one task to another. People are forced to find things they need, like men’s glasses, between daily duties. Shopping online for men’s glasses can reduce the time it takes to find a pair at a reasonable price. Men’s glasses vary tremendously and often can be an overwhelming experience when shopping in person. The difference between shopping in person and online for men’s glasses is mostly the limitations on options and being able to try them on your timeline. You can click on your internet browser at any point when you have a few free minutes to search for men’s glasses. This is much more convenient than making an appointment or driving to your local eye doctor to research men’s glasses. Not to mention, your browsing ability is not limited to office hours, and you can search for men’s glasses all night long if you wish!

Another benefit of shopping online for men’s glasses is that you can take the time to search for different styles, colors, shapes, etc. When shopping online for men’s glasses, you can access many different varieties. This differs from shopping in-store because you are limited to your eye doctor’s choices of men’s glasses. Most eye doctors will choose men’s glasses that appeal to the masses. If you want something unique or hipster, then it’s best to go online to purchase your men’s glasses.

Eliminate the Confusion
Confusion plays a big part in shopping for men’s glasses online. To eliminate confusion, visiting your eye doctor, getting your prescription and measurements, and even trying on a few pairs of men’s glasses are best. Doing your homework will help you avoid confusion when shopping online for your men’s glasses. Chances are, if you know you need prescription men’s glasses, you have had an eye exam in the last two years. When you get an eye exam, your doctor will prescribe the corrective lens you need in your men’s glasses. Just like a family doctor writes you a prescription, your eye doctor can write your eye prescription for your men’s glasses. Ask the receptionist for your eye prescription so you can research men’s glasses online. Once you have it, shopping online for your men’s glasses will be much easier.

Virtual Try-On is a Thing
Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or the desire to go into your eye doctor’s office to scope out men’s glasses. Technology advancements allow consumers to virtually try on any pair of men’s glasses when shopping online. The virtual try-on software is a unique tool that allows any user to upload their photo and “put on” any pair of men’s glasses. Having this ability when searching for men’s glasses is an important aspect of shopping online versus the store. Trying your men’s glasses virtually allows a more personable experience. You can save the picture of you wearing your men’s glasses to reference before purchasing. Even though trying on a pair of men’s glasses in-store seems more appealing, there are more benefits to trying them on and shopping online. You are not limited to the number of pairs or time to virtually try on men’s glasses. The results are a variety of photos of you wearing different men’s glasses. This is a very effective tool when deciding which pair of men’s glasses you will purchase.

Don’t Forget: Lenses and Prescriptions
Something else you need to consider when purchasing your men’s glasses online is the composition of your lens and pupillary distance. Unless you work in the eye care profession, you may be left wondering about the importance of these things. However, your eye care clinic can often guide you on what suits you best. You will want to consider your lens coating by purchasing your men’s glasses. The lens coating is the lens surface that adds protective elements or color. A lens coating may resist scratches or include ultraviolet (UV) protection. You may want your men’s glasses to have a transitional lens that offers UV protection in the sun. The most popular brand of transitional lenses for your men’s glasses would be the Transitions brand. They make the world’s best photochromic (transition) lenses, offering you a superior experience with your men’s glasses.

You may want a high-index lens for your men’s glasses. These lenses are manufactured using a specialized plastic and are better at refracting light. If you require a strong prescription, you would want these lenses for your men’s glasses. Choosing the high-index lens will eliminate your eyes from looking magnified when wearing your men’s glasses. Appearing to have “bug eyes” is not a very alluring look when wearing your men’s glasses. Be sure to ask your eye doctor if high-index lenses are something you need before purchasing your men’s glasses.

Finally, ensure your doctor writes down your pupillary distance on your prescription for men’s glasses. Your pupillary distance (PD) is the space between your eyes. You can measure this yourself, but your eye doctor may have completed this during your eye exam before prescribing men’s glasses. If you decide to measure your pupillary distance yourself, you should take the measurement a few times for accuracy. To take an accurate pupillary distance measurement for your men’s glasses, you must first stand eight inches away from a well-lit mirror. Look straight forward in the mirror. Stand very straight and hold the millimeter ruler against your brow. Pretend the ruler is like a pair of men’s glasses. Close your right eye. Align the ruler’s zero to the center of your left pupil. While looking forward, close your left eye and open your right eye. Read the millimeter line that lines up with the center of your right pupil. This is your pupillary distance. Be sure to write it down so you remember it for future purchases of men’s glasses.

Overall, purchasing your men’s glasses online offers you more choices, flexibility, and less confusion. Be sure to research and talk to your eye care office about lens coatings and pupillary distance. Doing these things, you will surely have a wonderful experience and look outstanding in your new pair of men’s glasses.