Upgrade Your Style With Tom Hanks’ Glasses

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Few Hollywood stars are as beloved as Tom Hanks. Widely regarded as an American cultural icon, Hanks can take on virtually any role, be it in romantic comedies like “Sleepless in Seattle” or gritty war films like “Saving Private Ryan.”

Now in his golden years, the actor is rarely seen without a pair of glasses.

Read on to learn more about Tom Hanks’ glasses and how you can emulate his look.

Who Is Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks is a name that needs no introduction. He made his film and TV debut in the 1980s and has established himself since as a cultural icon. 

A California native, Hanks is best known for his ability to imbue his characters with a sense of humanity and authenticity. Films like “Splash” (1984) and “Big” (1988) showcase Hanks as a charming everyman with the easily digestible moral complexity that would typify his later roles.

Hanks’ movies in the ‘80s largely established the decade as his most comedic one, although he’d later go on to win awards for his work in drama. He proved his acting mettle when he won two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor for playing a gay lawyer with AIDS in “Philadelphia” (1993) and a man with below-average IQ in “Forrest Gump” (1994). Hanks also frequently collaborated with decorated filmmaker Steven Spielberg, resulting in timeless hits like “Saving Private Ryan” (1998) and “Bridge of Spies” (2015).

Nicknamed “America’s dad,” Hanks is as admirable off-screen as he is on-screen. Charisma comes naturally for the “Toy Story” (1995) actor — something he attributes to his somewhat transient childhood. His parents divorced when he was just four years old, and he attended ten different schools throughout his childhood. But through those experiences, he cultivated the affable personality that enabled him to bring depth, humanity, and relatability to his roles.

What Glasses Does Tom Hanks Wear?

As fashion-minded young stars embrace the dorky dad style, many who invented the look are leaving it behind. Tom Hanks is a class act in this, as he’s been committed to not dressing his age over the past few years.

When he’s not attending movie premiers and award ceremonies, Hanks can be seen rocking denim jackets, crewneck T-shirts, and slim-cut jeans, with thick-frame glasses to boot. To be sure, the 66-year-old has never looked better.

On that note, here are five glasses that suit Hanks’ edgy yet age-appropriate style.

1. Logan – Crystal

Tom Hanks is a big fan of crystal frame glasses, like our very own Logan in Crystal. 

Crystal frame glasses are especially suited for mature faces, as they give off an elegant aura that complements the wisdom often associated with older age. In Hanks’ case, crystal frame glasses also give him a modern, sleek, and refined look.

Crystal frames like Logan are often associated with more modern, trendier styles. Wearing them can help create a youthful, contemporary image, which older actors like Hanks certainly appreciate.

The Crystal Logan is a very wearable round frame made with pin and rivet hinges and thin temples. Crafted from the finest, hand-rolled Italian acetate, Logan fits round, oval, and square face types.

Logan features anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings and is 99.9% UVA/UVB protective.

2. Cypress – Crystal

In June 2019, Tom Hanks joined his fellow “Toy Story 4” co-stars on the red carpet for the world premiere of the latest edition of the children’s film series.

Hanks kept it simple with a black buttondown and dark jeans combo, which he accessorized with a pair of crystal frame sunnies. The translucent frame gave his face a softer, more balanced look and elevated an otherwise ordinary outfit.

If you’re interested in a similarly neutral and discreet pair of sunnies, try Cypress in Crystal from Classic Specs. This universally flattering frame is similar in shape to a wayfarer and features a keyhole bridge and functional pin rivet details for added stability and style.

The Crystal Cypress can easily complement a wide range of skin tones, hair colors, and personal styles. It also creates a more youthful look, which can be flattering for older individuals who want to counterbalance any potential heaviness that may be associated with age.

Cypress is available in other colorways, including Dark & Stormy, Havana Tortoise, and Forest Fade, and is 99.9% UVA/UVB protective.

3. Schaefer – Black Crystal

Tom Hanks occasionally swaps his crystal frames for classic black ones when the situation calls for something more dressy and sophisticated.

For example, when the actor attended the Governors Awards in November 2022 with his wife, Rita Wilson, he wore a sleek suit and accessorized it with black square glasses. The black frame provided a striking contrast with his hair and skin tone without overpowering his features.

Take cues from Hanks by opting for our similarly stylish and sophisticated Schaefer in Black Crystal. Featuring a deep lens and sloping brow, Schaefer is a versatile square frame that looks equally as stylish as both glasses and sunglasses. The Schaefer is made of premium Italian acetate and is designed to suit all face shapes.

Schaefer is available in several colorways, including Carbon Black Streak, Havana Tortoise, Caramel Horn, and Bonfire. It has anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings and comes with a 1-year scratch-free warranty.

4. Lowerre – Soft Brushed Gold

Aviator glasses are a versatile and stylish accessory, one that has become a fashion staple for celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Initially designed for pilots, aviators are flattering on many different face shapes. The frame’s drop shape can help to balance out angular facial features and add a softening effect, while its timeless quality adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Like any celebrity who wants to maintain privacy when out and about, Tom Hanks is a big fan of aviators. On a 2013 trip to Paris, the actor looked like he fit right in with a dark blue jeans and black blazer combo, which he accessorized with aviators and a French-inspired scarf around his neck.

Emulate Hanks’ dapper look with Lowerre in Soft Brushed Gold from Classic Specs. This frame comes with clementine polarized lenses and offers 99.9% UVA and UVB protection. It is also available in Brushed Dark Gun.

5. Merriam – Matte Black

Tom Hanks retired his crystal frames when he attended the 2018 American Film Institute Awards at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. Instead, he wore a pair of round tortoiseshell glasses.

Hanks often sports a rectangle or square frame, which complements his face shape by providing some contrast to its natural roundness. But round glasses could also work for him, given their classic and timeless appeal.

Get his look with our Merriam in Matte Black, a universally flattering round frame designed to fit round, oval, and square face types. Merriam is available with classic and light-transitioning lenses and has anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings.

Where Can I Get Tom Hanks’ Glasses?

Classic Specs carries all the frames featured in this post and more. 

Our Tom Hanks-inspired glasses are designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted to fit any face size or shape. Each pair also features anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings on the lenses, stainless steel double barrel hinges for superior durability, premium Italian acetate (also hypoallergenic) for rich color and flexibility, and the lightest lenses for superior ocular clarity.

Don’t sacrifice clarity for style — order any of our Tom Hanks-inspired glasses today!

Does Tom Hanks Need Glasses?

Tom Hanks hasn’t revealed why he wears glasses, but he’s rarely seen these days without them. Though unconfirmed, he likely wears glasses to see better.

According to the American Optometric Association, many adults wear glasses beginning at age 40 due to presbyopia, an age-related refractive error that causes nearby objects to appear blurry.

Presbyopia is a normal part of aging and usually develops between ages 41 and 60. It can be treated with eyeglasses (including readers), contact lenses, and vision surgery.

Why Choose Classic Specs?

High-end glasses typically demand higher prices, and many designer brands sell their frames well beyond the $1,000 price point when lenses and add-ons are added. Superior materials and construction account for some of this price premium, including Italian acetate and features like premium barrel hinges and branded engraving.

Classic Specs boasts timeless designs that many high-profile personalities prefer. Our frames are made of premium Italian acetate sourced from a family-owned northern Italian factory, featuring high-end construction and branded engraving. These aspects rival other brands. The main difference is the price: Classic Specs frames and lenses can often be purchased for less than $500. We offer virtual try-on and an online vision test, so the process is hassle-free (factors that celebs tend to prefer).

About Classic Specs

Classic Specs is known for its contemporary eyewear inspired by its designers’ favorite retro silhouettes. Born in Brooklyn, New York, the brand seeks to revive classic designs from every decade to create unique and iconic pieces for discerning consumers. Their frames feature high-quality craftsmanship with reinforced, stainless-steel hinges. Sourced from the famous six-generation Mazzucchelli family factory in northern Italy, Classic Specs frames are made of premium hypoallergenic cellulose acetate in unique, eye-catching chromotypes. Many lens options are available for reading glasses, distance, progressive, sunglasses, or fashion frames.

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