Leonardo DiCaprio’s Glasses: How to Get the A-List Look

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When you think of Leonardo DiCaprio, you might think of his arresting performances and Hollywood charisma. 

But have you ever noticed how often a pair of glasses factors into the DiCaprio magic? From his sleek sunglasses in “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) to his vintage specs in “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” (2019), the actor’s eyewear choice embodies his characters on the big screen and sets off style waves in the real world.

Keep reading to learn more about Leonardo DiCaprio’s glasses and how you can capture his signature style.

Who Is Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio has established himself as an indomitable force in a world of silver screens and ceaseless glamour. A master of immersive character portrayals, DiCaprio has captivated audiences for over three decades with a variety of roles, establishing himself as one of the most respected talents in Hollywood.

DiCaprio’s career took flight in the ‘90s with breakout roles in the coming-of-age drama “This Boy’s Life” (1993) and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (1993), where his performance earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. But it was his iconic role as Jack Dawson in the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic” that propelled him to international stardom, solidifying his status as a Hollywood heartthrob. 

Despite this early success, DiCaprio didn’t allow himself to be pigeonholed into romantic roles. He exhibited an insatiable appetite for challenging characters, showcasing his range and commitment to the craft. He collaborated with some of the best directors in the industry, like Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan, to deliver unforgettable performances in films like “The Departed” (2006), “Inception” (2010), and “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013).

Off-screen, DiCaprio remains equally notable, often leveraging his fame to raise awareness about climate change. As of 2023, DiCaprio continues to challenge himself, picking roles that push boundaries and defy expectations. His latest film “Killers of the Flower Moon” (2023) is the seventh collaboration between him and Scorsese.

What Glasses Does Leonardo DiCaprio Wear?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s eyewear choices have been as diverse and intriguing as his roles. More than just an accessory, his glasses are a subtle reflection of the chameleon-like ability he demonstrates in his acting career.

Here are six styles we love on the “Blood Diamond” (2006) actor.

1. Burnside – Silver

In the 2021 apocalyptic film “Don’t Look Up,” DiCaprio plays Dr. Randall Mindy, an astronomy professor who attempts to warn humanity about an approaching comet that will destroy human civilization. 

As the rather unfashionable Professor Mindy, DiCaprio ditched his usual glitzy Hollywood persona, instead donning an unremarkable checkered shirt and off-the-rack corduroy suit for most of the movie. He completed the look with greasy locks, a beat-up leather messenger bag, and a pair of round metal frame glasses.

While DiCaprio clearly underwent a glow down for his part in the film, the glasses he wore gave his character an air of seriousness and professionalism. Channel that aura for yourself with Burnside in Silver from Classic Specs!

A universally flattering round frame, Burnside will suit round, oval, and square face types. It is available in two other colorways, namely, Soft Brushed Gold and Brushed Rose Gold.

2. Ashford – Matte Black

In Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” DiCaprio takes on the role of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker living in excess during the late ‘80s and ‘90s. 

In one scene, DiCaprio’s charismatic performance is complemented by his choice of eyewear — a pair of bold, black sunglasses. The shades encapsulate Belfort’s extravagant lifestyle and symbolize his audacious persona, embodying the film’s exploration of unchecked ambition and decadence.

If you’re looking for a versatile piece of accessory, try Ashford in Matte Black from Classic Specs!

Ashford pairs well with all colors and patterns, seamlessly fitting into any wardrobe. Regardless of changes in fashion trends, black sunnies like Ashford maintain their stylish allure, making them a reliable choice for any occasion. This particular frame will also suit any face type, including round, heart, and oval faces.

Ashford features anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings and is 99.9% UVA/UVB protective. It is also available in the Tokyo Tortoise colorway.

3. Todd – Carbon Black

As Dr. Randall Mindy, DiCaprio alternated between the round metal frame glasses mentioned above and a pair of black square glasses.

On a round face like DiCaprio’s, square glasses provide a contrast that emphasizes the cheekbones and jawline. Square glasses also offer a classic, intellectual appeal that aligns well with his character in the movie.

Keep it smart and simple with Todd in Carbon Black from Classic Specs! A universally flattering square frame, Todd is designed to fit all face types.

Todd is available in two other colorways, namely, Brandy Tortoise and Jade Crystal. It comes with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings and is available in both single-vision and progressive prescriptions.

4. Brighton – Havana Tortoise

DiCaprio graced the red carpet premiere of his 2019 film “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” in a dapper navy blue suit and tortoiseshell glasses.

Tortoiseshell glasses are considered universally flattering due to their blend of warm tones, which complement various skin tones and hair colors. Given DiCaprio’s versatile style and his ability to pull off different types of eyewear, tortoiseshell glasses look extremely stylish on him, adding a touch of vintage charm and sophistication to his appearance.

If you’re in the market for a pair of sunglasses that’ll look just as good in a few decades as they do right now, try Brighton in Havana Tortoise from Classic Specs! 

A universally flattering round frame, the Brighton in Havana Tortoise is one of our bestselling eyewear frames. Made as prescription eyeglasses (scratch-resistant and anti-reflective) or prescription/non-prescription sunglasses (polarized), this frame dresses up and down with equal verve.

5. Beaumont – Havana Tortoise

In Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic spectacle “The Great Gatsby,” DiCaprio brings the enigmatic Jay Gatsby to life with flair and finesse. 

DiCaprio, adorned in opulent 1920s attire, immerses himself into Gatsby’s complex persona — a man of new money extravagance with a longing for lost love. His character is highlighted with period-appropriate accessories, including distinctive round-frame glasses that underline Gatsby’s sophistication.

Vintage glasses like these are enjoying a resurgence in popularity recently. If you want to ride the retro trend, try Beaumont in Havana Tortoise from Classic Specs! Our most iconic round frame, the Beaumont in Havana Tortoise pays homage to poets, songwriters, and visionaries. It is available in two other colorways, namely, Maple Crystal Tortoise and Carbon Black.

The Beaumont comes with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings and is available in both single-vision and progressive prescriptions.

6. Lindsey – Gold

In Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” DiCaprio delivers a mesmerizing performance as fading TV star Rick Dalton. 

An integral part of his character’s 1960s look is his eyewear, a pair of aviator-style glasses that convey a perfect blend of classic and modern style. These glasses not only embody Dalton’s personal style but also reflect the era’s fashion trends, representing the transformative spirit of Hollywood at that time.

Get the look with Lindsey in Gold from Classic Specs! A universally flattering round frame, Lindsey suits any face shape. Lindsey is also available in Silver for those with cool skin undertones and comes with gray polarized lenses. Additionally, it has anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings.

Where Can I Get Leonardo DiCaprio’s Glasses?

Unleash your inner Hollywood star with Classic Specs, your one-stop online destination for eyewear that reflects timeless elegance and trendsetting styles. We carry a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic roles and personal style. 

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