Screen Style: Julia Roberts’ Sunglasses in “Notting Hill”

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When it comes to iconic movie moments, Julia Roberts’ role as the effortlessly chic and glamorous Anna Scott in the beloved romantic comedy “Notting Hill”  (1999) is hard to forget. 

Along with her timeless fashion choices, her sunglasses in the film became an instant style statement. From the streets of London to the red carpet, Julia Roberts’ sunglasses in “Notting Hill” continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Read on to learn about Anna Scott’s iconic shades, and maybe even learn a thing or two about Julia Roberts’ style in the 90s.

Julia Roberts’ Sunglasses in “Notting Hill”

Few sunglasses in movies are as iconic as Julia Roberts’ cat-eye shades in “Notting Hill.” A timeless statement of style, the vintage-inspired frames exude confidence and sophistication, making it the perfect accessory for Roberts’ character in the movie, Anna Scott.

In the movie, Anna Scott wore her cat-eye shades when she first visited the protagonist’s bookstore in Notting Hill, a district of West London, England. The specs were a key part of her ensemble that day, as they added a touch of mystery and allure to her character. The shades’ bold, upswept frame perfectly framed Roberts’ face, accentuating her features and giving her an air of elegance.

The combination of the frame’s classic shape, the bold statement they make, and the confidence with which Roberts wore them have made cat-eye sunglasses a must-have accessory for those looking to capture Anna Scott’s same sense of chic elegance.

Get the Anna Scott Look

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Styling Cat Eye Glasses Today

Cat-eye glasses may have a vintage appeal, but they can still be effortlessly styled in modern times to create a chic and fashion-forward look. 

Here are some tips on how to rock cat-eye glasses in a contemporary way:

  • Play with colors and prints. While traditional cat-eye frames are often seen in classic black, you can experiment with different colors and prints to add a modern twist. Try bold and vibrant hues like red, teal, or pink, or trygo for unique patternsprints like tortoiseshell.
  • Keep it minimalistic. To achieve a modern and sleek look, choose cat-eye frames with minimalist designs. Go for frames with clean lines, slim temples, and minimal embellishments for a streamlined, sophisticated and sophisticated appearance that complements modern fashion trends.
  • Mix and match. Cat-eye glasses can be a versatile accessory that complements various outfit styles. Pair them with a casual jeans-and-tee combo for a trendy and playful look, or wear them with a stylish leather jacket à la Anna Scott for a bit of edge.
  • Embrace contrasts. Cat-eye glasses can be a statement piece on their own, but you can also play with contrasts to elevate your style. Pair them with contemporary and edgy pieces, such as oversized sweaters and distressed jeans, to create a fashion contrast.
  • Pay attention to fit. Ensuring that your cat-eye glasses fit properly is crucial to achieving a modern and stylish look. Look for frames that fit your face shape and size well, with the right temple length and bridge width.

Styling cat-eye glasses in modern times is all about experimentation and personal expression, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make them your own. 

Add a touch of vintage-inspired charm to your everyday look with cat-eye glasses!

Julia Roberts’ “Notting Hill” Style

More than two decades have passed since Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant charmed us in the iconic movie “Notting Hill.” However, its legacy is still evident not only in the charming blue doors of West London, which have become a must-visit tourist spot, and but also in our fashion choices. 

Roberts’ character, Anna Scott, delivered iconic lines (you know, the one about being a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love you), and her style continues to influence current trends.

In the movie, Roberts’ style is a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern sophistication. Her character’s wardrobe exudes effortless chicness, showcasing a keen sense of style that is both refined and approachable. 

Throughout the movie, Anna Scott is seen wearing a variety of timeless and versatile pieces. Her wardrobe features classic silhouettes such as leather jackets, straight-cut bottoms, and A-line skirts, which are styled in a way that is both sophisticated and relatable.

Overall, Roberts’ wardrobe in the movie showcases a balance of classic and contemporary styles, exuding confidence, elegance, and a touch of playfulness. As a result, Roberts’ portrayal of the character has left an indelible mark on fans’ own wardrobes, even after all these years.

What Glasses Does Julia Roberts Wear?

Over the years, Julia Roberts has sported many different eyeglasses and sunglasses styles over the years, from classic aviators to retro cat-eye frames. Whether on or off screen, the Oscar-winning actress has a knack for effortlessly pulling off various eyewear looks that have become timeless classics.

Aside from her “Notting Hill” cat-eye shades, here are five more styles she rocks effortlessly:

1. Lowerre – Brushed Dark Gun

Aviators and heart-shaped faces like Julia Roberts’ are a match made in heaven.

Julia Roberts has a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow jawline. Aviator glasses, with their wider top and narrower bottom, complement her face by balancing out the width of her forehead and pulling attention toward her eyes.

Plus, aviators have a classic and timeless look that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. 

Julia Roberts has worn aviator glasses both on and off-screenoff screen, and they have become a signature style for her. If you have a heart-shaped face like Julia Roberts, aviator glasses could be a great choice for you, too!

At Classic Specs, we have just the frame for you: Lowerre in Brushed Dark Gun. This frame comes with clementine polarized lenses and offers 99.9% UVA and UVB protection.

2. Valentine – Champagne Crystal

Despite her star power, Julia Roberts knows when to keep things subtle and understated. One of the ways she achieves that is by accessorizing with translucent frames.

Translucent eyeglass frames have become increasingly popular in recent years, largely due to their modern and minimalist look that is both stylish and versatile. They can easily match with any outfit, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

Translucent frames allow your eyes to be the focus and don’t detract from your facial features. Plus, they offer a fresh take on traditional eyewear, providing a break from the usual solid-colored frames by adding an interesting dimension to your eyewear collection. 

Follow Julia’s lead with a pair of our Valentine glasses, a universally flattering square frame designed to fit round, heart, and oval face types.

3. Meadow – Havana Tortoise

Classic tortoiseshell glasses, with their unique mosaic of dark brown and amber colors, complement Julia Roberts’ skin tone beautifully, adding warmth and richness to her complexion. No wonder they’re a staple piece in the star’s eyewear collection!

If you have golden or yellow undertones like Julia Roberts, a tortoiseshell frame like our Meadow in Havana Tortoise is a great option, even for everyday use.

Constructed with premium Italian acetate and reinforced hinges, Meadow is truly an investment worth buying!

Meadow is available in two other colorways: Brandy Tortoise and Walnut Horn. It is also available with classic and light-transitioning lenses, and hasit comes with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings.

4. Webster – Dove Gray

In 2022, Julia Roberts starred alongside George Clooney in the romantic comedy film “Ticket to Paradise.” The film finds the two stars as bitter exes reunited in Bali to stop their high-strung daughter’s quickie marriage.

Roberts wore a pair of translucent sunnies at several points throughout the film, mainly when her character’s out on the beach or on a boat.

Capture Roberts’ Mediterranean chic look in the film with a pair of Webster sunnies in Dove Gray from Classic Specs!

These frames offer a modern twist on traditional glasses with their nearly see-through design. They also come in other colorways, including Crystal, Meadow Crystal, and Havana Tortoise, making them a versatile accessory.

If you’re looking to add a unique piece to your eyewear collection, grab a pair of our Webster frame in Dove Gray!

5. Edie – Brandy Tortoise

As a fashion icon, Julia Roberts can pull off many different clothing pieces and accessories, and oversized sunglasses are no exception.

Oversized sunnies not only provide ample coverage to shield your eyes from the sun and, but they also add a touch of drama to your appearance.

Take inspiration from Julia Roberts and grab yourself a pair of Edie sunglasses in Brandy Tortoise from Classic Specs!

The rounded angles of this frame will suit any face shape, while the tortoiseshell pattern will complement any skin tone.

Edie is also available in other colorways, including Dusty Rose Crystal, Carbon Black, and Mediterranean Gradient.

Where Can I Get Julia Roberts’ Glasses?

Are you a fan of Julia Roberts’ iconic glasses? Well, you’re in luck! 

At Classic Specs, we’ve got you covered with our stunning collection of Julia Roberts-style glasses. 

Whether you’re looking for that sophisticated cat-eye look or classic rectangular frames, Classic Specs has it all. With a wide range of frame styles, colors, and sizes, you can find the perfect pair that matches your unique style. 

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What Brand of Sunglasses Does Julia Roberts Wear in Ticket to Paradise?

Several articles on the internet claim that the sunnies Julia Roberts wore in the 2022 film “Ticket to Paradise” were from the brand Oliver Peoples, but this claim is unconfirmed.

Neither Roberts nor her stylist for that movie has stated for the record that she wore Oliver Peoples brand sunglasses in the movie. 

She stateddid state in an interview with People that she has many eyewear pieces from the luxury brand Paul Smith, largely because of her love of menswear.

Why Choose Classic Specs?

High-end glasses typically demand higher prices. Many designer brands sell their frames well beyond the $1,000 price point when lenses and add-ons are included. Superior materials and construction account for some of this price premium, including Italian acetate and features like premium barrel hinges and branded engraving.

Classic Specs boasts timeless designs that many high-profile personalities prefer. Our frames are made of premium Italian acetate sourced from a family-owned northern Italian factory, featuring high-end construction and branded engraving. These aspects rival other brands. The main difference is the price: Classic Specs frames and lenses can often be purchased for less than $500. We offer virtual try-on and an online vision test, so the process is hassle-free (factors that celebs tend to prefer).

About Classic Specs

Classic Specs is known for its contemporary eyewear inspired by its designers’ favorite retro silhouettes. Born in Brooklyn, New York, the brand seeks to revive classic designs from every decade to create unique and iconic pieces for discerning consumers. Their frames feature high-quality craftsmanship with reinforced, stainless-steel hinges. Sourced from the famous six-generation Mazzucchelli family factory in northern Italy, Classic Specs frames are made of premium hypoallergenic cellulose acetate in unique, eye-catching chromotypes. Many lens options are available for reading glasses, distance, progressive, sunglasses, or fashion frames.
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