Get the Look: Robert Downey Jr.’s Tinted Glasses

robert downey featured in sunglasses

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Irish Torres

Robert Downey Jr. is best known for portraying Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the titular character in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies.

While we love his performance in these roles, we at Classic Specs also recognize the effortless way he pulls off nearly any shape and color of eyewear on- and off-screen.

Among his most notable pieces is a pair of bold round-frame glasses, much like our Amherst Eyeglasses in Carbon Black.

Where Can I Get Robert Downey Jr.’s Glasses?

In our style Amherst, you can get Downey’s bold round-frame glasses from Classic Specs.

A round frame like this looks effortless on Downey because of his oval face, but Amherst’s universally flattering shape will look good on anyone. 

You can also get Amherst in Havana Tortoise, Meadow Crystal, and Olive Streak if Carbon Black overwhelms your face.

Our Amherst eyeglasses are available in single-vision and progressive prescriptions for correcting single-vision problems and presbyopia, respectively. The Amherst is also available in readers and non-prescription.

What Glasses Does Robert Downey Jr. Wear?

When not donning one of his many Iron Man suits as Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. draws attention at red carpet events and celeb functions with his stylish specs.

Here are three styles that show Downey’s penchant for a seriously decent pair of eyewear:

1. Brighton – Low Bridge Fit – Smoulder

What better way to highlight your eyes than with our Brighton – Low Bridge Fit in Smoulder?

A brighter take on the classic tortoiseshell color, our Brighton – Low Bridge Fit in Smoulder features a striking mosaic of brown and beige colors.

This frame is emblematic of Robert Downey Jr.’s preference for colorful specs. And like Amherst, its shape is designed to fit all face types.

2. Beacon – Dove Grey

Our Beacon eyeglasses’ pointedly square shape and steely gray color may be a departure from Robert Downey Jr.’s usual colorful specs, but he’s managed to pull it off nonetheless.

This particular colorway introduces a youthful glow to his skin, while the square frame on his oval face creates a pleasing balance of contrast and harmony.

Beacon is also available in Brandy Tortoise, Brown Gradient, and Matte Black.

3. Knickerbocker – Dark & Stormy

Can’t choose between black or gray glasses? Try both with our Knickerbocker frame in Dark & Stormy. 

A universally flattering rectangle frame, Knickerbocker adds flattering contrast to oval faces like Downey’s and plays up the angularity of square and heart faces.

Knickerbocker is available in two other colorways: Whiskey Crystal and Havana Tortoise.

Why Does Robert Downey Jr. Wear Tinted Eyeglasses?

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the many actors over 50 known for wearing tinted eyeglasses. While it’s unconfirmed whether the Iron Man star has or has had any vision problems that necessitate the use of prescription eyeglasses (the most he has ever said about the subject is that he’s slowly losing his eyesight due to his age), it’s possible that he wears tinted specs to obscure wrinkles and bags around his eyes. This conjecture is supported by the fact that colored lenses are a trend among older celebrities looking to spruce up their appearance. Seasoned stars like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Jack Nicholson, to name a few, have all been known to wear tinted eyeglasses.

Does Robert Downey Jr. Really Wear Oliver Peoples Brand Eyeglasses?

Some articles on the internet claim that Robert Downey Jr. wears Oliver Peoples brand glasses, but this claim is unconfirmed. Neither the actor nor his many stylists have stated for the record that he wears Oliver Peoples brand glasses. He has endorsed a portfolio of brands and firms throughout his decades-long career, but Oliver Peoples is not included in that portfolio. This claim likely started as a rumor that has since been taken as fact by other sources online. Bottom line: it’s unconfirmed that Robert Downey Jr. wears Oliver Peoples brand glasses and likely wears many different spec brands.

How does one dress up like Robert Downey Jr?

RDJ is most often seen in formal wear, worn casually, and sometimes with some panache but rarely with formality. He typically chooses spread collars, solid ties that loosened, and sometimes blazers with bold plaid prints.
Neutral colors work well for clothing because we don’t often see Robert Downey wearing bold colors. The primary colors are a safe bet: black, greys, beige, khaki, navy blue, and the like.

How would you describe RDJ’s hairstyle?

RDJ’s hairstyle is fairly consistent both in-person and in his on-screen roles through the years. It can be described as tapered, well-managed with some flair and height up-top, giving off an effortless look.

Why Choose Classic Specs?

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Classic Specs boasts timeless designs that many high-profile personalities prefer. Our frames are made of high-quality Italian acetate sourced from a family-owned northern Italy factory, featuring high-end construction and branded engraving for a timeless style. These aspects rival other brands, the main difference being the price: Classic Specs frames and lenses can often be purchased for under $500. In addition, we offer a virtual try-on and an online vision test, so the process from start to finish is hassle-free (factors that celebs tend to prefer).

About Classic Specs

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