Finding Eyeglasses Like the Experts

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Everyone’s got a pair of vintage eyeglasses or sunglasses. Even Hollywood has gotten on board. However, we don’t have a fashion designer loaning us the latest vintage eyeglass looks to complete our outfits. How do we match up to our favorite stars and pull off the amazing looks they do in glasses fashion? It’s easier than you think, with a few simple tips.

Look At the Face Shape
Face shape is essential in finding the right frames, especially when shopping for glasses online. Look in the mirror and consider your face shape. Is it round, heart-shaped, oval, or square? The right frames will enhance the face shape. Choose frames that offset the natural lines of the face. Round faces look best with square or rectangle frames. Oval faces fit frames with a solid bridge, with edges that are wider than the natural lines of the face. Square faces need frames that sit higher on the nose and soften the face angles. Round eyeglasses, especially in retro styles, fit square faces best. Heart-shaped faces, the sweethearts of the face world, must wear frames that balance the forehead. Low-set temples on the frames with bottom-heavy lines add width to this type of face.

Consider the Color
What is your skin type? This matters when choosing glasses.

Warm Skin Tones
Warmer skin tones are golden, yellow, or bronze. This is referred to as a warm complexion. Contrasting colors like pastels are never a good idea for warmer tones. They don’t match, standing out too much from the face. Also, remember to stay away from solid whites or blacks. The best colors for this skin type are shades of brown, tortoise, gold, honey, beige, and olive green.

Cool Skin Tones
These skin tones have blue or pink undertones and often have a blush to the cheeks. These colors will wash away with the wrong colors. Search for vintage-inspired eyeglasses that are black, pink, purple, blue, silver, gray, or mauve.

Consider the Lifestyle
What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Are you busy with sports? Do you need prescription sunglasses? Do you work with computers often? These defining lifestyle markers matter when choosing eyeglass frames. Search for sturdy frames for more active lifestyles in plastics that will withhold a beating. Calmer lifestyles can handle softer frames, such as wire or thinner materials. Gamers, for example, can choose frames to enhance their gaming experience. Accessorizing for the office has also never been easier, with stylish frames that don’t need a prescription.

Glasses Have Personality
Remember your personal style when choosing glasses. Do you need men’s glasses? How about women’s glasses? Your frames speak volumes to your personality; you can have several frames for every occasion. Buy a pair for your fun weekend side and a serious pair for the office. Purchase sunglasses for the day at the lake, then be taken seriously with vintage eyeglasses in the workplace.

There is much to consider when choosing eyeglasses, which makes the choice personal. Choose a pair and a spare, match each pair to your personal desires, and create a look for every occasion that accents your best facial features.