Matching Faces to Frames A Basic Guide to Eyeglass Frames

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

The history of the eyeglass is fascinating, moving through centuries of use and innovation. It cultivates four main eyeglass types: cat-eyes, square, rectangular, and round. Each face type matches a specific set of frames, accentuating a wearer’s best facial features. Matching frames to face when purchasing online glasses in women’s glasses styles is simple with a free virtual try-on tool, but first, read this basic guide to understand your face type and where to start looking for the right frames.

Nova Glasses
The Nova glass frames, or cat-eye glasses, are based on the classic look created in the ’30s by Altina Sanders. Tired of the cookie-cutter frames she found elsewhere, she designed these frames that come to a sleek point in the corners. Revolutionizing women’s glasses, she created a trend popular today and is sought after by women worldwide. Matching the oval and heart-shaped face, the Nova style adds sleek lines across the brow and highlights cheekbones, typically resting higher on these face shapes. Often categorized as retro or vintage categories, the style adds spice and mystery to the woman wearing them.

Prescott Glasses
These frames are square and work well with a triangular or oval face. The sharp lines of the square lens define the smooth, round face lines, creating an attractive contrast. Highlighting the brow line, these glasses focus the eyes without disturbing the cheekbone’s natural curve. Dressy and classy, these women’s glasses are often used in professional settings. Purchasing a pair of Prescott glasses is often done by those who want to be taken seriously and look sharp with an air of intelligence.

Cooper Glasses
These rectangular frames are often found on a round face because they naturally accentuate the curves of the face. The sharp points at each corner of the frame pull the soft facial curves into focus, while the longer rectangle shape creates a wider appearance to the face. The frames center on the eyes, making the face appear less rounded, loaning more angles to the wearer. Attractive and readily noticeable, these glasses are purchased as prescription glasses, vintage sunglasses, or with no prescription inserted for fashion statements. The Cooper style is the perfect accessory for every outfit and occasion.

Rosalind Glasses
The round Rosalind perfectly complements the square facial features. When the hairline frames the face and the jaw is filled out perfectly, the round glasses frame pulls the strong facial lines into focus. Contrasting straight facial lines, the round glasses make the eyes the center of attention, whether prescription, clear, or costume glasses.

No matter what the reason for frames, these four basic styles cover every face type. Remember to ensure the eyeglass style centers the eyes horizontally and observes the lines of the brow and cheekbones. They must be highlighted, never hidden, and the frames must bring out all the natural, beautiful curves of the face.