Inspired Glasses

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

So many stars are wearing glasses these days! Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey, Jr, Cate Blanchett, and David Beckham, to name a few, make the look sexy and quite popular. So many celebrities proudly boast their need and desire to be spectacled jewels that the trend is hitting everywhere. However, finding the right glasses to fit our lives doesn’t require celebrity status. Finding the right star-inspired glasses to fit a modest budget and less-than-Hollywood lifestyle is as simple as finding glasses in both men’s and women’s glasses.

What’s Your Face?
Consider your face shape. Remember when Jennifer Aniston made “The Rachel” hairstyle famous among those with more angular faces? She is doing the same with rectangle eyeglasses. These frames have softer angles, with an upswept top corner on each side. They are perfect for oval faces or faces with higher cheekbones.

Matching women’s eyeglasses, whether vintage or progressive, to your shape face is the most important part of wearing fashionable glasses. Balance and proportion matter here: the size of the glasses must match the size of the face. However, the frame shape must be opposite the face shape. Round faces, for example, work best with rectangular frames because the eyeglasses’ angles offset the face’s fullness. Sunglasses and prescription glasses must be purchased similarly, with the frames and face proportions in mind.

Consider Cat’s Eyes in Your Choice
Many websites selling glasses offer cat’s eyes spectacles, such as the ones worn by Zoe Salana. These frames look great on many different face shapes, from oval to round, because they bring the eyes to a point. The most important aspect to consider when trying these types of frames, often offered in several glasses fashion lines, is to ensure the eyes are in the center of the frame horizontally. While the popular cat’s eye frame is in vogue with many face types, your face type may demand a different eyeglass frame.

Rectangular Frames: Does Jordana Brewster Wear Your Style?
Looking great in a pair of rectangular frames, Jordana Brewster pulls it off with her oval face. The frames offer clean lines, which sweep across her face, highlighting her eyes and pulling her natural lines into better focus. If you’ve got an oval face, consider a rectangular frame, trying them on virtually through an online try-on program. Remember that even if a prescription is necessary for eye health, the frame style can still vary. You can get the look made popular by Jordana and her rectangular glasses placed over perfectly smooth rounded facial lines.

Clear Frames: For Those with Cooler Colors
Clear frames tend to highlight the face by offsetting darker areas of the face and highlighting the eyes. Consider Jaime King, who sports clear frames with class. When choosing frames, consider the brow lines and natural cheekbones. The right pair of women’s glasses will highlight natural features, such as the natural curve of the brow. Any frames that disturb the lines of the cheekbones and don’t accent the brow curve are wrong.

Choose frames based on personal /assets, and use those who use their looks professionally to find the right pair. Search for your new pair of specs easily, and use the frames to enhance the face’s natural beauty.