Celebs Prefer Lightly Tinted Sunglasses

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

Celebrities often lead the fashion trends in Western culture, and there is no denying that people copy everything they may wear. When it comes to glasses, celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp have been seen sporting lightly tinted sunglasses. Years ago, celebrities would wear glasses with a dark or reflective tint to appear not themselves or more “undercover” to the paparazzi. Well this has all changed!

No longer do celebrities wear sunglasses that hide their beautiful eyes, but instead, they fly back to the trends of the 1960’s when John Lennon and Elton John wore vintage sunglasses with lightly colored tints. The vintage sunglasses look takes the idea of sunglasses hiding someone’s identity to look mysterious and brings it back to where it should be: a fashion statement through a groovy and fun look.

Lightly tinted vintage sunglasses have become something also, not to hide eyes from the powerful rays of the sun, but rather a fashion choice that are wearable inside, outside and anywhere. Though they have been common in the past, more and more celebrities are wearing them now to match their outfit and make a statement.

Although the celebrities are sometimes wearing custom made ones, anyone can get some lightly tinted glasses. Tints are available in many different colors for many purposes for the everyday glasses wearer or sunglasses enthusiast. You can get lightly tinted lenses in vintage glasses, everyday glasses, prescription glasses and more. The tint in glasses can help to reduce the sun’s glare and improve contrast in the things around you. Another great reason for tinting is to enhance your depth perception.

Lightly tinted glasses are great to be able to see the world through a fun color and be able to be seen by the people around you. Sometimes sunglasses can cause a psychological barrier between people having conversations, and these lightly tinted glasses will ditch that.

So if you are looking to get a pair of lightly tinted vintage sunglasses just like the celebs but are unsure which snazzy color to go with, here is a chart outlining the benefits of all the great colors:

Brown, amber or yellow sunglasses
  • Contrast is heightened
  • Depth perception is enhanced quite a bit
  • Great in rain, shine and low light
Green sunglasses
  • Separates colors well
  • Great for getting rid of glare and brightening up shadows
  • Great in rain or shine
Blue or purple sunglasses
  • Reduces glare
  • Helps to show color perception
  • Great for foggy or snowy weather
Grey sunglasses
  • Nice for general purpose and matches all outfits
  • Reduces harsh glare and adds perception of color
  • Great for sun or clouds
Pink or red sunglasses
  • Reduces eye strain and is comforting
  • Adds contrast and depth perception
  • Great in all weather
  • You will look like Robert Downey Jr. (And who wouldn’t want to?)

So whether you love the vintage look of lightly tinted glasses or not, the trend is coming back as seen with stars like Bono, Taylor Swift, Jack Nicholson, and Brad Pitt. Get out there and find the perfect pair for yourself!