How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

Sunglasses are a huge trend for everyone because they are a fashionable add on that can make you more comfortable while also protecting you. Whether you wear retro sunglasses or big modern sunglasses, there are many reasons to wear them, and whatever your reason may be, the most important one should be that they protect your eyes in many ways. Everyone you know owns a pair of sunglasses, and here is why!

Sunglasses block out damaging UV radiation from the sun.
Everyone knows the sun’s ultraviolet rays can hurt your skin and overall health, but it is also very damaging on your eyes. Have you ever gotten a headache while being outside in the sun? This is likely due to the radiation of the sun’s rays irritating your eyes. With a nice pair of sunglasses, the rays will be reflected and blocked from getting in your eyes.

Good quality modern or retro sunglasses sunglasses often come with ratings that talk about the UV protections right on the labels. You want lenses in your sunglasses that will block most UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes. There are different types of glasses that are better for different activities like the following: Dark tints for keeping out UV light
Polarized lenses for water or glare
Bigger glasses to prevent light from all directions

There are also modern or retro sunglasses that go a step further and block out rays up to the tiniest of 400 nanometers. These glasses have stickers that say ”UV400“ on them. Sometimes, you might see a sticker that says ”ANSIZ80.3“ which means that these specific glasses are up to the standards set by the American National Standards Institute. These standards state that any nonprescription glasses or fashion eyewear must be safe while wearing them in the sun.

If you do not take care of your eyes under the pressure of the sun, you can contract some serious health and vision problems. From cataracts to wrinkles, here are a few problems you can get if you forget your sunglasses at home.

Cataracts cloud the lens in your eye leading to vision loss.
Photkeratitis is a sunburn on the cornea where little blisters form on the surface.
Macular degeneration is an incurable, though treatable, disease of the macula. This is the part in your eye which helps you see sharp.
Wrinkles are caused around the eyes much from squinting in the sun and the sun’s UV rays on the skin.
Peterygium is when the white part of your eye and the tissue on top of it grow together. This comes from the reflective rays from the sun hitting water, snow or pavement.
Skin cancer due to the thin tissues of your eyelid. Being so thin, the eyelid is more vulnerable to the rays of the sun and obtaining cancer on the skin.

Other than blocking UV rays from the sun, modern or retro sunglasses are good for a few other things too:

Dry eye problems with high winds or dry air are lessened when wearing sunglasses because you protect from the harsh winds.
Eyestrain and squinting is lessened because you have much better sight past the tint.
Plus, they make you feel fashionable and look great!