Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

In the past consumers who needed prescription glasses had to make an appointment with an optometrist and visit the shop where they would go through a series of steps in order to obtain the glasses. Today, all of this has changed. Now consumers are changing over to purchasing their prescription glasses online. This is more convenient for the busy individual and the cost is equitable if not cheaper in many cases.

There are other benefits as well. For example, shoppers have come to enjoy the convenience of shopping from their favorite lounging area in their pajamas and that is likely not about to change. Imagine being able to browse the latest eyewear fashion on your computer! Then, of course, there are those who are housebound or would rather spend their time traveling to exotic locations instead of the eyeglass store. But the greatest advantage may be that the prices for prescription eyeglasses online are highly competitive. The average glasses wearer probably has no idea that buying prescription glasses online has become the most popular way to purchase them in many places around the world.

If you are thinking about buying prescription glasses online we would like to offer a few suggestions. First, ensuring that you are buying the right size is always important to the potential buyer. Online shoppers have run into this issue before regarding how to get something that fits so that you don’t have to go through the process of returning it. The whole idea of online shopping is to save yourself time and frustration – and there is no question that returning prescription glasses would be a major source of frustration! Eyeglass prescription services will give you the information you need to ensure the size you purchase is correct for you. By sticking with the size you usually wear – you will probably not go wrong anyway!

But if you were wondering how optometrists decide on the size of glasses for you they use what is called the PD or pupil distance. A proper PD guarantees maximum functionality of the glasses. You can check with your optometrist if you need this information. They will have it with the last prescription you filled. If you are not comfortable contacting him or her then read through the directions that are found on the website. They will explain how to perform the measurement on yourself!

Of course, the most important consideration is how they will look! Even the most careful shopper can make a mistake in choosing what looks good on a website without thinking about how they may look on you in person. Well, technology is here to save the day! Now it is possible for consumers to upload a picture of themselves and then add different pairs of glasses to the picture to see how they would look! Why it’s almost like going to the store and looking at yourself in the mirror!

Buying prescription glasses online may be the right choice for you! Don’t wait – open that computer and join the online eyeglass revolution at Classic Specs!