Progressive Glasses Are Made for the Modern Eyeglass Wearer

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

The prescription eyeglass industry continues to grow and change. There was a time when it took weeks to grind the glass to make a pair of prescription glasses. Today, your glasses can be ready in no time, and the choices are many. If you are a wearer of bi-focal or even tri-focal glasses progress has got you in its sights. In a word – progressive glasses. These are lenses that have been tailored to your specific vision needs without have the lines across the lens that tell the world you are wearing a bi-focal. Progressive glasses have revolutionized the prescription eyeglass industry.

People have many options when it comes to eyeglass wear today. Some opt for Lasik surgery, others turn to contacts. But there are still many people who are firm believers in the traditional prescription eyeglasses and they cannot be convinced otherwise. Moreover, even the younger generation turns to prescription eyeglasses for any number of reasons. Perhaps they do not trust the surgery no matter how safe it claims to be. And putting contacts in their eyes is out of their range of ability. So – prescription eyeglasses as an industry is likely to be with us for another few decades at least.

That means that progressive glasses will be an industry that continues to refine their products and that is beneficial to the wearer. Progressive glasses use a process that blends the prescription in a way that makes the nuances and differences in the glasses invisible to the observer. At the same time the progressive glasses wearer is treated to a clear view of the world around them, and anyone who has problem vision can appreciate the value of this!

If you are in the market for progressive glasses you should consider turning to the online eyeglass retailer. Today, many people are bypassing the traditional retailers in malls and shops and turning to the virtual world for their purchases. The reason is simple. Online shopping is more convenient, often much cheaper and offers a much broader selection of styles and choices.

Classic Specs is able to provide the necessary technology required to create the sophisticated lenses necessary to satisfy the progressive glasses wearer. Too, they can get the glasses to you at a much less expensive price altogether because they do not require the overhead of a traditional retailer.

And convenient? What could be more convenient that trying on glasses virtually in the privacy of your own home, paying for your purchases online and then waiting for them to be delivered to your door, and if you don’t like them the delivery service will return to your home and take them back for you – where most online eyeglass retailers like Classic Specs won’t even question this because their concern is your satisfaction.

Now, don’t wait another minute. Open that computer and begin shopping for progressive glasses online today at Classic Specs. We’re waiting to serve you. And remember, you don’t have to step out your door in order to find us!