Vintage Eyeglasses They’re Not Your Grandmother’s Glasses Anymore!

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

You might know the term ‘vintage’ as ‘retro’. To say that it is all the rage these days would be an understatement. You will find vintage clothing, vintage eyeglasses and shoes on all of your favorite celebrities. The term actually refers to a fashion look that is distinctly from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (maybe even the 1980s now with the way the months and years are ticking away). Along with the distinctive look from different decades there are certain themes that can be found in these styles of eyeglasses. They may have thick rims, or perhaps are shaped like cat eyes which Marilyn Monroe made popular.

If you are in need of new prescription eyeglasses we recommend that you include vintage eyeglasses in your choices. They often give you a fresh and younger look than what their label would have you believe. For example, the eyewear for men that was made popular by aviators in the 1940s gives a man a dashing and mysterious look. When they were originally designed it was to reflect the sun from the flyer’s vision because of the danger involved in blinding their eyesight for even a few moments.

The cat shaped vintage eyeglasses also have an interesting history as well. The design was meant to broaden the line of vision for the wearer, as earlier styles of glasses were much smaller and limited in their ability to help the eyeglass wearer see. No sooner did they appear on the fashion horizon than they became super popular and sold out faster than they could be kept in the optometrist’s office.

Today, vintage eyeglasses are definitely making a comeback. They come in a wide variety of frames that are available in a breadth of colors and materials. You can get your vintage eyeglasses in frames that are made of metal or plastic, with lenses that can be tinted in a variety of colors. In fact, Classic Specs allows you to mix and match the styles of frames and tints that you want which gives you the opportunity to create your own unique set of sunglasses. And the price? Well, it is inexpensive enough that many people can afford to buy more than one pair. After all, you don’t want to be a fashion repeater!

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Even better, you can upload a picture of yourself and add glasses for a virtual try-on at Classic Specs to ensure they are what you are looking for. Finally, remember they can be delivered right to your door with a fast turnaround. There is simply no downside to the experience at Classic Specs.