A Basic Guide to Purchasing Eyeglasses Online

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Anyone with eyeglasses understands the process: get the eye exam, look over the available frames, purchase a package, wait for the prescription to be filled, then pick up the new specs. However, many eye patients are turning to the Internet for online glasses. While only an optometrist can diagnose eye conditions and prescription strength, an online company will provide a patient with desired frames, from stylish sunglasses to anything with a prescription. This is why more people are turning to the Internet; while the doctor’s office will order specialty frames, the ability to browse frames in the comfort of the home is becoming much more popular. Certain features, such as Virtual Try-On, further encourage sales.

How’s It Done?
People are finding more opportunities than ever to purchase glasses online. Most people don’t know, however, that the results of the optometrist exam are always available to take away from the office. The doctor does the exam and assigns a number to each eye. This number signifies the strength of the lens necessary to correct vision. Additionally, the doctor will measure the face to find the right frame size for the face. These numbers are also the property of the patient. When the doctor finishes the exam, ask for a copy of all these numbers, pay the exam fee, then begin searching for prescription glasses online.

Companies such as Classic Specs will receive the numbers from the optometrist and assist in creating the perfect pair of glasses. Match your face type to the frame shape, use your face measurements to help Classic Specs design frames to fit your face, and choose a style that fits your own unique personality. You’ll get frames hand-picked by you that will last your prescription’s lifetime.

Will All Doctors Participate?
According to current laws, all doctors must participate in this eyeglass purchase. Any body part is your legal property; you can access every part of your medical file. An eye exam is part of the medical file, and you always have the right to receive the results of any exam. This doesn’t mean an eye doctor won’t try to talk you into purchasing frames on-site. Some doctors may have contracts with frame manufacturers and will want to sell you frames. However, insist on receiving your results, remembering it is within your right to have them. Perhaps the doctor doesn’t have the glasses fashions you desire. Simply take your medical file and search for frames on your own.

Purchasing With A Prescription
It’s easy to purchase with a prescription. Give Classic Specs your numbers; we’ll take it from there. You’ll have your perfect glasses in no time, and you’ll be seeing them once again. Contact Classic Specs today to discuss glasses online, prescription glasses, progressive frames, and much more!