Basic Eyeglasses Care

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Congratulations! You’ve searched high and low and finally found the perfect pair of glasses online. You place your order, excited to receive the eyeglasses you’ve desired. They arrive, you put them on, then you get a fleck of water from the sink on the lens. Now what? Taking care of glasses is simple if you know how to treat them so they don’t become scratched or damaged.

Basic Rinse
Whether they are your favorite sunglasses, purchased online, or decorative glasses, they must be rinsed before being cleaned. Even the smallest dust on an eyeglass lens can cause a scratch, so run them under a warm, soft stream of water before attempting to clean them.

Careful Spray
Follow the rinse with a cleaner specific to eyeglasses. All glasses are sensitive to abrasion, so they must be treated with only a cleaner designed for them. Never use window cleaners because the ammonia will remove any protective coating on the lens.

Let Them Air Dry
If possible, let the glasses air dry. This will keep materials off the lens. It’s surprisingly easy to accidentally drag a fragment across a lens by wiping it with a cloth, especially an article of clothing, such as a shirt.

Use Proper Cloths
Speaking of cloths, always use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe glasses clean. Never use a napkin, tissue, or paper towel. They are guaranteed to scratch the surface of the lens. Finally, avoid the shirt mentioned above. If it is not 100% cotton, it will scratch the lens. Also, even the smallest amount of residue will leave a mark. You’ve searched for the perfect glasses look – don’t ruin it with the wrong cloth.

Use a Firm Grip
Always hold the frames by firmly gripping the nosepiece. This will help you avoid bending the frame during cleaning. When the bows are bent, sight is skewed, and the glasses are no longer effective. Why spend time shopping for online glasses if they’re only going to be bent through cleaning?

Store Correctly
Storing glasses when they’re not being worn is essential. Don’t lay them on a shelf or nightstand; the chance of dust and particles settling on them increases exponentially. Find the right case to fit your style, then use it consistently. If necessary, purchase a few different cases, one for home, one for travel, one for the office, and one for the car. Microfiber pouches protect the lens and keep wayward dust from settling onto the glasses. Never lay the glasses lens down; it guarantees scratched lenses.

Wash Often
Clean glasses at least once a day. Whether sunglasses, decorative glasses, or prescription glasses, they must be cleaned daily. This helps the eyes see better through the lenses, reducing eye strain. Check out all the styles available online at Classic Specs today, then purchase a pair of specs that you can keep clean with these simple and easy-to-follow tips!