What’s the Big Deal About Progressive Glasses

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Progressive glasses are among our most popular styles because they are functional and fashionable. Progressive lenses take the place of bifocals and trifocals and maximize clarity and quality. You see just as well close up as you do far away, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between two pairs of glasses.

Here are a few things you need to know about progressive glasses:

  • They correct three areas of vision, making them perfect for all-day, everyday use. The lenses correct near, intermediate, and far fields of vision, making for a comfortable fit and eliminating the need to switch back and forth between multiple pairs of glasses. Progressive lenses are made using the latest technology, so you’re able to see better than you were able to before ordering from us.
  • They are high-definition, making objects sharp and clear. The lenses are created using computer-controlled surfacing equipment for the most accurate prescription possible. That means you’ll see your best in each field of vision (near, intermediate, and far). You won’t be stuck switching back and forth between regular glasses and reading glasses because you’ll be able to see things up close and far away with the same pair of progressive frames.
  • The lenses are anti-glare, shatter-proof, and anti-scratch. That helps you protect your investment. You don’t have to worry about being blinded by the sun, dropping your glasses and breaking your lenses, or accidentally scratching them while cleaning or storing them. That means you’ll have perfect glasses for a long time versus having to replace them immediately due to damage.
  • They’re available for several different men’s and women’s frames. If you find a pair you love, you can still wear them with progressive lenses. This goes for regular eyeglasses and sunglasses as well. You get vision correction and UV ray protection, especially when driving and spending time outdoors.
  • They’re affordable and come with free shipping. Glasses with progressive lenses start at $275 a pair and come with complimentary shipping. That’s a great incentive to order a pair from us instead of your eye doctor, where they cost double the price we charge.

Now that you know what’s great about progressive eyeglasses, you can submit your prescription to Classic Specs and get ready to place an order for a new pair of frames. You’ll not only see better with your new lenses, but they’ll also make you look and feel great about yourself, too. With a wide selection of inventory, it’s easy to see why so many customers come to us for their eyeglasses and sunglass needs.

We offer the most stylish eyewear available for men and women. Choose a pair of progressive sunglasses to wear while driving or outdoors. You get the same quality craftsmanship as you get with our prescription eyeglasses and the same great selection.