Seeing the World Again Eyeglasses In Vogue

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Once the sign of the nerd, eyeglasses have clamored to the top of the fashion world. Smart, sharp, and classy glasses have become the finishing statement to any outfit. Placing glasses or sunglasses on the face presents a more serious, studious look, asking the world to pay attention. Men and women are flocking toward fashionable glasses, buying more online glasses than ever, and sporting them with everyday flair.

In the nerdy days of the 80s glasses, they were stereotypically square, black, and jokingly taped in the middle. The 30s brought class to the glasses, with more oblong frames in fun colors, dubbed the “cat’s eye” by Altina Sanders, their main designer. When paired with the right makeup and updo, the pointed corners of these eyeglasses and sunglasses presented a more exotic look for women for the next two decades. Today, men’s and women’s glasses fashion has returned to both these looks in a glasses style that is sought after.

Glasses are no longer a status of the poor who can’t afford contacts. Celebrities are stepping out in fashionable eyeglasses; admittedly, celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp wear them well. As more interest in eyeglasses is rising among media and personal use, glasses are finding their place in fashion. The vintage eyeglass trend happily meets the progressive glasses needed to create the perfect marriage between need and desire. The progressive glasses give the wearer clearer vision while sitting inside any frame style, providing comfort and desired fashion.

Vintage and retro styles are taking the Internet by storm. As a society, we crave anything vintage. Antique stores are booming, and rustic designs are what we crave. In eyeglasses, the vintage shape is classically oblong, with that signature “cat’s eye” point highlighting the edges of the eyes. The frames are plastic or metal, and the colors vary according to style or preference. Men and women alike purchase glasses online easily, preferring to match clear glasses with prescription sunglasses, to cover all situations. Online glasses in retro fashions are so easy to purchase that many people buy a few different styles to match every outfit.

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