What Is the “Clean Girl” Aesthetic, and How Can We Achieve This Look?

Sofia Richie, a woman embodying the clean girl aesthetic
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Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Irish Torres

The world of social media, especially that of TikTok, never runs out of newly coined words to describe certain trends in fashion, beauty, and many other aspects of life. Among these terms are cottagecore, coquette, and clean girl aesthetic, all of which are currently popular styles for women. You may want to ask, what then is the “clean girl” aesthetic, and how can I achieve this look?

The clean girl aesthetic is a minimalist and effortlessly chic fashion and beauty trend that emphasizes natural beauty, simplicity, and neatness. It is characterized by a polished and put-together look that seems both easygoing and sophisticated. Think Lily Aldridge and Sofia Richie—a quick visit to their respective Instagram pages would give you a brief overview of what exactly this style looks like. 

In this article, we will delve into the easy steps on how to achieve the clean girl look, highlighting the essential items, as well as habits, that would conform to this type of aesthetic. Please read along. 

What Are the Essentials for Clean Girl Look?

Achieving the clean girl look revolves around a curated selection of essentials that blend simplicity with sophistication. Here are the key components that form the foundation of this effortlessly chic and minimalist aesthetic.

1. Simple, Clean Makeup

essentials of the clean girl aesthetic
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When it comes to beauty, the clean girl aesthetic favors a “less is more” approach, focusing on skincare over heavy makeup. This beauty trend aims for a dewy, fresh-faced appearance that highlights one’s natural features. Instead of thick layers of foundation, eyeliner, and powder blush, the clean girl look leans more on things like Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and BB cream, hence giving the skin a sheer, natural coverage.  

In terms of eyebrow makeup, the clean girl aesthetic favors clear brow gels over eyebrow pencils, giving the brows a gentle lift and a more polished look. Moreover, instead of dark-colored matte lipsticks, this type of aesthetic has popularized lip balms and lip glosses once again, making them essential items to complete that fresh, dewy look. 

2. Neat, Polished Hairstyle

essentials of the clean girl aesthetic
Courtesy: @sofiarichiegrainge/IG

The clean girl aesthetic places a significant emphasis on hairstyles that contribute to an overall neat and posh appearance. This trend advocates for either letting your hair down in a well-groomed manner or opting for a sleek, slicked-back bun. When hair is worn down, it’s often styled in a way that looks effortless yet intentional, with soft waves or straight strands that shine with health. This choice reflects the aesthetic’s preference for simplicity and natural beauty, ensuring that the hair looks tidy and under control without appearing overdone.

On the other hand, the slicked-back bun serves as a hallmark of the clean girl look when choosing to tie the hair up. This style is characterized by its smoothness and the way it pulls the hair away from the face, highlighting facial features while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. The bun, typically situated at the nape or the back of the head, is neat, compact, and elegant. If you want to achieve the clean girl look with a slicked-back bun, then you better get those basic hair ties and claw clips ready. 

3. Neutral, Classy Outfits

essentials of the clean girl aesthetic
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In terms of fashion, the clean girl aesthetic adopts a similarly understated approach, with a preference for neutral colors, classic silhouettes, and high-quality basics. This type of aesthetic ditches oversized luxury logos and bold patterns with crisp white shirts, tailored trousers, and seamless knitwear, paired with minimalistic accessories and structured handbags.

This trend also leans toward sustainability, favoring timeless pieces over fast fashion, encouraging a wardrobe that is both elegant and eco-conscious. Overall, the clean girl aesthetic is about radiating a healthy, cared-for appearance, making it appealing to those who value both style and substance.

4. Cool, Minimalist Sunglasses

essentials of the clean girl aesthetic
Courtesy: @valerie.kei/IG

The clean girl aesthetic isn’t just about your hair and clothes; it’s also about rocking some cool, minimalist sunglasses. These sunglasses are the kind that look effortlessly stylish like you just threw them on and instantly looked cooler. They’re usually pretty simple in design, sticking to classic shapes and colors that go with everything. Think about those sleek, no-fuss frames that pull your whole look together without trying too hard.

Wearing these sunglasses is like the cherry on top of the clean girl look. They don’t scream for attention but somehow make a big statement. Whether you’re out running errands or just chilling outside, these sunglasses are your go-to for adding that final layer of cool to your minimalist vibe. It’s all about subtly looking put-together, and these sunglasses are key in nailing that aesthetic.

Below are three of the best sunglasses one can wear to spice up that clean girl look:

5. Short, Tidy Nails

essentials of the clean girl aesthetic
Courtesy: @cybellenails/IG

The clean girl aesthetic places a strong emphasis on maintaining nails that are neat and clean, favoring short to medium lengths for a polished and understated look. This approach steers clear of the more extravagant bright-colored nail extensions commonly seen in other styles. Instead, it celebrates the beauty of simplicity through minimalist nail designs and polishes. The focus is on the health and cleanliness of the nails, highlighting the elegance that comes from well-cared-for hands without the need for overly dramatic enhancements.

Within this aesthetic, the preference leans toward timeless nail styles such as French tips or simply polished nails. These choices reflect the aesthetic’s overall philosophy of less is more, where the natural beauty and shape of the nails are accentuated with subtle enhancements. French tips offer a classic, refined look, while a coat of polish in neutral or pastel tones adds just the right amount of color for a sophisticated finish. This focus on minimalist design and polish underscores the clean girl aesthetic’s commitment to an effortlessly chic and tidy appearance, where every detail, no matter how small, is considered and curated.

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