Iconic Looks: 15 Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024

fashion influencers worth following in 2024
From left to right: Heart Evangelista, Leonie Hanne, and Caroline Daur.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Irish Torres

In an era where social media platforms serve as virtual runways, fashion influencers have risen to prominence, garnering dedicated followings and redefining style concepts. Through curated feeds, fashion week appearances, and captivating content, they showcase their personal style and provide a platform for both established and emerging designers, championing diversity and sustainability in the fashion industry. From boundary-pushing avant-garde ensembles to effortlessly chic streetwear, these influencers exemplify the ever-evolving nature of fashion, inspiring millions with their bold choices and creative flair.

In this article, we offer a glimpse into the diverse and innovative landscape of fashion influence, showcasing individuals with impeccable taste and fascinating aesthetics in the realm of fashion. Without so much ado, here are 15 fashion influencers worth following in 2024.

15. Amy Jackson

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @fashion_jackson/IG

Simple, sophisticated, attainable — these three words perfectly describe the styling of Amy Jackson, a Dallas-based influencer known in the world of social media as Fashion Jackson. She is the founder and creative officer of “MAYSON the label,” a clothing brand that aims to make wardrobe-building easy-peasy. She has also established a lifestyle blog named after her social media moniker that has acquired a wide readership among people interested in fashion, beauty, travel, and home product recommendations.

Amy popularized the concept of minimalist sophistication, a fashion philosophy that believes style doesn’t have to be complex to be chic. With just basic and neutral tees, along with a classic pair of denim jeans, she can easily curate an outfit that is both minimalist and elegant. Her wardrobe selection is perfect for women who want to stay simple yet polished, comfortable yet neat, and subtle yet sophisticated. She then usually tops off her attire with black sunglasses to achieve a cooler vibe.

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14. Elika Boen

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @elikaboen/IG

First discovered for her highly creative #GRWM reels on Instagram and TikTok, Elika Natania Boen is an Indonesian fashion content creator who enjoys editing clips of her transitioning from one stylish outfit to another. She rose to fame during the lockdown period and has garnered numerous endorsements and partnerships ever since. If your fashion taste leans toward a more feminine, tropical-friendly, and Barbiecore vibe, then Elika Boen is your best friend.

Growing up as an introvert, Elika has had her fair share of difficulties socializing with people, and she never envisioned a career that demands constant interaction with new individuals and public exposure. Overcoming these challenges was arduous at times, yet as time progressed, she embraced personal growth, consistently challenging herself to surpass her weaknesses and strive toward self-improvement each day. With 541k followers on Instagram and 625k+ on TikTok as of writing, Elika has built her confidence on a solid foundation and is always ready to serve cheerful and artistic vibes on social media.

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13. Elisa Levallois

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @elisalevallois/IG

Having spent her first five years as a kid in Paris, twelve years in Versailles, and then back to Paris at age 18 for her studies, Elisa Levallois knows every nook and cranny of the French fashion scene. In one of her FAQ highlights on Instagram, Elisa shared that she has always been in love with fashion, having drawn her first design when she was around 13 years old. However, after rethinking her career choices, she decided to take the path of osteopathy after her baccalaureate journey.

Notwithstanding her deep focus on osteopathic care, Elisa has found a way to keep her love for fashion alive and started posting her stylish outfits on Instagram. Her regular uploads have gained tens of thousands of double taps from followers who have grown fond of her chic and elegant school outfits. Whether she goes on a regular coffee date at a dainty yet first-rate cafe in Paris or visits those busy shopping districts, Elisa is living the true Parisian chick dream.

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12. Sofia Richie-Grainge

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @sofiarichiegrainge/IG

Dubbed by many as America’s new It girl, model and socialite Sofia Richie made rounds online due to her elegant fashion taste as well as her ultra-sophisticated and star-studded wedding with British record executive, Elliot Grainge. Sofia has always dreamed of wearing a classic wedding gown from the French luxury fashion house Chanel, and this came true when she collaborated with them in the design and creation of not just one, but three wedding dresses.

One of these dresses, a lace-embroidered halter gown, featured special details like a heart-shaped accent symbolizing her love and containing hers and Elliot’s initials inside. Another highlight of her wedding gown was a unique veil with sparkling resin water droplets in it, and it was just magical. For the rehearsal dinner, she chose a hand-beaded gown inspired by the one worn by Stella Tennant in a Chanel couture show from 1997, complemented by diamond earrings designed by her sister, Nicole Richie. Sofia adorned herself with timeless jewelry from Fred Leighton, including drop-diamond earrings for the reception and chandelier aquamarine stone earrings for the party.

Meanwhile, Elliot donned Ralph Lauren for the rehearsal dinner and a Tom Ford tuxedo for the wedding day. The bridesmaids wore comfortable all-black dresses of their choice, ranging from YSL to Rodarte, ensuring a stylish yet relaxed vibe. All of these just scream quiet luxury, something that is widely popular these days thanks to the Sofia Richie effect.

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11. Carla

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @carlacrnt/IG

Carla Cournot, known by her social media byname carlacrnt, is a fashion enthusiast based in Geneva, Switzerland. She became well-known due to her impeccable style, which many people describe as old money. Carla loves sporting vintage accessories from high-end brands such as her 1960s watch from Zenith Watches and her Artemis belt buckle from Hermes, to name a few. She is also fond of wearing pieces from Ralph Lauren and Burberry and pairing them with mid-end brands like LilySilk, Goelia, and Mango. Carla’s Instagram page is a lookbook to classic elegance. In one video, she creatively compiled clips of her wearing quietly luxurious and sophisticated dresses, low-key clapping back to those who say, “Stop dressing like a grandma and start dressing your age.” You go, girl!

Apart from being a true-blooded fashionista, Carla is also a brilliant law enthusiast. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Laws at the University of Geneva and acquired a certificate in Transactional Law at the same university finishing summa cum laude. She is currently serving as a legal intern at a reputable Swiss law firm and is a Master of Economic Law candidate at her alma mater. On top of that, she is fluent in both English and French, making it easier for her to interact with her social media followers. With her exceptional background, along with a penchant for classic luxury brands like Loro Piana, Hermes, and Ralph Lauren as her normal law school attire, it goes without saying that Carla is an old-money gentlewoman.

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10. Nina Sandbech

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @ninasandbech/IG

Contrary to the currently famous minimalist and neutral fashion, Nina Sandbech, a Norwegian digital creator and stylist, is never afraid to experiment with bright colors. Be it neon green, carnation pink, or bright red, sky’s the limit for Nina’s colorful wardrobe-building. In an interview with Aje World, Nina disclosed the special reason behind her unique fashion approach. “I have memories from when I was a kid; I always wanted my outfits to match in color, and I loved dressing up in different costumes…I think that living in Norway, which is gloomy and cold during the winter, made me want to dress in colors more, so it would brighten up the dark days,” the Oslo-based fashion influencer revealed.

With 520k followers on Instagram as of writing, Nina has amassed an abundance of thumbs-ups from people who salute her for playing with colors artistically. Because of her bright and cheerful street style, she always gets invited to esteemed shows like the recently concluded Copenhagen Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, she constantly does paid partnerships with reputable brands such as Loreal Paris and Valentino, to name a few. All we can say is “well-deserved!”

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9. Valerie Kei

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @valerie.kei/IG

Having left her home in Ukraine at the young age of 16 to pursue her studies in the UK, Valerie Kei stands as a testament to the power of ambition and determination. Through her Instagram page, Valerie has amazed plenty of women worldwide due to her sophisticated and posh fashion taste. From her tweed blazers and neutral trench coats to the way she carries herself, everything about her screams elegance.

Apart from being a fashion aficionado, Valerie is a highly educated woman. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business and finance from the University of Exeter in 2014 and has completed her Master of Sciences in Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation at CASS Business School. At the age of 22, Valerie ventured into the bustling corporate landscape of London, where she thrived amid the city’s most influential figures. However, her journey didn’t end there; fueled by a thirst for knowledge and a passion for personal development, Valerie pursued diverse academic interests. She delved into psychology, undertaking a course at the esteemed University of Oxford, and later completed her MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College London. All of these educational pursuits honed her strategic acumen and showcased her multidisciplinary approach to growth.

Armed with a wealth of academic achievements and corporate experience, Valerie Kei has carved out a multifaceted career. As a neuroscientist, she deals with the complexities of the human mind, seeking to help people understand their behavior and cognitive functions. Simultaneously, she serves as a life coach, guiding individuals on their journeys to self-discovery and empowerment. Moreover, as a fashion content creator, she regularly shares well-curated snaps with her followers, thereby encouraging people that good fashion is decent and elegant.

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8. Alexandra Lapp

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @alexandralapp/IG

Tagged by the Daily Mail UK as the Carrie Bradshaw for a new generation, Alexandra Lapp has intensified the saying that “life begins at 40.” This Instagram star hails from Dusseldorf, Germany, and has gained popularity for being a travel influencer and a fashion blogger who started at the age of 40. As of 2019, she has traveled to 35 different places across the globe and has collected more than 400 pairs of designer shoes. Wow, we wonder how much those figures have grown now!

A quick look at Alexandra’s Instagram page would give you a backdrop on how opulent her lifestyle is. In her everyday outfits, she would match one designer piece with another, and they’re usually from high-end fashion houses like Chanel, Hermes, and Dior. Also, she’d often sport highly formal corporate outfits, the kind that is ready for any boardroom meeting or major business presentation. It’s safe enough to say that there’s not a single lousy outfit in Alexandra’s collection — everything is well-curated and put-together.

But it’s not just all about comfort and affluence for this German fashion influencer. She spent many years hustling and working hard to achieve the lifestyle she has right now. Having worked as a model from the age of 17 until 42, alongside being a certified graphic designer, Alexandra is an inspiration to all career-focused and goal-oriented women.

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7. Katie Giorgadze

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @katie.one/IG

Ketevan Giorgadze, known online as Katie One, is a Paris-based entrepreneur, photographer, and fashion influencer. She is popular for her excellent and modish approach to fashion and video editing. From the cobblestone pathways to the haute couture boutiques, Katie’s journey embodies the essence of the French Art de Vivre, captivating the hearts of over 1.2M followers on her Instagram page. Her digital canvas is adorned with snapshots of her travels, musings on fashion, and beauty trends, all infused with a palpable sense of positivity and joie de vivre.

Born in a small mining town in the Republic of Georgia, Katie’s childhood was marked by resilience and sacrifice. Raised by her aunt and constantly on the move to evade conflict due to the ongoing civil war in her home country, she nurtured a fascination for foreign languages and a burning desire to explore the world. With unwavering determination, Katie pursued her dreams, securing admission to a school in the south of France after high school. Despite financial challenges, she embarked on this new chapter, borrowing money from her friends and family and carrying along an unyielding belief in her potential.

She graduated with honors in 2016 and with years of hard work, she was finally able to pay back her friends and family. Starting her corporate journey at a premium French beauty company in Paris and building her blog as a hobby, she soon realized she had an innate ability to connect with audiences. What began as a side hobby blossomed into a full-fledged profession as Katie’s authentic voice resonated with followers worldwide. Through collaborations with global brands, as well as her blog and social media presence, she successfully launched her own jewelry line and photo editing app. Katie’s humble journey is proof of the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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6. Kelsey Merritt

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @kelseymerritt/IG

Best known as the first Filipino-American to grace the runway of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Kelsey Alaine Merritt is an accomplished print, commercial, and runway model. Hailing from Pampanga, Philippines, Kelsey Merritt kickstarted her modeling journey in Manila, with numerous local brands partnering with her for both print and commercial endorsements. Determined to pursue her dreams, she used her earnings to finance her education at the esteemed Ateneo de Manila University, finishing her degree in communications.

At the tender age of 20, armed with her college degree, Kelsey seized the opportunity to embark on a career in the global fashion arena. In 2017, she made the bold move to New York City, setting her sights on fulfilling her aspirations in the bustling fashion capital. Kelsey swiftly gained international acclaim, securing partnerships with prestigious clients that laid the groundwork for a promising career trajectory. Her breakthrough moment arrived in 2018 when she made history as the first Filipino-American to walk for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This milestone garnered widespread attention from renowned media outlets such as Teen Vogue and E! News, cementing her position as a rising star in the fashion industry.

The following year, Merritt achieved yet another milestone by becoming the first model from the Philippines to be featured in Sports Illustrated’s coveted Swimsuit Issue. This dual historic achievement is proof of her charisma and growing influence in the fashion industry. With currently 2M followers on Instagram, Kelsey continues to amaze people not just with her modeling stints, but also for her old-money style. Her minimalist fashion taste is commendable, and she often gets invited by prestigious brands like Hermes and Chanel during Paris Fashion Week.

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5. Olivia Palermo

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @oliviapalermo/IG

An American socialite, entrepreneur, and TV personality, Olivia Palermo has become a remarkable figure in the world of fashion, renowned for her exceptional style and influential presence. Born in New York City, Palermo rose to prominence through her appearances on the reality television series “The City,” where she showcased her keen eye for fashion and trendsetting outfits. Since then, she has established herself as a fashion icon, captivating audiences with her chic ensembles and sophisticated aesthetic.

Palermo’s journey in the fashion industry began at a young age, as she interned at prestigious fashion houses such as Diane von Furstenberg and Elle magazine. Her early experiences laid the groundwork for her future success, as she honed her skills in styling, trend forecasting, and fashion editing. Known for her ability to seamlessly blend high-end designer pieces with affordable finds, Palermo has become celebrated for her accessible yet elevated approach to fashion.

Beyond her work in television and fashion, Palermo has ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors, including collaborations with renowned brands and the launch of her own fashion line. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for timeless elegance, she continues to inspire millions of followers around the world with her sophisticated sense of style and unwavering influence in the fashion arena.

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4. Heart Evangelista

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @iamhearte/IG

Heart Evangelista, known in real life as Love Marie Ongpauco, is a multi-awarded Filipina actress, socialite, style icon, and visual artist. Despite being born into a well-off family, with her now-retired father as a restaurant magnate and her mother’s family owning a sugar cane plantation in one of the provinces in the Philippines, Heart started working as an actress and commercial model at the young age of 13. She lived for some time in the U.S. and returned to her home country in her early teens to pursue the things she’s truly passionate about.

Throughout her show business career, Heart has starred in 11 films, 20 television series, and 20 television shows, the most recent of which was her stint in the third season of Bling Empire aired on Netflix. She has also won 18 prestigious awards, one of which was her Best Actress accolade during the 57th FAMAS Awards. As an accomplished painter, she held at least 7 solo exhibitions, most of which are sold out, and collaborated with Carolina Herrera during her Insignia campaign and with Brandon Boyd for his Moonlight Arts Collective project. Moreover, as a fashion influencer since 2017, Heart Evangelista is a front-row guest and a sought-out muse during Fashion Week, be it in Paris, Milan, or New York, and is always invited by top designers like Schiaparelli, Hermes, Dior, Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, among plenty others.

One of the most remarkable things about Heart aside from her fashion taste is her ability to turn an accident into an expensive piece of art. In one of her YouTube videos, the Filipina fashionista shared that she was eating fries at Chili’s when the oil and cheese landed on her precious orange Birkin. In a spontaneous act of creativity, she adorned the stained area with a bird and a flower, unknowingly sparking what would soon become a trend in painted Hermes bags. What initially began as a personal solution to cover up the stain has since evolved into a thriving art business for Evangelista. Embracing her newfound initiative, she now caters to clients both locally and internationally, transforming their Hermes bags with her signature paintings of women’s faces. Now that is iconic!

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3. Caroline Daur

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @carodaur/IG

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Caroline Daur is a self-made digital entrepreneur who has carved her path to success. With a staggering 4.4 million followers on Instagram and a thriving global network, she consistently expands her brand through diverse international projects. Caro’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations such as designing a capsule collection for Hugo Boss, starring in a campaign lensed by Peter Lindbergh, and earning a spot on Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 list.

Daur’s rise to fame began with her fashion blog, where she initially showcased her personal style and fashion inspirations. As her blog gained traction, she expanded her presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she now boasts millions of followers. Known for her eclectic and trendsetting outfits, Daur has collaborated with numerous fashion brands and designers, solidifying her status as a style icon.

In addition, she serves as a global ambassador for renowned brands like Tiffany and Adidas. Notably, in 2020, she added authorship to her accomplishments by publishing a fitness e-book. Leveraging her business education and relentless dedication, Caro has skyrocketed to become a digital sensation within just four years. Moreover, Caroline is a regular guest at fashion week events, gracing plenty of shows from major fashion houses in Paris, Milan, and New York.

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2. Leonie Hanne

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @leoniehanne/IG

Leonie Hanne, born in Hamburg, Germany, is a multifaceted figure renowned as a fashion influencer, blogger, model, and social media entrepreneur. Armed with degrees in business, fashion, and textile management from the Hamburg School of Business Administration, Leonie embarked on a diverse career journey. Initially, she delved into the corporate world as a strategy consultant for German online retailer Otto GmbH, specializing in supply chain management in Hong Kong. However, her love for fashion and entrepreneurship led her to quit her corporate job in 2014 and venture into the world of blogging with the launch of her acclaimed platform, Ohh Couture.

Collaborating with photographer Alexander Galievsky, Hanne quickly made waves in the fashion industry, partnering with renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Cartier, BVLGARI, and Tory Burch. Her impressive portfolio boasts global campaigns for prestigious names like Louis Vuitton, La Mer, Pandora, and Tommy Hilfiger, solidifying her status as a sought-after fashion influencer. A fashion week regular, Hanne has graced the runways of New York Fashion Week for designers like Rebecca Minkoff and has been featured on the covers of esteemed publications such as MINE, ARCADIA, Velvet, Gala Style, L’Officiel Arabia, and Cosmopolitan Germany.

With a massive social media following of 4.7 million on Instagram as of writing, Leonie wields significant influence as a digital personality. Beyond fashion, she utilizes her platform for philanthropic endeavors, serving as an ambassador for amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. In addition, Leonie has expanded her entrepreneurial pursuits by partnering with Ideal of Sweden to design a line of iPhone cases named Un hommage à Paris. Currently, she resides between apartments in London and Hamburg alongside her business partner and beau, Alexander Galievsky, further strengthening her position as a prominent figure in both the fashion and digital realms.

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1. Blaire Eadie

Fashion Influencers Worth Following in 2024
Courtesy: @blaireadiebee/IG

Known for her maximalist approach to fashion, Blair Eadie is an American style blogger and mega influencer. She is popular for her quirky and vibrant outfits as seen on her social media pages, and she’s never hesitant to combine one bright color with another. Born and raised in the United States, Eadie first gained recognition through her fashion blog “Atlantic-Pacific,” where she showcases her unique blend of colorful and eclectic outfits. With her keen eye for fashion and knack for styling, she has amassed a large and devoted following on social media platforms like Instagram.

Eadie’s rise to fame began with her blog, where she documented her daily outfits and fashion inspirations. Her bold and playful approach to fashion quickly caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, propelling her to become one of the most influential figures in the industry. Known for her love of vibrant colors, mixing patterns, and statement accessories, Eadie has inspired countless followers to embrace their individual styles and experiment with fashion.

In addition to her work as a fashion influencer, Eadie has ventured into entrepreneurship, launching her own fashion brand called “Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific” in collaboration with Nordstrom. Through her brand, she offers a range of clothing and accessories inspired by her personal style, catering to fashion-forward individuals seeking to emulate her chic aesthetic. With her infectious enthusiasm for fashion and unwavering dedication to her craft, Blair Eadie continues to inspire and influence audiences worldwide, solidifying her status as a fashion icon and entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.

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