Tips for Men on Buying Glasses

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

It’s a stereotype that men don’t care what they look like, but that is not true at all! Every man likes to look great and when it comes to mens glasses, it’s not hard to look great at all. There are so many different types of frames, lenses and styles to pick from when buying glasses and it can get overwhelming. Here are a few tips when it comes to buying glasses. With these few things to think about before you go shopping, it will be much easier! First off, know what will look good on you. Every face shape has a good style of glasses to go with it. If you have a narrow face, find some bigger glasses. If you have a round face, get some rectangular ones. This also goes with color and material. Sometimes color can look really fun and other times, off putting and silly. With materials, there is a big difference between wooden, wire and plastic. Make sure you look good in the glasses you want and that they are the right fit for you. Secondly, make sure that they fit you well. Glasses are supposed to sit in such a way that they are perfect on your face. Every man is unique, so every man has a unique fit for his glasses. This perfect fit includes not pinching the nose and not falling off when you look down. If either of these, or any other uncomfortable things happen while trying on a certain pair, they are probably not the glasses for you. You want something that is going to look and feel great! Next, remember to check with the eye doctor and get a new or updated prescription. It is important if you wear prescription eyeglasses that they are right for your eyes. If they are not, you could be dealing with vision issues, headaches and more. Knowing your prescription is mandatory anyway whether you are buying mens glasses in store of online, but just make sure you know ahead of time! This will make things much easier. You need to remember two important things while buying glasses and those are price and brands. If you are really stuck up on a certain brand but don’t have the insurance coverage or money to be able to pay for them, then think about what means more. Sometimes, though certain brands may look better or feel better, they are not much better than the knock-off brand that is $100 cheaper. Sometimes, you have to just settle. Look for the discounts. Lastly, remember to think about what will fit your style. There are a million different looks for mens glasses and you need to narrow down your search to that one perfect pair. Make sure you think about your style and what might suit you best. This goes back to the first point about making sure they look good on you. You want a pair of glasses that will match you and your wardrobe nicely. That perfect pair is out there somewhere!