Tips for Finding the Perfect Retro Glasses

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

Retro glasses have become a popular trend for eyewear that has been popularized by shows like Mad Men and others, and the latest eyeglass fashions feature many different retro styles that you might be interested in trying. Finding the perfect retro glasses is easier than it has been in the past with the internet, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed too with all of the available options. A good idea is to mix up styles and buy a few vintage glasses, and although some vintage frames are cheaper than modern frames you don&rsquoo;t want to necessarily only buy vintage glasses but to check out the different styles available and get advice from the company you’re interested in buying from.

Ask questions about the frames
There are plenty of styles to pick from with retro glasses and there’s no real “wrong” decision when it comes to a particular style. But, you should be sure to ask as many questions as possible about the frames that you are interested in buying. Some frames are not the right option for prescription glasses, as they may be made from costumes or won’t be strong enough for regular use. Find out as much as you can about the retro frames that you are interested in buying. Also, be sure that your measurements are as accurate as possible. Talk to the representatives and find out about the return policy of the company if you aren’t happy with how they look, which is especially important when you are buying online.

Think about the styles that you want before buying
If you have a good idea on the style of retro glasses that you are interested in before you start shopping, it can make the process a lot easier. You might also want to ask about which particular styles are in fashion for that quarter, or you may already know exactly what you want. Some of the popular styles include browline glasses, cat-eye glasses, p3, wayfarer, round wire, and many others. Cat-eye glasses have been in and out of style since the 1950s and have been worn by famous actresses in the past as well as in modern times. Browline glasses create boldness across the eyebrows with a dark upper frame. The choice is truly yours and try to find out as much information as you can before making a purchase, and of course be sure to check out several pictures.

Consider how often you’ll wear them
If you are looking for designer frames that you aren’t going to wear very often, they don’t necessarily need to be comfortable more than they are stylish. On the other hand, if you want to wear the frames most of the day they’ll need to be durable and made from a high quality material that won’t break easily. If they are made from a lower quality material they won’t be suitable for wearing all the time. Ask your retailer questions about the frame and make sure that it is a good fit for you based on your needs before you make a final choice.