The Best Frames for Heart-shaped Faces

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

What glasses look good on a heart-shaped face?
Facial structure and shape have a big influence on what kind of first impression you give off, how old you look in comparison to your age, and is also an essential element to consider when choosing the right frames for your face. Perhaps one kind of face shape that is substantially different from round and square shaped faces, is the heart-shaped face. If you don’t look carefully enough, they can be seen as oval faces or a combination of round and square; however, those with heart-shaped faces are quite distinct and also have a given number of frames that look best on their particular face shape.

Frames for classic heart-shaped faces
Reese Witherspoon is an example of having a classic heart-shaped face, as her face is petite and accompanied with a wide forehead, broad cheeks, and narrows quickly into a pointed chin. Standing at 5’1”, her petite figure matches her small heart-shaped face and gives her more of a charming, bubbly appeal that goes with the personality she portrays in her usual onscreen roles. Because she also has high, wide cheekbones, the best type of frame for her heart-shaped face would be to have glasses frames that are slighter wider than her forehead so as to give it the appearance that it’s slimmer and also to balance out the lower half of the face. For heart-shaped faces, you want to draw attention to the upper half of your face, so as not to emphasize the point in your chin. Keeping this in mind, you also want to avoid top-heavy frames, or heavy rims in general, as that will only emphasize the length of your forehead. This goes for all people who have wide foreheads and wide cheekbones. This kind of slimming effect works for those who have smaller heart-shaped faces and will help to elongate the face. Bradley Cooper is another prime example of a heart-shaped face, and finding frames that expand past the width of his forehead will have the same positive effect on males as well. For males in particular however, another type of frame that goes well with the heart-shaped face is the rectangular frame. Rectangular frames, because of their horizontal length, will balance out the vertical length of your face and bring a more equal proportion to your face. In comparison to frames that are wider at the tops of the frames and round out at the bottom, the rectangular style is unisex and can be seen as masculine as well. Aviator styled glasses because of their wideness, are another option that can help to draw attention away from the lower half of your face. Be careful, however, to select aviators that are shorter in width and not too long, because if they are too lengthy, they will only make your heart-shaped face look longer.

Frames for long heart-shaped faces
Another type of heart-shaped face is one that is a long heart-shaped face. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is a perfect example of this type of face as she has a broad forehead that falls into slightly narrower cheekbones, and then curves into a pointed chin. She embodies a slightly more shaped heart-shaped face, which gives her a more angular appeal. For Hewitt’s type of heart-shaped face, it would be best to wear frames that sit lower on your temple, to slim the presence of the wide forehead and draw more attention to the lower half of your face. This will help to balance out the wider features and reduce the length of the face as well. Because of the additional angular features, a pair of low set, oval glasses would work best to soften the sharper features. Another option would be to get frames that are heavier set on the bottom rims. This will help to widen a narrower chin on a heart-shaped face and give the face softer flow, because of the intensity of the darker bottom rims. In general, thicker bottom rimmed frames will help to flatter any type of heart-shaped face because it will help to balance out a longer chin. It is also important to note that the presence of eyebrows greatly contribute to the length and structure of a face, so be cautious of picking rims that do not hide your eyebrows. If you are especially self-conscious about the proportions of your face, another tip to consider is the color of frames that you choose. The obvious presence of glasses can sometimes emphasize the shape of your heart-shaped face, so choosing frames that are lighter in color, such as light gray, clear, or tan, can help to reduce their appearance. Going along with this, clear or barely-there frames would be the best in drawing attention away from your face shape. However, using a loud or dark color, such as a tortoise-shell pattern, can also be a way of distracting people from your face shape as well. The best method is to see what works particularly well on your face, and it is always important to remember to embrace the shape and work around it in order to flatter it to its potential.

Frames for rounder heart-shaped faces
Celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen and Scarlett Johansson also fall into the heart-shaped face category as well, but tend to lean more towards a rounder heart-shape. The only difference between a rounder heart-shaped face and an oval shaped face is the increased narrowing of the face towards the bottom. Scarlett Johansson has a longer heart-shaped face, but her features are much softer. Because of this, she is able to wear glasses that are both angular and wider than her forehead without it looking overbearing. A pair of cat-eye glasses would compliment her face well as they are quite angular, expand past the width of her forehead, and are not too long that they would outshine her heart-shaped face. Be sure however, to choose a pair that are not extremely heavy or dark on the top rims. Another style of glasses that would work well would be circular glasses. Although her type of heart-shaped face is slightly more round, it is still elongated enough so that perfectly round lenses will still flatter the face. Mary-Kate Olsen’s face is slightly more round than it is long when it comes to that heart-shape, but the same rules would apply to her as well. Olsen’s forehead is not as long, so she is able to focus more on softening the point and length of her chin, which can be done with wearing a pair of oval shaped glasses, or frames that have softer edges.

It’s all about personal preference
Of course, finding the right frames to fit your face all depends on what kind of look you are going for. For Zooey Deschanel, in her TV show New Girl she displays a pair of glasses that give her that dorky, cute look that helps her embody her quirky, nerdy personality. Her heart-shaped face is somewhat overpowered by her dark rimmed, square-shaped frames, but this is a look that works for her, and is now part of her iconic look on the show. Without her thick-rimmed glasses, she would not embody the same goofy personality that she does, thus showing the importance of choosing the right style of glasses frames for you. Although there are certain frames that work best to accentuate your features, glasses frames are ultimately a statement of who you are. If the style of glasses you choose hides your eyebrows or elongates your face, it still works as long as that is a style that you think best suits your personality.