The Benefits of Buying Eyeglasses from a Quality Online Retailer

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Choosing the right retailer when shopping for eyeglasses can be a challenge, as there are several options available. Classic Specs has quickly become one of the top online eyeglasses and sunglasses retailers because of the quality of its products, excellent customer service, free shipping, and a host of other benefits.

Finding the right retailer makes all of the difference when purchasing eyeglasses. A quality retailer like Classic Specs will always guarantee their products while many retailers do not offer any sort of guarantee or may charge restocking fees and other fees when their products are returned. Classic Specs offers a safe and technologically advanced way to find the perfect eyeglasses with a number of modern and helpful features.

Quality online retailers like Classic Specs cost less
One of the main benefits of purchasing eyeglasses online is the fact that quality retailers like Classic Specs charge much less than brick and mortar stores, major retail chains and other stores. Classic Specs offers a great selection of eyeglasses that are produced with the same build quality as much more expensive pairs.

Both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses at Classic Specs are significantly lower in price, and that can translate into significant savings if the buyer needs to purchase more than one pair. It also allows buyers the ability to purchase several different pairs for fashion and based on their vision needs.

Prescription eyeglasses can be purchased on Classic Specs
Some shoppers may be hesitant to use an online retailer for prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, however Classic Specs has experts opticians on staff who can create perfectly accurate prescriptions. Users simply need to upload their prescription on the website as they make their purchase, send it in later, or have Classic Specs contact their eye doctor in order to retrieve it. In most cases, the time that it takes to produce prescription glasses is much faster than what most optical chains would be able to do.

A 3d virtual try on feature lets users test different frames
Classic Specs is one of the only retailers to offer a 3d virtual try on feature that allows its customers to try on their preferred frames virtually before they make a commitment to buy them. Classic Specs is one of the only websites that offers this feature, and it can save time while helping customers figure out the styles that they may be interested in.

A ditto is created for each customer with the feature and it can be saved on the website and used in the future at any time. There are only a few steps required to create the ditto and it can be very useful for interested shoppers who otherwise would not have an immediate way to see how their glasses will look. Classic Specs allows any of their users to try this feature and recommends it as one of the first options to consider when shopping for glasses.

Designer eyeglasses available in RX and non-RX
Most of the women’s and men’s glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription. Prescription glasses only cost slightly more than the non-prescription versions and can save a large amount of time in the purchasing process, assuming that the buyer has their prescription ready.

Classic Specs has developed eyeglasses that are very similar to many of the most expensive designer brands and both the prescription and non-prescription glasses are very high quality and designed to last for a long time with proper care. Prescription designer eyeglasses at Classic Specs are significantly lower in price than most stores and they are created very quickly so that buyers can have their glasses shipped to their home in a matter of days.

Prescriptions can easily be uploaded
On Classic Specs, eyeglasses prescriptions can easily be uploaded onto the website. Four different options are available when purchasing prescription glasses – sending in the prescription later, uploading a prescription file at the time of order, having Classic Specs call the customer’s eye doctor to retrieve it, or inputting the prescription manually online.

This makes purchasing prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses very easy. Even if customers don’t have their prescription available, they can save time by allowing Classic Specs to call their eye doctor to retrieve it. With these convenient features, a prescription order can be placed within minutes and shipped quickly.

Classic Specs offers a seasonal selection of quality eyeglasses
Classic Specs has designers on staff who ensure that the latest styles and eyeglasses trends are available in their stores. The online store offers a unique modern take on traditional eyeglasses and vintage styles, and there are a number of limited edition eyeglasses and other frame styles that cannot be found elsewhere.

Although the selection may be smaller than some other retailers, Classic Specs focuses on quality over quantity, and every single pair of eyeglasses is well designed, unique, trendy, and popular. This helps shoppers identify the glasses that they would prefer to purchase much faster than stores that have hundreds of different frames and no information about styles or trends.

Shoppers save time compared to shopping locally
Shoppers will save a significant amount of time when shopping at Classic Specs compared to shopping locally. This can make a lot of difference when multiple pairs need to be ordered. In some cases, buyers will have to spend hours waiting in line before they can purchase eyeglasses at their local retailer. They may have to meet with an optician and go through several steps before they are able to finalize their purchase.

Classic Specs speeds up the process by allowing customers to choose the glasses they want quickly, create a 3d ditto to try them on as needed, and then finalize their purchase with their prescription or other preferences. It has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to purchase eyeglasses and the trends show that many people are preferring using the internet to buy their eyeglasses.

Home trial kits can be ordered to test out different pairs of eyeglasses
Classic Specs also offers a home try on kit that makes testing out different pairs of eyeglasses at home easy. Buyers can request up to 5 different types of frames to try on at their home, and the frames can be adjusted to their preferences.

The glasses do not contain any prescription lenses; the purpose of the try on kit is to allow customers to see how their glasses will look in person before they commit to buy them, just as they would at a local retailer. This allows buyers the ultimate in convenience so that they can see how their eyeglasses will look before they finalize their purchase without having to travel or set up appointments at their local retailer. This feature is available on top of the virtual 3d try on option.

Progressive lenses can be purchased with significant savings
For customers who require progressive eyeglasses, they are available at Classic Specs at a significantly lower price than what they would expect to pay locally. The progressive glasses at Classic Specs are very high quality and are guaranteed to be accurate. They can be adjusted if it is required, but in most cases the first order is perfect for the customer and does not need extensive modification.

Many customers can save hundreds of dollars on the cost of progressive designer glasses by purchasing them from Classic Specs. It has become one of the most popular ways to purchase this type of eyeglasses, and with a quick ordering speed, customers can have the glasses they need created and shipped very quickly compared to the time it will take to produce them locally.

The savings when purchasing progressive glasses online has become worth it for many buyers, and they have turned to retailers like Classic Specs to ensure that they get their glasses on time while being able to choose from a wide range of different modern styles to suit their preferences. Classic Specs also offers free returns and adjustments as required for all of their glasses.

A wide range of colors and configurations
Shoppers have turned to online retailers like Classic Specs because of the number of different colors and configurations that they can find with eyeglasses and sunglasses. Many local eyeglasses retailers do not offer multiple colors of the frames that they have in stock, and even if they do they may have to be shipped in.

This forces the shopper to come back to the store at a later date, when they can simply make their purchase online and purchase the style of frames that they want immediately. Classic Specs maintains a large stock of all of their products so that buyers can choose exactly what they want without having to wait for a shipment. Each frame style has up to 5 different colors available, allowing for a great deal of personalization with each order.

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