Purchasing Stylish Prescription Sunglasses from Home

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Finding quality prescription sunglasses at an affordable price is getting harder and harder in modern types, as designer sunglasses often cost hundreds of dollars just for the frames. Adding prescription lenses to the frames can add a significant amount more to the cost, putting high quality sunglasses out the reach of many buyers.

However, in recent years, online retailers like Classic Specs have significantly changed how consumers can purchase prescription glasses. With a wide range of features that are designed to make the process as fast, easy and low cost as possible, the leading online retailers have given customers a new opportunity to find the quality and stylish prescription sunglasses that they need without having to spend a huge amount of money or spend very much time at all. The quality is right on par with the best designer frames, and the cost savings are quite substantial.

Prescription sunglasses can be ordered within minutes
Prescription sunglasses can be ordered online within minutes, making it much faster to purchase compared to most other methods. Most retailers will have some sort of waiting requirement, whether it is waiting in line or just the time spent traveling. When a buyer knows his or her prescription, ordering from an online retailer with fast order processing is significantly faster in the majority of cases.

There are several convenient methods that allow buyers to quickly upload their prescription when they are ordering from online retailers. Classic Specs even offers the option of contacting the customer’s eye doctor to get their prescription if they don’t know it. It is recommended that customers have an up to date prescription before placing their order, and as a general rule it should be updated every one to two years or more frequently if recommended by an eye doctor.

Up to 6 different style configurations for each pair
Classic Specs offers a focused selection of high quality designer quality sunglasses including styles that are similar to wayfarers, aviators, square, circle, cateye, round and many other popular variations. Along with these styles, up to 6 different lens color and frame pattern/color variations are available, which can help you find the perfect match based on whatever you are looking for.

The wide range of style configurations is perfect for those who prefer more variety with their sunglasses. With so many options available for different colors and frames, it is easy to mix and match with different fashion choices. With the home try on kit available from Classic Specs, the glasses can be tried on easily from the comfort of home. Different color configurations can be selected for one particular style or different types of frames altogether can be selected.

Quick information about the best sunglasses matches for face shape
The product listings on Classic Specs feature a quick indicator as to what type of face shape the glasses fit the best with. For example, the product description shows square, oval, circle, and heart face shapes and highlights which face shape (or shapes) the glasses will fit the best with. This saves buyers the hassle of researching their face shape and can be very helpful for quickly finding the right pair of sunglasses that will look good on them.

There are also other helpful details about the product including information about its availability, the frame, lenses, and more. Along with the information about face shape and additional details, the 3d virtual try on option and the home try on kit almost guarantees that every customer will be satisfied with their purchase. Classic Specs offers these options to mimic the experience of purchasing prescription sunglasses at a retail store in person without actually having to do so.

The quality of the prescription sunglasses is guaranteed
Although some may be hesitant to purchase prescription glasses on the internet, the trends are showing that more and more people are finding it to be a good option. Any professional online eyeglasses retailer like Classic Specs will offer a guarantee that their glasses will be accurately produced based on the required prescription.

Buyers only need to upload their prescription or otherwise provide to Classic Specs and the proper prescription will be created just as it would be in person. Several hours of waiting time can be saved by purchasing prescription glasses online and there are no real downsides with Classic Specs as the glasses can be adjusted as needed. Several people have found it to be a reliable way to get low cost prescription glasses and many have made the switch to purchasing them exclusively online.

Modern styles to choose from at a lower price
Classic Specs maintains a wide selection of modern prescription glasses. Most of the frames can be used with prescription lenses, and if for any reason they can’t, the production description will note it. The frame styles available at Classic Specs are similar to many of the top designer trends but cost significantly less.

There are some innovative modern styles as well as several great vintage styles available. Although the selection isn’t as vast as other retailers, the focus is on a select number of seasonal styles that rotate based on demand and trends. This makes for a more convenient shopping experience and helps buyers find exactly what they are looking for without having to wade through dozens of cheap or out of style glasses.

Multiple pairs can be purchased easily due to their lower cost
Those who wear glasses often need to purchase more than one pair for the convenience of having glasses for reading, driving, and other tasks. However, many wearers hesitate to do this because of the large cost that they usually have when buying them at a local store or from a designer.

Most people would prefer to have at least one great pair of high quality glasses, but online retailers offers the best of both worlds with durability and style quality that is right on par with the best designer brands at an affordable price. Purchasing multiple pairs is also a much more affordable option at online retailers compared to buying them locally. The build quality is just the same as the more expensive brands and made with the same or better materials.

Try on frames before purchasing them
For those who would prefer to buy prescription glasses in person, they often won’t purchase them without being able to try them on. Classic Specs solves this problem with the home try on kit. Although prescription glasses cannot be sent with the home try on kit, it still offers the opportunity to see how different types of frames will look before having to purchase them.

The try on kit can be selected for most of the glasses available on the website and is sent very quickly. This gives buyers the chance to find exactly what they are looking for and make a purchase in confidence without having to deal with returns or other adjustments. For many people, it is well worth the wait due to the wide range of trendy prescription glasses that are available from online retailers like Classic Specs.

Designer quality without the higher price
Most of those who wear glasses want them to look as sharp and fashionable as possible and seek designer frames or designer level quality when looking for their next pair. Classic Specs offers these customers exactly what they are looking for and gives them the opportunity to purchase the glasses they want without having to spend several hundreds of dollars.

With features like Italian acetate hand crafted frames, stainless steel hinges, anti-glare lenses, and reinforced metal wire cores, the prescription glasses at Classic Specs rival some of the top designer brands in terms of quality. For the same price that most high end designer prescription glasses would cost, shoppers can purchase 2, 3 or even 4 pairs of similar quality glasses, allowing them the freedom to find the exact styles that they are looking for and add much more diversity to their collection.

A rotating selection of glasses with unique and limited time styles
Classic Specs rotates its selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses based on seasonal trends, limited time offers and other new releases. As a result, customers have many different styles to choose from throughout the year. The product descriptions offer information on whether the frames are a limited time offer or not. The number of seasonal frames has increased in recent years and there are now several extraordinary and unique eyeglasses and sunglasses that are featured on Classic Specs at different times during the year.

These styles can’t be found elsewhere and offer a one of kind shopping experience. Of course there are a number of more traditional and vintage styles available because of their popularity, with many of them being available in rare color combinations. Classic Specs ensures that all of their customers who wear prescription eyeglasses get exactly what they are looking for, with their home try on kit, product guarantee, and fast and easy ordering process. To place an order for stylish and high quality prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses or to ask any questions, contact Classic Specs today at 1-888-509-5499.