Purchasing Bifocals Online Easily

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Bifocals are glasses that have two different optical powers, and although in recent years they have been somewhat replaced by progressive glasses, they are still a popular and inexpensive way to treat a wide range of different vision problems. They are usually prescribed to treat hyperopia, or myopia as well as astigmatism. Invented by Benjamin Franklin, bifocals originally featured the most convex lenses for viewing objects close up in the bottom half, with the least convex lenses for distance viewing in the upper half. For several decades since they were first created, they consisted of two separate lenses being cut in half and then glued together in the rim of the frame. This style was fragile and not as effective as the other styles that came later on.

There can be problems with bifocals
Glasses wearers can have a wide range of issues with bifocals. For example, the wearer can have the impression that the image “jumps” when looking from the bottom of the lens to the top of the lens. There is no gradual tradition between the images because of the fact that the lens are simply glued together. The term is called “image jump” and it can significantly affect wearers to the point where it can actually be dangerous to wear some types of bifocals when driving a vehicle or operating machinery. That is why many people will purchase a separate pair of glasses designed for driving, with bifocals being used for other purposes such as reading or day to day activities.

Progressive lenses have almost made bifocals obsolete
Progressive lenses were created with recent technology, which are essentially “no line” bifocals and don’t have the traditional lines in the lenses that bifocals have. These lenses have at least three viewing areas, for near objects in the bottom portion, intermediate objects in the middle portion of the lens, and distance objects in the top portion of the lens. Progressive lenses are generally a lot easier to wear compared to bifocals, and although bifocals are still used by many people, progressive lenses have dropped down significantly in price, to the point where they are affordable for many people, especially from online retailers who offer additional discounts.

Progressive lenses are generally a better solution
If you have been wearing bifocals and haven’t been satisfied with their results, you may be a good candidate for progressive lenses. It is a good idea to speak with your eye doctor about progressive glasses to determine whether or not they could be used instead of bifocals. For most people, the difference can be dramatic, as their progressive glasses often allow them to do many more activities because of their more natural vision. Classic Specs sells progressive glasses which can be significantly better than bifocals, and if you have a prescription for progressive lenses we can certainly fill it. Our progressive glasses are fashionable and comparable in cost to bifocals, and you can try out different frame styles at home or online before making a purchase. To learn more, visit our website at classicspecs.com or call us at 1-888-509-5499.