Finding the Perfect Glasses Online

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Buying glasses online is much more convenient option than searching for them at a local brick and mortar store. But, there is still some hesitancy to embrace online shopping for glasses, particularly for those who have a prescription. Some believe that online retailers don’t offer the quality frames that they would find at a local store, or that they might mess up their prescription.

Most of these fears are unfounded, assuming that the retailer is reputable and capable of producing accurate prescription glasses. The number of online companies selling glasses has rapidly grown in recent years, which makes it even more confusing for customers. There are a few like Classic Specs that have stood out for their commitment to quality and dedication to customer service. These retailers have increased consumer confidence by ensuring that every buyer gets the stylish and perfectly fitting glasses they are looking for at an affordable cost.

Finding the perfect glasses starts with choosing the right company
Finding the perfect glasses online really does start with choosing the right company to do business with. If a retailer doesn’t offer a way to guarantee that their customers will be satisfied with their purchase, through trial kits or a refund guarantee, the chances are that a large number of their customers will have a bad experience. Thankfully, these unprofessional retailers generally don’t last long as word of mouth spreads fast.

Buyers who do their research and choose a reputable company with a money back guarantee are much more likely to have a great experience with their purchase. This is what truly makes a difference in the online purchasing experience. Of course the top retailers also sell better quality glasses and sunglasses and that helps a lot.

It helps to research trends
Buyers who research trends and determine what type of frames that they want before they shop are much more likely to find what they are looking for the first time around. Buying glasses requires a little bit of research, but the time that it takes is well worth it for most people.

Determining one’s face shape and figuring out the styles that will match best with that face shape is one of the first steps for finding the perfect pair of glasses online. Buyers who stay in touch with the latest trends will also know how to spot glasses that are fashionable and the retailers that offer them. The top retailers generally offer the styles that the majority of buyers are looking for, often with a few unique options that can’t be found elsewhere.

Every face shape has a perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses to fit it
Matching face shape with eyeglasses or sunglasses is one of the most important things to do prior to shopping for them online. Choosing the right glasses helps to accentuate the best features of the face while hiding faults and will make a person more attractive. The wrong glasses can have the opposite effect, so it really is important to pick a pair of glasses that really does accentuate a particular face shape.

Below is a summary of a few of the types of glasses that can match well with the four major face shapes:

  • Heart – Those with a heart shaped face are defined by a broad forehead, a narrow and pointed jawline, and high cheekbones. For heart faces, bottom heavy frames are a good choice, because they make the jawline seem wider and offer a more balanced appearance. Oval shaped frames can also work well with heart shaped faces because they draw attention more toward the eyes rather than the lower part of the face.
  • Oval – Oval faces have a chin that is just slightly narrower than the forehead, balanced features, and high cheekbones. Many people find oval face shapes naturally attractive, which means that they work well with a wide range of different types of frame shapes. One idea is to wear oversized frames. Oversized frames of all types look great on oval faces as they help draw attention to the face. Rectangular or geometric frames can also add sharpness to the face and help to bring out the best features.
  • Round – Round faces are characterized by a rounded chin, an almost equal length and width, and full cheeks. Round faces lack the defined features of the other face types, so choosing glasses that have sharp angles adds more sharpness to the face to create more of a balance. Rectangular frames or square frames can be excellent for those with a round face shape. They give the impression of a longer face.
  • Square – Square faces have angular and well defined features with a prominent jawline and a wide forehead. In terms of glasses that suit this face shape the best, as a general rule, round glasses or oval glasses are a good choice. These glasses offer balance to the angular features of the face and soften some of the angular features.

A sense of personal style is helpful as well
Aside from matching face shape to the ideal glasses online, a sense of personal style is certainly helpful when finding the most ideal glasses. The glasses should accentuate a person’s style rather than contrasting it. Many people focus on matching their glasses to their clothing, but another option is to match glasses with accessories like scarves, hats, hair accessories, watches, jewelry etc. This can be matching by color, pattern, shape, or similar features.

There are no hard rules when it comes to fashion, of course there are always trends but many people prefer to have their own individual style. A lot of it comes down to mixing and matching different outfits and accessories with different styles of frames in order to determine what a person thinks looks best on them. This is why trying on glasses before buying them is helpful. Some online retailers offer this option while many of them unfortunately don’t, which is a major limitation.

The ability to try glasses online before purchasing them is essential
Online retailers like Classic Specs offer a 3d virtual try on option where customers can “try on” different styles of glasses by creating a 3d ditto of their face. This feature is easy to set up using a webcam and helps customers “try on” the different frames that they are interested to get a good preliminary idea on how they might look. For many people, this feature alone is enough for them to determine what their ideal glasses online are, perhaps along with some additional research on styles and relying on their past experience with purchasing glasses.

The home try on kit eliminates a lot of concerns
The home try on kit is another excellent way that some retailers like Classic Specs have catered to their customers and improved their buying experience. It allows them to sample several different pairs of glasses with non-RX lenses so that they can see what their truly “perfect” frame style, shape, color, and width is.

This feature essentially equalizes the online purchasing experience with buying glasses offline. Classic Specs does not charge anything for their kit as well, giving potential customers even more incentive to try it out. The ability to actually touch, see and feel the glasses before buying them can make a substantial difference. Retailers that are confident in the quality of their products will generally offer this type of option, while it is best to be wary of the ones that don’t.

Prescription glasses are always properly made at quality retailers
Aside from the concern about the ability to try on glasses before buying them, some online shoppers are worried that their prescription glasses won’t be properly made. Professional retailers will always guarantee that their prescription glasses are accurate or that they can be adjusted as needed. Buyers should be wary of any retailer that does not offer this type of guarantee. The chances are that they can’t actually produce accurate prescription glasses and are simply claiming to offer it as a way to make additional revenue.

Aside from traditional prescription and reading glasses, some retailers like Classic Specs even offers progressive glasses, which are considered to be at the forefront of eyesight technology. This demonstrates their capability to produce high quality and accurate prescription glasses. The added guarantee that the prescription glasses can be adjusted or refunded if necessary should give most shoppers confidence in a quality eyewear retailer.

Plenty of other things to consider
There are other considerations to take into account when purchasing glasses online such as cost comparisons, estimated shipping time and more, but these are some of the most important. Buying quality glasses online from the right company is a great experience, as millions of people can attest to. But it is essential for buyers to research the trends that they like, determine their preferred frame types and face shape, and ensure that their prescription and pupillary distance measurement is up to date and ready to go.

Quality retailers like Classic Specs take care of all the rest by offering a fast and convenient purchasing experience, several trendy styles, the ability for customers to try on their glasses before buying them, a quality guarantee and more.

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