Progressive Glasses Are Very Popular

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

The progressive lens is a very popular option for today’s eyeglass wearer. In case you don’t recognize this term you may be more familiar with another name but the idea is the same. Progressive glasses utilize a gradient of increasing lens power to meet your visual needs. These are corrective glasses and are recommended to correct a number of vision disorders including but not limited to presbyopia. For those who are in need of progressive lenses it is a need that should be attended to immediately. The eyes are one part of the body that cannot heal themselves – and need a little help from the optometrist.

Progressive glasses are an excellent example of the way that optometry is changing for the better. However, if you have never work progressive glasses then it may take some time to get used to wearing them. In fact, while some claim it only takes hours others state it has taken weeks. The reason is that the lens is just as it is advertised – progressive. It is a change from the traditional bi-focal and tri-focal lenses in which the division for different visual needs was evident when looking at the glasses. But if the newcomer to progressive glasses gives them a chance they will come to love the ease with which the eye is able to focus back and forth – with glasses that give a more natural look to the observer.

But shopping for progressive and/or bifocal and trifocal lenses may be challenging – more so than when looking for basic eyewear. The reason is that the progressive glasses use a more powerful lens that is also more intricate during the prescription and fitting process.

Currently there are many online eyeglass retailers that do not offer progressive prescription glasses because of the difficulty they face ensuring they are able to meet their clients’ needs, however Classic Specs is one of the few that do… And – it is worth it to buy your progressive glasses from Classic Specs because currently online prescription glasses can save the consumer as much as 75% off the cost that may be required at the traditional brick and mortar prescription glasses outlets.

So, if you are in need of progressive glasses we advise you to use a professional online retailer like Classic Specs that has a great reputation and convenient purchasing options, before making an appointment that may take weeks to fit in, requires you to drive to a location and wait in the waiting room before finally being seen, and then requires a return visit to ensure the glasses fit and are what you are looking for. This all takes time and in today’s busy world time is money.

Just think, that time can be spent finding exactly what you want in our online store, going through the process of ordering and waiting for them to be delivered right to your door where – This sure cuts out a lot of time and effort on your part when you’re buying progressive glasses. Progressive glasses and online shopping – now that’s a match made in eyeglass heaven!