Avoiding Problems When Buying Cheap Glasses Online

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

When you’re shopping for cheap glasses online you will likely find several retailers offering a wide range of different deals and sales. You will want to be careful to avoid any companies that don’t offer money back guarantees and options to try on your glasses to ensure that you make the right choice.

Your eyeglasses or sunglasses are an important investment for the health of your eyes, so it’s essential that any cheap glasses that you may be considering are built with high-quality materials at the very least, so that they last for as long as you need them to.

You can avoid several issues with returns, dealing with eye problems or wrong prescriptions just by doing a little bit of research into any company that you might be considering. Below you will find some tips to help you find the perfect cheap glasses.

Consider the company’s website quality
One of the best ways to test any retailer is to check their website quality. It should be easy to navigate from one product to another and to see the different options available for men and women’s glasses and sunglasses. If the website has broken links, looks outdated, or is difficult to navigate, it isn’t a good sign that they’ll have trustworthy glasses.

Even if they are offering cheap glasses or major discounts, there is no telling what type of glasses you might receive once they arrive. Some retailers give misleading product descriptions and others are middlemen that sell glasses without performing and kind of quality inspection. Classic Specs is one of the few companies that produces and sells high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses directly to consumers, with a fully functional and modern website.

Check the product descriptions for details
Checking product descriptions is one of the best ways to review a glasses website for quality and to ensure that buyers are getting exactly what they want with their purchase. The product descriptions should have full details about what specific materials are used in the construction of the glasses, information about the frame dimensions, prescription options (if they offer them), which face shapes match best with the glasses, and other helpful details.

Product descriptions that are limited or non-specific are very likely the result of the fact that they are selling low quality cheap glasses or otherwise have something to hide. They may be using low quality materials or may not even understand how to match face shapes with particular frame styles or other important fundamental details. In any case, it’s best to avoid retailers that don’t offer you detailed information with their product descriptions, including a high-resolution photo of the glasses from multiple angles. Otherwise there’s no way to ensure that you are buying exactly what you want.

Check the return policy
The return policy should offer you a way to exchange or receive a refund for your glasses if they don’t fit, if the prescription is incorrect, or for any other reason. Any company that has confidence in the quality of their glasses won’t hesitate to offer this, even if they sell cheap glasses. If there’s no satisfaction guarantee and you order a product and don’t get what you want, there’s nothing to protect you as a consumer. You may end up having to go to your credit card company to file a chargeback or other time wasting measures, or it may be extremely difficult to contact their customer support. All of these are signs that the company sells low quality glasses or misrepresents what they sell.

What options do you have to try on glasses that interest you?
It’s also important to have some way to try on any cheap glasses or other glasses that interest you prior to your purchase. This is particularly useful if you’ve never ordered any glasses on the internet and don’t know what to expect in terms of quality.

Some companies like Classic Specs offer customers a home try on kit where you can request to try on any pairs of glasses or sunglasses that interest you at your home without any charge. However, many do not offer this type of try on option and force you to make a purchase before you can test out different frames. Again, it’s best to avoid these companies as they may be hiding something in terms of their material quality.

Classic Specs and a few other companies also offer a virtual try on feature where you can test out how different pairs of glasses look on your virtual face before you purchase them. This offers another accurate way to see how any options that may interest you will look. Many customers are comfortable using this feature alone when purchasing their glasses online because of how accurate it is.

Others will prefer trying on their glasses in person, but in any case, there should be some option available to see how your glasses will look. Otherwise you won’t have any idea what you might be getting with your purchase and run the risk of getting glasses that don’t fit, aren’t the way they were described, lack the proper ultraviolet light protection (for sunglasses), or otherwise have defects or issues that make them unwearable.

Are you able to order prescription glasses from the website?
Most reputable eyeglasses retailers and manufacturers with an online presence will allow you to order prescriptions directly online if you have an updated prescription. You should be able to send your prescription in or have the company call your optometrist to obtain your prescription.

Any company that can’t provide this service may not be worth considering, as they are likely middlemen with major markups in their prices, or they don’t have the experienced professionals on staff to properly assist and advise their customers. The companies that do offer prescription glasses online do so with the confidence that their eye care professionals can fill accurate prescriptions for their customers and offer a good alternative to traditional brick and mortar options.

Think about what you want with your glasses
It’s helpful to also plan what you want with your glasses, even if you are looking for cheap glasses. Think about what type of frame you want, how it will match with your face shape, and consider some of the recent trends if they appeal to you. You can find more information about recent style trends on the Classic Specs website or blog if you aren’t familiar with them. Whether it’s round, rectangular, aviator, cat eye, wayfarer, or other vintage or modern styles, have a few in mind and make sure that any company you’re considering offers them.

How often do you plan on wearing your glasses?
If you plan on wearing your glasses often, you don’t want to go with just any cheap glasses that you find. The materials may not be durable if you wear them in the long term and you can run into plenty of problems if they break before you expect them. It’s extremely inconvenient to have to send your glasses back for an exchange or purchase new glasses when you depend on them for your vision. Whether it’s your primary pair of glasses or a secondary pair that you plan on wearing often, you should avoid any cheap glasses that aren’t made with quality materials.

For a quick reference, some of the best frame materials for glasses include Italian cellulose acetate if they are plastic or titanium or Monel alloys for metal glasses. Cellulose acetate is widely considered to be the best non-metal frame material because of its excellent durability, low cost from a renewable resource, natural lightweight feeling, the wide range of colors and patterns that it can be dyed with, and the wide range of frame shapes that can be created with it.

Titanium and Monel alloy glasses offer excellent durability, resistant to heat and cold, a wide range of frame shapes, and a light comfortable weight. They are also available in several colors, but the color selection for metal glasses is more limited than cellulose acetate glasses. All three frame materials are hypoallergenic as well for those with allergies to particular materials.

Ask questions before your first purchase
Although some of the most important considerations were covered here, you probably have several questions in mind when you are planning on buying glasses online for the first time. It’s important to ask those questions, whether you are wondering how to find the perfect fit, how to order a prescription, questions about the quality of the glasses, and anything else on you mind.

Clarifying these questions will help to guarantee that you find the ideal pair of glasses the first time and that you won’t have to deal with returns or other hassles. You can find great deals on cheap glasses from retailers like Classic Specs that offer both high quality and excellent prices, but it’s important to do your research beforehand so that you pick the right provider. Contact Classic Specs today at 1-888-509-5499 if you have any questions at all about purchasing cheap glasses online.