John Lennon’s Glasses: The Story Behind His Iconic Frames


Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Irish Torres

When it comes to iconic celebrity style statements, John Lennon’s glasses easily top the list.

Just as his music remains timeless, so too have his little round frames transcended generations. The instantly recognizable glasses have become symbolic of the late musician’s personal style, ideologies, and immense influence on pop culture.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at John Lennon’s glasses, their cultural significance, and their lasting impact on fashion and pop culture today.

John Lennon: A Music and Cultural Icon


If we’re talking about legends who left a lasting imprint on the world, we simply can’t miss out on John Lennon. The man was more than a rock star; he was a game-changer who made the world sit up and listen to his music and fierce advocacy for peace and love.

As one of the Fab Four, John helped turn rock pop on its head. His knack for belting out tunes that tugged at the heartstrings, paired with a voice that was as unique as they come, helped The Beatles soundtrack an era.

But John wasn’t just about the catchy tunes. His lyricism in songs like “Norwegian Wood,” “All You Need Is Love,” and “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” carried a depth that made you stop and think. His “peace and love” mantra wasn’t just lip service either — he lived and breathed it. Remember his bed-in protests with his partner, artist Yoko Ono, or his hit single “Imagine”? Those were all emblematic of John’s attempts to envision a world at peace.

And while John’s life was tragically cut short in 1980, his influence is far from fading. His music continues to move listeners, his call for peace still rings true, and his mark on pop culture remains undeniable. After all, who can picture John Lennon without his round eyeglasses?

Why Did John Lennon Wear Glasses?


The story of John Lennon’s glasses begins with a utilitarian need. Lennon was famously nearsighted, a condition he discovered while attending Quarry Bank High School.

With those corrective lenses, Lennon inadvertently defined an era, and his circle glasses frames became near-synonymous with his name.

It’s worth noting, though, that there is no single “John Lennon” glasses frame. The musician wore different kinds of small, round glasses, including ones with clear and tinted lenses.

Why Were John Lennon’s Glasses So Iconic?

Although we’ve covered other iconic frames like Julia Roberts’ cat-eye sunglasses in “Notting Hill” and Tom Cruise’s aviators in “Top Gun,” neither compares to the sheer popularity of John Lennon’s glasses.


The iconic round eyeglasses made a significant public debut in the film “How I Won the War,” which was released in 1967. In the movie, Lennon portrayed the character of Musketeer Gripweed, who wore round, wire-framed glasses. The glasses quickly became Lennon’s visual signature. And while his role may not have been significant, the impact of his frames certainly was.


Lennon’s glasses went on to make several appearances, carving a niche in cultural history. They prominently featured in the 1969 bed-in peace protests, where John and his partner Yoko Ono famously campaigned for peace from their Amsterdam hotel bed. His round glasses, paired with his long hair and all-white outfit, have been immortalized in many photos from this period.


But perhaps one of the most memorable instances of John Lennon sporting his glasses was on the cover of his 1971 album “Imagine.” The black and white image depicts him in his iconic glasses, looking into the distance, deep in thought.

This photograph, in particular, captured Lennon’s spirit — introspective, dreamy, and always hoping for a world united in peace — and it is perhaps the biggest driving force behind his glasses’ lasting impact.

More Than an Accessory


As much as they were a style statement, John Lennon’s glasses were also a reflection of his ideologies.

The glasses’ round frame was in stark contrast to the angular, dark-rimmed “Beatlemania” glasses that were popular at the time, reflecting his departure from mainstream norms. The glasses went on to symbolize his pacifist philosophy, becoming a sign of peace and love — ideals that were central to the 1960s counterculture movement.

Interestingly, though, John Lennon’s glasses weren’t always the same. While the signature round frames remained consistent, he sometimes wore sunglasses and other times clear lenses. The spectacles often reflected his mood or the message he wanted to convey. For example, during the bed-in protests, Lennon wore clear glasses, symbolizing transparency and openness, while in his music video for “Mind Games,” he wore dark sunglasses, perhaps hinting at a more introspective period in his life.

The Vintage Resurgence: John Lennon’s Glasses Today


Today, John Lennon’s glasses are an iconic piece of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia and a symbol of an era that valued peace, love, and individualism.

His glasses also continue to influence fashion trends, largely because of their simplicity, versatility, and timeless appeal. In fact, the iconic round frames have seamlessly woven their way back into contemporary fashion, riding the wave of vintage style resurgence.

Many fashion-forward celebrities and style influencers have been spotted donning Lennon-style glasses, proving their enduring charm. Celebrities like Elton John, Katy Perry, and Gigi Hadid have embraced this style, adding their own twist and making it relevant for the 21st century.

Where Can I Get John Lennon’s Glasses?

There’s no denying the memorability of John Lennon’s glasses. But what if you could infuse your personal style with a touch of that Lennon magic? With Classic Specs, you can!

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Here’s a closer look at our Lennon-esque line-up:

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One of our most iconic round frames, Burnside is a universally flattering frame that works with any face shape.

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Meet Fritz, our minimalist yet versatile round frame that’s a one-size-fits-all miracle.

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3. Beaumont


Rounding out our Lennon-style offerings is the Beaumont. These specs pay tribute not just to John Lennon, but to all poets, songwriters, peacemakers, and visionaries who have dared to see the world differently.

Crafted in a warm Havana Tortoise finish, the Beaumont embodies an essence that’s as timeless as it is trendy. What’s more, you can grab these as prescription or non-prescription polarized sunglasses or even prescription eyeglasses.

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How to Style John Lennon Glasses Today


Embracing the John Lennon glasses trend doesn’t mean you need to go full-on vintage (unless that’s your vibe, of course!). These glasses are incredibly versatile and can blend into a variety of styles.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate them into your modern-day look:

  • Casual and Cool. Pair John Lennon glasses with a simple white T-shirt and jeans for a classic, laid-back look. Throw on a leather jacket for an edgy twist.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody. Embrace the boho-chic trend by pairing your John Lennon glasses with flowing dresses or maxi skirts. Add some feather earrings or a flower crown to channel the 70’s hippie vibe.
  • Formal Flair. Yes, you can even pull off John Lennon glasses with formal wear! Wear them with a tailored suit or a sleek dress for a quirky contrast that makes a statement.
  • Pop of Color. John Lennon glasses aren’t limited to gold or silver. Explore colored frames, like blue or red, to give the classic style a fun, modern twist.
  • Mix with Modern. Blend vintage with contemporary by pairing John Lennon glasses with trendy outfits. The clash of old and new creates a striking style balance.

Remember: style is personal and should be a reflection of who you are. Like John Lennon, don’t be afraid to experiment and break the norm. After all, fashion should be a fun way to express your individuality.

Channel John Lennon With Classic Specs


While trends come and go, the iconic status of John Lennon’s glasses remains unwavering. They are a testament to his unique style, his commitment to authenticity, and his willingness to stand out from the crowd. And that’s the real beauty of his timeless frames.

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