How to Find Quality Vintage Eye Glasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

When shopping for vintage eye glasses online you have to be careful; not all of the options that you run across will be a good investment. You may find actual vintage eyeglasses which are often best used as collectors’ items rather than attempting to wear them as eyeglasses. Many actual vintage eyeglasses are designed with potentially outdated materials or they may be uncomfortable to wear.

You’ll want to purchase vintage eye glasses that are produced by a company with experience in creating durable, wearable and high quality vintage frames like Classic Specs. On our website you’ll find plenty of beautiful vintage styles will unique contemporary twists, and you can try any of them on before you purchase them at your home at no cost.

Avoid sellers that don’t allow you to try your glasses on
If you find that any seller isn’t allowing you to try your glasses on, they probably don’t have much faith in the quality of their products. Classic Specs will send you a home try on kit where you can request several different vintage frames that you’re interested in and see how they look on you in person.

We know that many of our customers love their vintage glasses from the moment that they see them, but if sellers aren’t willing to show you how their glasses look, they probably have something to hide.

Think about which frame styles will suit you the best
You’ll want to find the specific vintage frame styles that look best on you, and that’s why there’s detailed information about face shapes on each of the frames sold at Classic Specs. The particular face shapes that work well with any pair of eye glasses will be highlighted in the product description.

Browse the website to find the types of frames that should look good on you, then use the virtual try on tool to see how your vintage eye glasses will look on your virtual face. It doesn’t take much time to try the tool out, and you can easily “try on” dozens of different frames so that you can see the styles that truly look great and that give you the type of fashion appeal that you’re looking for.

Make sure your glasses are constructed from premium materials
As previously mentioned, with a quick online search, you’ll find a ton of different websites offering vintage eye glasses, with many of them selling actual vintage glasses or vintage knock offs made with low quality materials. Prices will range from some of the lowest that you can find, up to overpriced eyeglasses.

In general, you’ll want to purchase eyeglasses that are made from cellulose acetate if you’re looking for plastic vintage eye glasses, as this material is widely considered to be the best for plastic frames due to its durability, visual quality, for being hypoallergenic, light weight and many other benefits.

Classic Specs offers a number of vintage styles including wayfarer, cat eye, round, aviator, browline, and plenty of other creative options to choose from. Best of all, most of our glasses are constructed with premium Italian cellulose acetate, stainless steel, and other quality materials so that they will last and look great.