Get a Wider Selection of Frames When You Purchase Eyeglasses Online

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

At Classic Specs you can get one of the widest selection of eyeglasses online with frames that are truly unique and innovative. Our frames for our eyeglasses and sunglasses are narrowed down from many other potential options, so that you can save time on your shopping process. You’ll find options that range from vintage styles and several newer and limited edition frames as well.

Options include square and rectangular frames, round frames, wayfarers and similar modern styles, brow glasses, and many other types. No matter what your preferences are, you’ll have plenty to choose from at Classic Specs and with easy ordering and a home try on kit tool, you’ll save tons of time on the process.

Choose from multiple colors to match your unique preference
You’ll be able to choose from multiple colors for all of the frames that we offer on our website, including several hard to find and innovative options such as our Brandy Tortoise, Matte Black, Havana Tortoise, Ocean Blue, and much more. These colors are created by expert fashion designers for the maximum versatility and beauty, and they highlight the best features of the glasses and make bold statements without being too overbearing. You can choose color options that are more subtle and neutral, allowing you to mix and match them with multiple outfits, or you can find plenty of choices that are bolder, brighter and eye catching.

Try on new styles that interest you without any risk
With our home try on kit, you can easily test out different pairs of eyeglasses online or in person without any risk at all. The home try on option has become one of our most popular methods for seeing how your glasses will look. If you’ve been a fan of round frames but have always been curious about how wayfarers or some types of square frames might look on you, it’s the perfect opportunity to test out these options, and it is amazingly accurate even though it is 100% online. Of course you can request a home try on kit where you can have them shipped to your home at no cost at all.

Find a look that makes you stand out
Classic Specs carries several hard to find and classy eyeglasses online so that you can find the perfect look that matches your personality the best. Our selection of vintage inspired eyewear rivals some of the best designer brands in the world, and you’ll be able to purchase and show off some truly unique and attention grabbing colors and patterns that you simply won’t be able to find at a local store.

The frames at Classic Specs are impressive in their visual appeal, and like many of our other customers, you’re likely to get compliments on them. Examples of our unique options include the limited edition Men’s Vanderbilt Glasses in patterns such as the Cityscape by Margherita Urbani, featuring her hand drawn city art on the temple arms.

Amazingly, these limited edition glasses are at similar prices as some of the other popular options in our store, so if you’re looking for something truly impressive without having to spend very much at all, check our latest frames at