How Men Should Pick the Right Frames for Their Faces

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

Many men may feel uncomfortable when they wear glasses for the first time. However, men’s glasses can be seen as an opportunity to highlight your key facial features, something that is not usually an option for men. You should see wearing glasses as an investment in style and a whole new way to accessorise. Most of us only own one to two pairs of glasses, so it is important that you know which ones will complement your individual face shape and face features in order to buy the pair that are perfect for you. This article will help you decide what type of glasses are best for your particular face shape.

The Square Face
If you have a strong jaw line and a prominent forehead, then you have what is called a square face. This comes along with an angular chin and a roughly equal measurement to the length and width of the face. Men’s glasses with soft, round, and minimal frames will complement the square face quite well. Another option would be to go with glasses that have no frame at all.

The Round Face
This one comes again with an equal distance in its length and width. Delicate facial features come paired with round full cheeks. For this face shape, the contrast between the round lines of the face and angular lines of rectangular frames will help add length to the face. If you want to slim the face, high temples on the glasses will accomplish this. It is very important to avoid overly harsh lines with a round face, this will only emphasise roundness.

The Oval Face
The most common face shape is the oval. High cheekbones and a slightly narrower chin than forehead are the defining features of the oval face. This is also the most versatile in terms of men’s glasses options. In this scenario, it is best to decide for yourself the style of glasses that you feel most comfortable wearing. You should avoid glasses that will unbalance your proportions, going instead for ones that are broader then the widest part of your face. It is important that your eyes sit in the centre of the glasses, rather than near to the top or the bottom of the lens.

The Heart Face
If you have a wide forehead, a narrow chin, and high cheekbones, then you have what is known as a heart face. These characteristics accompanied by a narrow jaw line make this a difficult face to frame. When choosing glasses, you should focus on ones that will balance out the wide forehead. You should also consider glasses without rims, as these can sometimes be easier to pair with a face.

Remember to always consider your face shape when buying glasses. Something that sits on your face should never be taken lightly! This is the opportunity to either highlight your best or worst features. Don’t just consider one shop when looking for your perfect pair, have a look around and compare styles. Some online stores even have applications that will allow you to upload a forward facing photo of yourself and see how the glasses will look.