How Do I Know if My Prescription Is Wrong?

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

One of the most annoying things in our day to day lives is that nagging feeling that our glasses may not be the right prescription. This can take focus away from your work as you experience fuzzy vision, tunnel vision, or depth perception that isn’t quite perfect. You should never put up with this! Most of us who wear glasses will only own one or two pairs at a time, meaning that you can’t risk having a pair that are irritating and difficult to wear.

Could it be that you just require some time to adjust to the new prescription? This transition period can last for days to weeks. Through the type and severity of the symptoms that you are experiencing you will be able to determine whether you simply need to wait for your eyes to adjust, or if your prescription is off.

It is quite common for errors to be made during eye exams, usually as a result of poor handwriting in hand written prescriptions. The omission of just a single digit in a glasses prescription can mean that the end result is way off, resulting in blurry glasses. If you had your eye exam late in the day or after a hard shift at work, your eyes may have been tired and unable to properly focus in the exam, altering the results.

Symptoms that you should look out for in order to determine the cause of your concern are extreme blurriness or an inability to focus. If you close one eye and determine if your vision is remains blurry, then your glasses are not the right prescription. If you experience headaches or dizziness as a result of excessive eye strain then your prescription is off. Another symptom is extreme vertigo or nausea, not as a result of any other medical condition that may be causing this. You should also be concerned if your symptoms persist even after the recommended adjustment period.

You should always remember that you know your eyes better than anyone else. You know how your eyes react when they have been under a lot of strain and how they feel when they are tires. It can sometimes be hard to explain how this situation is different to an optician. In this case, it may be helpful to order prescription glasses online, if you know your prescription.

Ordering prescription glasses online cuts out the middle man, and ensures that you get the right prescription, without the risk of poor optician handwriting. There are many other benefits when you order prescription glasses online, such as promotional prices and better value for money.

You should always make sure that your prescription is correct, don’t just accept that your glasses aren’t right for you. With online shops offering free returns, you can make absolutely certain that you get the right prescription at an affordable cost. Most people only own one or two pairs of glasses at any one time, so make sure that the few that you do own are perfect for you.