Eyeglass Fashions to Turn Back Time

Last Updated on April 24, 2023 by amy

Turn back time with retro eyeglasses. At Classic Specs, retro eyeglass fashions get updated to stay trendy and in vogue. Roll back the years with an update to your eyeglass fashion statement.

Blue Eyeglasses
Surprisingly, the color blue helps enhance makeup and mimics it, reducing the need for eyeshadow. They match well with blue eyes, are enhanced by the frame color, and look amazing in retro styles. Find a pair of retro sunglasses in blue, and you’ll mix modern class with a throwback look that breathes youth.

Find Balance in Longer Face Shapes
A long face needs some balance, so find those glasses that are created in a more square or rectangular shape. You’ll get width and balance to the face, which pulls the eyes up visually, usually hiding those laugh lines.

Round Out the Square
If you have a square face, round it out with round-shaped specs. Even retro sunglasses can take this round shape; when they come in a dark color, they pop on the face. Others are drawn to the glasses, finding them stylish and attractive and reminiscent of a truly retro “nerd look” sought after by actresses such as Demi Moore. When paired with dark hair or eyes, these glasses enhance natural beauty and give the skin a youthful glow.

Lay Back
If you feel your skin is youthful and want it noticed above all else, opt for a thin, understated frame. Perhaps you’re not ready to step into the world of spectacles, even with the impressive options in glasses online. Perhaps you still believe that glasses are for “old people.” You should wear a nonchalant, barely noticeable frame, such as a clear plastic or thin wire frame.

Enhance Those Gorgeous Cheekbones
Do you have high cheekbones? Highlighting these with a pair of cat’s-eye glasses, often found in vintage-inspired collections, calls attention to these beautiful /assets. The pointed corners of these glasses also tend to lift the eyes visually, creating the impression of youth. Pull cheekbones into focus, create a visual illusion of pointed eyes, and you’ve found the secret of youth.

Protect the Eyes
One of the best ways to fight aging is to protect the skin from the sun. Check out the prescription sun shades online – the collection is astounding! Buy a pair enhanced with reds and golds to accentuate blonde hair, and opt for darker colors to match dark brown to black hair. Find a pair of cat’s eyes, or wear a lighter, transparent color for that barely-there look. No matter what sunglasses you choose, remember that protecting the sensitive skin around the eyes from the sun reduces wrinkles and holds youth for just a little longer.