Chris Evans Glasses: 7 Styles We Can’t Get Enough Of

Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by Ash Salleh

You probably know Chris Evans best for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While we love him in that iconic role, Classic Specs also recognize him for his unrivaled specs game.

With his perfectly volumed hair and well-groomed beard, leave it to Chris Evans to look crisp and stylish, especially with a pair of classic round glasses like Amherst in Meadow Crystal.

Where Can I Get Chris Evans’ Glasses?

You can get Chris Evans’ classic round frame glasses from Classic Specs in the style Amherst – Meadow Crystal.

A round frame like this suits virtually any face shape, including oval faces like Chris’.

Made from one-of-a-kind Italian Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate, Amherst is extremely lightweight but feels higher quality than plastic frames. And since acetate is known for its hypoallergenic qualities, frames like Amherst are popular among spec wearers with sensitive skin.

Our Amherst eyeglasses are made using only the highest quality components, including rivets and barrel hinges. They are available in single-vision and progressive prescriptions for correcting single-vision problems (e.g., nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), and presbyopia, respectively.

If you’re not a fan of the near-transparent look of the Meadow Crystal colorway, you can opt to get your Amherst eyeglasses in Carbon Black or Havana Tortoise.

What Kind of Glasses Does Chris Evans Wear?

With an oval face shape, Chris Evans can easily pull off most shapes of eyewear. Yet here we’ve scoured the internet and narrowed down, in our opinion, styles that suit him best.

1. Sutton – Black Crystal

Chris Evans’ oval face shape lends itself well to square glasses like Sutton. The frame’s soft angles on Evans’ face add definition and balance out his face’s proportions.

A universally flattering square frame, Sutton also suits round and heart face shapes.

Black Crystal suits any skin tone. But if you find it too overwhelming, you can get Sutton in other colorways, including Olive Streak, Smoulder, Havana Tortoise, and Brandy Tortoise.

2. Fox – Olive Fade

Can’t decide between light or dark frames? Go for an ombre one like our Fox Eyeglasses in Olive Fade!

The frame’s dark upper half brings balance to a wide forehead like Chris Evans’, while its light lower half helps mask dark circles under the eyes.

Our Fox frame is also available in Forest Fade and Smoulder.

3. Tilden – Havana Tortoise

Rectangular frames like our Tilden in Havana Tortoise help define the soft features of round and oval faces.

Our Tilden frame is made with high-quality Italian Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate and hand-polished to a glossy finish. 

Tilden is available in the classic tortoiseshell color, but colorways like Sienna and Smoulder add a fresh vibe to the classic pattern.

What Sunglasses Does Chris Evans Wear?

Chris Evans has a penchant for a seriously decent pair of sunglasses and knows how to accessorize with them.

Here are three styles in particular that we think he rocked extremely well.

1. Burnside – Soft Brushed Gold

Chris Evans starred as the main antagonist in the 2019 mystery film Knives Out. As Hugh Ransom Drysdale, he wore a pair of round wire-rimmed specs with heavily tinted lenses.

Despite his oval face, Evans was able to pull off the round frame largely because of its classic, iconic style.

If you’re in the market for a similar pair of sunglasses, try our Burnside Sunglasses in Soft Brushed Gold.

The frame is also available in Silver and Brushed Rose Gold and includes gray polarized lenses.

2. Logan – Havana Tortoise

Our Logan frame in Havana Tortoise looks great on any skin tone and helps brighten the face. It is available in single-vision and progressive prescriptions as well as zero power.

3. Lowerre – Soft Brushed Gold

As Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, Evans wore aviators with his camo green jumpsuit and cap combo.

Aviators like our Lowerre Sunglasses in Soft Brushed Gold are another iconic style that perfectly suits oval faces like Evans’.

Versatile and stylish, Lowerre Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to spruce up your outfit. Choose from gray or clementine polarized lenses.

Chris Evans Complete Filmography in Specs

TitleRoleCharacter Wears Spectacles Y/N
The LosersJensenY
Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldLucas LeeN
PunctureMike WeissN
What’s Your Number?Colin SheaN
Captain America: The First AvengerSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
The AvengersSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
The IcemanRobert ProngeY
SnowpiercerCurtis EverettN
Thor: The Dark WorldLoki as Captain AmericaN
Captain America: The Winter SoldierSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Before We GoNick VaughanN
Playing It CoolMeN
Avengers: Age of UltronSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Ant-ManSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Captain America: Civil WarSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
GiftedFrank AdlerY
Spider-Man: HomecomingSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Avengers: Infinity WarSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Captain MarvelSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Avengers: EndgameSteve Rogers / Captain AmericaN
Superpower DogsNarratorN
The Red Sea Diving ResortAri LevinsonN
Knives OutHugh “Ransom” DrysdaleN
Free GuyHimselfN
Don’t Look UpDevin PetersN
LightyearBuzz LightyearN
The Gray ManLloyd HansenN

Does Chris Evans Wear Glasses?

Yes, Chris Evans has worn glasses for various movie roles. In reality, however, the actor only occasionally wears eyeglasses, seemingly favoring sunglasses instead. It’s possible that Evans doesn’t have any eye problems that require vision correction, but this is unconfirmed. One thing is for sure, though: he’s a massive fan of shades on- and off-screen.

Does Chris Evans Wear Oliver Peoples Sunglasses?

Some articles online claim that Chris Evans wears Oliver Peoples brand sunglasses, but this is only a rumor. Evans has neither stated for the record that he wears Oliver Peoples brand sunglasses nor endorsed the brand at some point throughout his career. He has, however, worn different sunglasses in movie premieres, carpet events, and other celebrity functions, but what specific brands his sunglasses are is anyone’s guess. As a high-profile celebrity, he likely wears many high-end sunglass brands.

Why Choose Classic Specs?

High-end glasses typically demand higher prices. Many designer brands sell their frames well beyond the $1,000 price point when lenses and add-ons are included. Superior materials and construction account for some of this price premium, including Italian acetate and features like premium barrel hinges and branded engraving.

Classic Specs boasts timeless designs that many high-profile personalities prefer. Our frames are made of high-quality Italian acetate sourced from a family-owned northern Italy factory, featuring high-end construction and branded engraving for a timeless style. These aspects rival other brands, the main difference being the price: Classic Specs frames and lenses can often be purchased for under $500. In addition, we offer a virtual try-on and an online vision test, so the process from start to finish is hassle-free (factors that celebs tend to prefer).

About Classic Specs

Classic Specs is known for its contemporary eyewear inspired by its designers’ favorite retro silhouettes. Born in Brooklyn, New York, the brand seeks to revive classic designs from every decade to create unique and iconic pieces for discerning consumers. Their frames feature high-quality craftsmanship with reinforced, stainless-steel hinges. Sourced from the famous six-generation Mazzucchelli family factory in northern Italy, Classic Specs frames are made of premium hypoallergenic cellulose acetate in unique, eye-catching chromotypes. Many lens options are available for reading glasses, distance, progressive, sunglasses, or fashion frames.