All Types of Glasses Can Be Purchased Online

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

If you thought you had seen all of the changes that the internet would bring to modern life – think again. Another trend by consumers is occurring in the purchasing of prescription glasses online. For most people the process of buying glasses – either eyeglasses or sunglasses – is a very personal and careful process. Most people have been to their local eyeglass store and found themselves looking at and trying on countless pairs of glasses for what seems like forever.

Style and size are important with online glasses
One of the reasons that shopping for prescription glasses online is so challenging is that when purchased they become a regular part of EVERY wardrobe. The fit, the style and size are things that we will have to deal with for possibly years so we have to be right! More and more though, all types of glasses are being purchased online. One of the biggest reasons for consumers is the price. Oftentimes a pair of glasses can be bought for up to 75% less than it would have been bought for in a retail store. And there are good reasons for this.

Buying prescription glasses online is usually more affordable
The business costs of selling prescription glasses online are significantly less than is seen with brick and mortar eyeglass retailers. Consider that your traditional brick and mortar retailer has overhead expenses like lease costs, utilities, employee expenses for each employee at the store and each location has an optometrist. By eliminating huge amounts of overhead expenses and labor costs, online glasses retailers can give you a great product at a LOWER price.

The move to buy prescription glasses online has been fueled by younger buyers
Much of the move that is being seen in the purchasing of glasses – from traditional retailers to online retailers has been driven by younger buyers. The younger generation that is changing so much in daily life is also as it turns out much more comfortable making purchases of many different types online. That is not the only cause of the transition towards more online sales of glasses.

Technology is also playing a major role and enticing consumers of all generations to consider buying online. One of the best new advances in online glasses retailing is a technology that enables consumers to view themselves with the glasses on online. A consumer is able to upload a photo of themselves and then quickly view themselves with different styles and sizes of glasses on.

Younger generations will continue to buy prescription glasses online
Ultimately, the transition of consumers purchasing glasses online instead of at traditional retailers is still a work in progress. But projecting forward, younger generations with increasing comfort levels with online marketplaces and technology appears likely to support continued adoption by consumers. Continued technological development should also aid this trend as newer and more advanced – and helpful – technologies emerge to allow the consumer to effectively shop online.

I wouldn’t write a thank you note to your optometrist just yet though because having an expert to consult with for glasses is still crucial to eye health and purchasing the right eyeglasses for you. But going forward this trend should increasingly provide viable options for consumers to save money and look great at the same time!