A Brief Buyer’s Guide to Progressive Glasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Progressive glasses are an age defying relatively new type of multifocal lens that doesn’t require you to make massive head adjustments to see different objects, and it offers a more natural lens that is a lot more convenient to wear and doesn’t have the unsightly line that you’ve seen on bifocal lenses. If you’ve had trifocals or bifocals in the past you know how inconvenient they can often be when you’re trying to read or perform other tasks, and how you have to make head adjustments to see objects and the fact that you can’t hide the visible line. Progressive glasses give you the ability to have the same vision improvement as bifocals or trifocals with many other benefits.

Progressive glasses can be custom made for a particular usage
Progressive glasses used to be only available in limited configurations, but there are now dozens of different configurations that you can choose from. You can pick short corridor progressive lenses that have a more compact designs for smaller frames. Some lenses are specifically designed for computer usage, while other lenses are designed for viewing further objects. You can let your doctor know about your specific requirements with your progressive glasses and what you want them to be used for. Reading glasses will have a wider near zone while computer use glasses will have a larger intermediate zone. Talk to your doctor to get the prescription for the lenses that you are looking for.

You can buy progressive glasses at retailers online like Classic Specs
Although you can certainly buy progressive glasses locally, there are many benefits to buying them at a retailer like Classic Specs. Classic Specs allows you to buy them at a small surcharge, but you also get the benefit of being able to test several different types of frames out before you buy them, and the price of the frames are very competitive considering the quality that you receive. All you simply need to do is upload your prescription and you can choose from any of the styles of frames that Classic Specs has to offer for your progressive glasses. With the trial kit you get to try them on before you make a final decision at no charge and with free shipping and free returns.

Think about buying them online as the quality is the same and you’ll pay less
When you buy progressive glasses from Classic Specs you can rest assured that the quality will be the same or better than glasses that you would buy locally, and you get the benefit of being able to test out different styles to see how they look and feel. This can go a long way in helping you make a final choice for your progressive glasses, and if you have several prescriptions for reading, computer use, driving, etc. then you’ll want to purchase several frames. Classic Specs has some great options in terms of style available for you, and the quality that you’ll get is on par with the best brands currently available.