About 1960s Vintage Sunglasses

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by amy

There were dozens of styles of sunglasses that were popular during the 1960s, and in this article we will discuss some of the type styles that became popular during this decade. Many of these styles have reemerged in recent years in popularity, as more people seek to buy retro sunglasses from the 50s, 60s, 70s and other decades. There were a wide range of styles that became popular during this decade due to the counterculture that was prevalent and the many trends that came and went, but a few styles became more popular than others. It also was during this decade when sunglasses started to become more affordable for the common person and were sold for modest prices compared to other decades.

Teashades became popular during the 1960s
Popularized by celebrities like John Lennon and Ozzy Ozbourne, teashades or wire rim sunglasses were a popular style that has seen emergence in recent years. Celebrities like Liam Gallagher and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing teashades with some of their outfits and other celebrities have as well. These sunglasses were popular during the anti-war movement in the United States and were associated with liberalism, intellectualism, and free thinking by many. Original teashades had perfectly round lenses with celluloid nose pads and a thin wire frame. This style evolved quickly and soon many different colors of lenses were available and the sizes of the lenses started to increase as well. Many other celebrities of the decade also started to wear them such as Mick Jagger, Roger Daltrey of The Who, and Jerry Garcia.

Aviators became popular during the 1960s
Although aviator sunglasses were first introduced by Ray-Ban in 1937 when the military needed better sunglasses for fighter pilots, they were not popularized until several years later in the 1960s. Aviator sunglasses prior to the 1960s had always been popular with pilots, law enforcement, and others in the military because of their better protection against UV rays and improved visibility when piloting aircraft or other vehicles, but the common public became enamored with the style in the 1960s, and celebrities started adopting aviator sunglasses. More aviator style sunglasses were available this decade than ever before, and there were dozens or perhaps hundreds of different variations available from companies like Ray-Ban and others.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer became popular this decade as well
Among the several other styles that emerged during the 1960s, the Wayfarer by Ray-Ban was one of the top sunglasses, and perhaps the style that the decade is most widely known for. The wayfarer became a popular frame for celebrities and the public in the following decades, and it seemingly never went out of style. The wayfarer was worn by celebrities like Bob Dylan and featured a trapezoidal lens that was wider at the top than it was at the bottom which had a unique retro look that many people adopted and found fashionable. At the present you can find the wayfarer and many other 1960 sunglasses styles at Classic Specs, and you can even choose from several different options to try at home with no obligation to purchase.