Why We Love Hipster Glasses for Women

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

Some say hipster glasses for women and hipster glasses, in general, are a dying trend, cliche, and sometimes downright ugly. But we don’t agree with these sentiments. Glasses have come a long way since their inception in the 18th century. For someone to wear glasses in the 18th meant they were ”weak-eyed” and sometimes even frail. But look at glasses in the 21st century; eyewear culture is vibrant and popular, including hipster glasses for women.

If you find yourself drawn to hipster glasses, then you have options! We’re in a time when whole varieties of glasses styles are booming, and hipster glasses for women happen to be one of them. Don’t worry too much about whatever doubts someone may have given you about hipster glasses because you’ll see that there are several good reasons that you, as a lady, should put on those hipster glasses.

They’re Stylish & Beautiful
The “hipster trend” might have been waning for a couple of years now, but hipster glasses for women are still very much a style that is alive. When people deem hipster glasses for women as “ugly,” they misconstrue some things. Sure, we can admit that there have been a lot of people out there who wear hipster glasses, or ”nerd glasses,” as some people call them. But just because a particularly popular style doesn’t render it unappealing or ugly. Rather, the popularity of a style would suggest the exact opposite.

Let’s forget about glasses briefly and consider a shirt or dress you might like. Why do you like that shirt? Why do you like that dress? You like it because you like the way it looks. There’s a certain aura of beauty—the way it flows, the color, the texture, or whatever else it might be. The fact is that it’s beautiful.

Now think about why you like a particular set of glasses or frames; the same principle holds. Hipster glasses and hipster glasses for women still exude beauty regardless of how prevalent they may be. Someone on that glasses website you’re looking at wanted to create something beautiful, and they did, which is why the glasses captured your attention and why you also have a right to find hipster glasses for women appealing.

They Accentuate & Draw Out Your Features
The cool thing about glasses, particularly hipster glasses for women, is that you can stylize them to match your outfit. Accessories, shirt, pants, handbag- you can match them all to work and flow with your outfit. By doing so, you draw out the color of the glasses and inherently draw attention to your face.

Hipster glasses for women are especially great for doing this because, unlike rimless glasses or wireframe glasses, hipster glasses for women tend to have thicker frames: both the rims and the temple arms exhibit boldness. Matching glasses to your outfit is great, but another primary upside of doing this is that they help accentuate facial features. As mentioned before, hipster glasses for women have thicker frames, meaning that the glasses will draw attention to the face more effectively than other glasses.

With that said, hipster glasses for women are great, especially if you have a unique eye color like green, blue, amber, or red because the glasses will prompt people to notice your unique eyes more so than perhaps without glasses. This isn’t to say that people with hazel or brown eye colors shouldn’t opt for hipster glasses. Hipster glasses for women work with all types of eye colors. For unique eye colors, hipster glasses work because of the contrast between the frame color and the eyes; for hazel or brown, they still work because they complement the eye color.

You might argue that when conversing with people, their eyes naturally go to the eyes to observe proper social interaction and maintain eye contact, which is, in a way, true. But because the boldness of the glasses helps to either contrast or complement your eye color, people will be more likely to pay closer attention to the detail of your eyes. Now you might be thinking, do I want someone peering into my eyes? Hopefully, that’s not the case, and that’s not our intention in advocating hipster glasses for women, but to bring it back home, hipster glasses for women are great if you want to draw out more of your facial features.

They Make You Look Intelligent & Professional
Let’s not get confused here. This is not to say that people are not smart or professional without glasses–that’s an entirely different matter. But hipster glasses for women are great if you want to emanate an intelligent air about yourself. It can’t hurt to look a little more intelligent or professional in today’s world. It could be that extra factor that gets you a successful interview or better interactions with your superiors at the workplace. A study by The College of Optometrists has shown that 43% think that glasses make someone look more intelligent, while 36% think that glasses make you look more professional and business-like.

We’re talking about hipster glasses for women, but can’t we say that glasses generally make people look intelligent and not just hipster glasses? To a degree, yes. But hipster glasses for women have a unique quality that many other frames don’t. For one thing, they display a more intelligent style of look. Take a look at Amy Ryan in the film Bridge of Spies or celebrities like Anne Hathaway wearing hipster glasses, and you can see that on top of their beautiful appearance, they look sophisticated for the very simple reason they are wearing hipster glasses. Hipster glasses for women also differ from regular glasses in displaying an air of intelligence and professionalism in that they do so with style and class. Combining intelligence and elegance is another reason hipster glasses for women are fantastic.

They Create Allure & Mystery
Even as hipster glasses for women create a greater sense of intelligence and professionalism, they have the ability to create allure and mystery. The eyes can tell a lot about a person, or so it’s been said, and they’re typically referred to as the “windows to the soul.” But put on a pair of glasses, and it’s like a veil between the world and the soul. Unlike regular glasses, hipster glasses for women are bold and thick, creating a more prominent barrier between the wearer and the world.

The inherent mystique that comes with wearing these glasses creates a sense of ambiguity–there are a lot of implied elements about the wearer; with those hipster glasses for women, you look like you’ve got an unpredictable drive, and yet it’s paired with a calm, composed, and sophisticated side. But which is it? People can’t tell, and that tends to be the appeal for some.

They’re Expressive
Wear those glasses for the simple fact that they’re cool and you like them! Hipster glasses for women are an expression of individuality. Perhaps that’s a little cliche but consider for a second that some people you know and many people you don’t know probably abhor hipster glasses for women. But that’s okay. How else and why else would they be hipsters? After all, a hipster isn’t quite about doing what everyone likes, and it’s certainly not about being mainstream. Maybe you happen to be the unique one out of your friend group doing the things no one else usually wants to or finds appealing that other people don’t, and you happen to be cool that way.

Sure, many people might be wearing hipster glasses for women, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful or stylish. And to identify with that truth, you should don a pair of hipster glasses. Just because everyone buys an iPhone doesn’t mean people stop (although some choose not to). Let’s be honest, those glasses don’t appeal to you just because they’re hipster glasses for women, but you want to wear them because you like them.

We’ve certainly delineated a good number of reasons for advocating hipster glasses for women. Hopefully, you had many doubts and reached this end with several reassurances. The fact is that hipster glasses for women, seen objectively or aesthetically, are a wonderfully designed style of glasses. So the next time someone says that hipster glasses are ugly, remember that however we might look at it, they are a real work of beauty for women.