Top Glasses Trends for Women Over 40

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by amy

The fashion and styles of women’s glasses have changed substantially in recent years, with several new trends. Why wear boring glasses? There are hundreds of fun and incredible styles. This article will go into some of the top frames that you might want to consider if you are over the age of 40, but of course, there is no specific rule on this, and you can definitely get away with other styles if they fit your face and look good on you. Take some guidelines here as inspiration rather than a rule, and experiment with different frames to see what looks good on you.

Try to match your frames to the color of your eyes
If you have blue eyes, look for blue frames; if you have hazel eyes, look for a shade of hazel that matches them. This is one way to draw attention to your eyes. It also mimics the effect of makeup that emphasizes your eyes, so you can very likely get away with using less makeup. Take a few pictures with frames matched to the color of your eyes and see how they look; do they make your eyes stand out, and do you feel like you could get away with wearing less eye makeup for that day?

Thin frames or “invisible” frames might work
If you don’t want to emphasize that you’re wearing glasses, several frames are so thin that they are hardly visible but just visible enough to make a fashion statement. That might be an option to consider, and it can be a great casual style to wear when you’re out and about. Celebrities like Annette Bening have worn this style and looked great; it might be something to experiment with. Look for “frameless” eyeglasses or thin-frame eyeglasses, and try a few pairs out to see how they look on you.

Have at least two or three frames or more
You wouldn’t stick to just one pair of shoes, so having at least a couple of different frames to work with is never a bad idea. Some outfits will match one set of frames, while others won’t match at all. The frames that used to look good on you might not look the same simply because your fashion tastes might change. Try to switch it up and look for new styles that match more closely to what you wear. You might try thick black frames when dressing more casually, which might work well for you. Check out some pics of celebrities for inspiration; they know what’s fashionable because it’s their job, and find the frames that fit your face shape, the look you want, and your fashion style.