The Best Men’s Eyeglasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Knowing the styles and brands available for mens eyeglasses is very important when shopping for them. For whatever reason you need glasses, there are great styles available that look fashionable and great on anyone. Here are some of the best eyeglass styles available for men everywhere along with some important features that can make your glasses even better.

Rimless Glasses
Rimless glasses are great for men who like the light and subtle look of glasses. Due to the lack of frame coloring, they can be very flexible with every outfit and style.

Wire Framed
Wire framed. Glasses with wire frames are very good for a plain and classic look. Most people have wire-framed glasses, making them the most common kind of glasses. They also have options for color, which is where you can make them unique to yourself. You can also get a mixture of rimless and wire framed glasses, where they are half and half. This unique look is brilliant and beautiful.

Wooden/Thick Frames
With the hipster movement, thick-rimmed glasses have become more and more popular. While looking big and distinguished, thick rimmed and wooden glasses are a fashion statement, and one that can really enhance your facial features.

Once you have determined the kind of mens eyeglasses you want, there are other important features you can have that make your glasses better and one of a kind.

Polarized and Antiglare Glasses
Polarized and antiglare lenses reflect glare, light and UV light. If you are an outdoorsman, having polarized/antiglare glasses will be perfect for you.

Lens Types
There are many different types of lenses that you can customize to your frames. Between polycarbonate lenses to plastic lenses, there are many you can pick from. Polycarbonate lenses are very strong and shatter resistant, which is great if you are a klutz. The most common type of lenses is plastic ones.

As an efficient add-on, you can get clip on sunglasses that attach to your glasses to keep the sun away outside. Many people just throw a pair of sunglasses over their normal everyday glasses, but this is silly. With the stylized clip-ons, you will never go wrong.

Transition Adaptive Lenses
If you think that the clip on ones aren’t for you, there are glasses that can get lenses that will automatically dim when they come into contact with UV light, or more simply, sunlight. As soon as you step outside, they will gradually dim to become sunglasses, so you will always have the best of both worlds without any attachments.

With all of these visual aspects of mens eyeglasses, it is also important remember that you should buy them partly for comfort and durability too. People wear glasses everyday, and if they are not comfortable, they can give you headaches and bruising. Durability is also important for the pair of every-day use mens eyeglasses because they will get dropped or moved and they might break. Make sure you research what kind of glasses will be best for you!