The Best Glasses for your Personality. What Your Glasses Can Say About You

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

What your glasses say about you: As personality is something that cannot be seen but is essentially who a person is, people spend a lifetime trying to express this on their exterior. This can be done in many ways, including dress attire, hairstyle, and certain mannerisms. An additional way to do this would be through what type of glasses you choose to wear. Though it seems like a small element to a person’s appearance, glasses have the ability to completely change or alter the way a person is perceived. Your face is the first thing a person sees, thus your glasses personality can determine what kind of first impression you will make. Similar to how Superman transforms into Clark Kent with the switch of his classic specs, your glasses personality can say a lot about who you are. Your glasses personality then, can be determined by what type of frame, shape, and style that you choose to express who you are.

Minimalist Glasses Personality
Even someone who wears a minimalist style of glasses has something of their personality in them. These people are most likely the ones who require business professional glasses and wear something practical that blends in with their outfit, yet still makes a statement about their intentions and priorities. The most important thing for people who need this kind of glasses is to find ones that generally match with anything that you wear. Their glasses personality will be able to shine through frames that are known to have classic shapes. This may include oval shaped glasses, rectangular shaped glasses, and glasses that are rimless. The oval shaped glasses are good for people who have more square shaped faces and the lack of edges allows them to blend perfectly with the person’s face. A person’s glasses personality can show as well through rectangular shaped frames, as these express practicality, as well as suggest maturity and hardworking ability. Simple glasses make a statement towards one’s glasses personality as someone who does not prefer a loud pair of frames to say something about who they are. Rimless glasses, in particular, say something about a person’s glasses personality as well. They are especially useful if someone doesn’t enjoy their peripheral vision having to see the lines of their glasses all the time. Although a person eventually gets used to seeing glasses rims in their vision, rimless glasses takes away this hassle altogether. People who choose to wear these glasses are doing the best they can to proceed in daily life without having to worry about the state of their glasses or any distractions.

Vintage Style Glasses Personality
Next, is a category that can only be defined as the “hipster” glasses personality. The word hipster is defined as a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially when it is regarded as out of mainstream culture. Essentially, they follow what is trending, until everyone else adopts it so that it becomes mainstream. In regards to glasses frames, currently, the type of glasses frames that falls into the hipster category is semi-rimmed wayfarers, or anything that refers to a vintage time period. Semi-rimmed wayfarers exude a glasses personality that is both attractive and gives off an intelligent feel at the same time. They are most commonly found in stores without a vision prescription in them, and are quite popular to wear simply as an additional accessory. Wayfarers came into popularity in the 1950s and remain a fashion staple today, even though they fall into the vintage category. Clark Kent’s glasses are in the shape of wayfarers, however, because of his calm, intelligent demeanor, they tend to give him a more nerdy personality. The ordinariness of his character when he is not Superman is expressed explicitly in these square shaped glasses. As a classic “nerd” frame, you can wrap a piece of tape around the bridge of the wayfarer glasses and have an instant nerd effect, which demonstrates the versatility of the wayfarer frame.

If you have a vintage style glasses personality, it is likely that you might also be wearing round shaped lenses, similar to those of the iconic Beatles member John Lenon. This type of frame has a 60s edge to it and are trending today, though they cannot be worn by all face shapes. These frames are popular in both glasses and sunglasses, although when they are worn as sunglasses, they do add a more bohemian look to your glasses personality. Another type of vintage glasses are those that were brought into popularity by James Dean. They are somewhat of a combination of the wayfarers and round glasses, as they have the structure pointed edges of the wayfarer, but the rounded out bottoms of the round frames. Today, these vintage glasses are given a modern twist and determine a person’s glasses personality to be hipster. Essentially, if we are to stay true to the definition of hipster, however, true hipster glasses are not just vintage inspired, but are actual vintage frames.

Retro-Vintage/Loud Glasses Personality
Depending on what kind of glasses frames you choose, you can wear the glasses or the glasses can wear you. To avoid the latter, it is important that if you want to choose glasses that make a statement, to choose ones that express your personality the way you want it to and ones that are the right size. An example of loud sunglasses with a strong vintage background is cat-eye glasses. Made popular in the 60s by iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, the cat-eye glasses are a classic feminine frame that can express a feline glasses personality. Elements of the cat-eye frame are found in a lot of frames today, and the more exaggerated the cat-eyes are, the more of a vintage statement that they will make. These glasses can be played around with, as there are a wide variety of colors and jewels that can be added according to what type of personality you have. Anything with thick frames also offers a louder statement as well as they will stand out on any face.

A bohemian glasses personality can also be expressed through large glasses. As music festival season comes around, many people tend to lean towards this style and finding the right frames is often an essential part of this process. Common frames that can express a bohemian glasses personality are large round frames or small round frames. Add a tint of color to the lenses, and consider yourself Coachella ready. For those who have round faces and must avoid wearing round frames, variations of the cat-eye glasses are a good compromise, as they also go well with the vibe of music festivals.

Nicole Richie, famously known for her larger than life sunglasses, has successful made them branded to her name and paved the way for those who have small faces to wear whatever size glasses they like. Though the sunglasses don’t necessarily fit her face size, her outgoing personality and her celebrity status are actually encouraged by her style of frames.

Athlete Glasses Personality
Like the minimalist, if your primary goal for glasses is practicality and the need to see clearly, there are certain frames whose main purpose is for functionality. For athletes who generally just need a frame that will be able to stay on their face during times of high activity, the wrap-around frame is a good option. Any frame with sleek lines and that offer a higher level of coverage on your face and eyes will express this type of glasses personality. Glasses for athletes are also intended for high performance in terms of vision and are often accompanied by high polarization for maximum comfort. Semi-rimless or long wide rectangular glasses can also be worn for their wide coverage and level of comfort.

Aviator frames are perhaps one of the frames that can vary with the impression that give, depending on whoever wears them. Though they are originally known as pilot or police officer glasses, aviators can instantly add an older more mysterious element to your glasses personality.

Glasses do in fact give characters something to hide behind, especially when they are trying to portray a low-key background or are trying remain unnoticeable. A character’s glasses personality can be a vital part to their purpose. Peter Parker in Spiderman, also wears glasses to emphasize his nerdy, somewhat loser status, but it later helps to conceal his identity as Spiderman through the film. It is interesting then that although glasses were once known as something that was unpopular or something that indicated nerd status, today they can be an essential element to expressing your personality. Despite their original “nerd” effects, glasses have evolved into being an accessory that you can change and adjust to something you’re comfortable and confident in wearing.

Your glasses personality is dependent on who you are and what you are trying to express on a daily basis. Although different frames have stereotypical impressions, your glasses personality is ultimately determined by what attitude you wear them with.