Our Top Selling Round Sunglasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Classic Specs offers a wide range of round sunglasses depending on your unique needs and requirements, and a few of them are some of our best sellers.

Round sunglasses haven’t really ever totally gone out of style since they were first popularized by celebrities like John Lennon decades ago. Today Classic Specs sells some truly unique and hard to find round frames that are constructed from premium materials such as cellulose acetate and stainless steel.

We also offer plenty of choices when it comes to both vintage and more avant-garde frame styles, and a selection of colors that is difficult to find at other retailers. Here are some of our top selling options to consider for your next purchase:

Try the iconic unisex Beaumont round sunglasses
The Beaumont round sunglasses are a top choice to consider, as these sunglasses are unisex and one of the most popular sellers at Classic Specs. They feature a vintage-style round design that works well for a main pair of sunglasses as it can match nicely with just about anything you might wear.

The glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription for whatever purpose you may have for them, and they fit nicely on a wide range of different face shapes, especially square or more angular faces.

They are available in several unique neutral colors including Caramel Horn, Carbon Black, Havana Tortoise, Brandy Tortoise, Crystal and Maple Crystal Tortoise. All of these colors are signature colors from Classic Specs and can’t be found elsewhere, and they truly fit this popular vintage style very well.

The Brighton unisex sunglasses may work for you
If you’re looking for something inspired by the traditional round sunglasses style but isn’t too round, our Brighton unisex sunglasses may work perfectly for you. These sunglasses feature a more universal round frame that is also available in a few stylish neutral colors.

It has more of an oval shape compared to the traditional round style, which is a more contemporary touch, along with a vintage keyhole nose bridge.

It is available in Havana Tortoise, Caramel Horn, Carbon Black and Brandy Tortoise, all of which are attractive neutral colors that can match nicely with just about anything you might wear or any season, making these an excellent choice for a pair of sunglasses that you plan on wearing often.

The Exeter is another signature Classic Specs style
The Exeter unisex sunglasses are also worth considering with their unique features such as a thicker frame than some of the other frames offered on the website, as well as softer round angles, a keyhole nose bridge, and metalwork on the temples to offer a stylish touch.

ILike the other round sunglasses mentioned in this article, these are available as a few high quality neutral colors including Brandy Tortoise and Caramel Horn, along with something a little different with the Olive Streak which features a beautiful olive tone.