Men Are Moving Toward Purchasing Online Glasses

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Josh Wilkerson

Women are not the only ones who are savvy shoppers interested in fashion and savings. Men have joined this club and in the pressures of modern life it seems the most important thing is to use your time wisely. One way this can be done is by making smart choices when it comes to buying prescription glasses. This not only simplifies life it also may result in a substantial cost savings. Marketing experts have decided these are the reasons for the upswing in the purchase on prescription and non-prescription glasses online.

Men are abandoning the traditional model of shopping for prescription glasses that involved making appointments with the optometrist, driving to their office and waiting in a waiting room until it is your turn to be seen, then spending another forty five minutes to an hour going through eye exam and picking out the glasses. This usually resulted in one of two things – either the man was tired of the experience and picked out the first pair of glasses he saw – or he just got out of there promising to return another day to pick up where he left off. Overall, it caused the fellow to avoid prescription eyeglass shopping altogether.

Surprisingly, picking out a pair of glasses is an important apparel purchase. But the process is so painful that it is often avoided at all costs – ranking right up there with visiting the dentist (sorry to all you dentists out there that are reading this article and need glasses). Remember, in most cases when people buy prescription glasses they are going to be wearing them a lot. Some people keep their glasses on all day long so they become a part of who they are. That means the glasses have to ‘go with everything’. They should look good with laid-back outfits and business attire. Moreover, they are probably going to be around for a couple years – re: men hate going to the optometrist – so it is more important than ever that they make a good choice to begin with.

In other words men, the glasses should be comfortable, they should fit without hurting after a time (an indication they aren’t sized right), and they should be versatile. Online glasses shopping has become the answer for most men. Thanks to the advancements in technology all of the needs that men worry over when it comes to glasses are met in this shopping framework. The guy can take his time and look – using technology to upload a picture so he can see what the glasses will look like in advance – and the price is usually comparable if not even a little less than the traditional optometrist.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Open up that computer and begin online shopping for mens glasses today at Classic Specs. The experience may be so pleasant you won’t wait five years between purchases. After all, that’s really not good for your eyes. Or, maybe you’ll splurge and get two pair. Start your men’s prescription eyeglass shopping today and check out the options available at Classic Specs.